Kimagure Orange Road
"How About Horror?"
Volume 9, Story 1
WB Volume 5, Story 8
Written and illustrated by Matsumoto Izumi

Translation by : Daisuke Suzuki (under contract to Vancouver Animation)
Additional translation & full-script typesetting by : Craig Nishida
Editing and Additional help by : Paul Hirose
                                 Craig Nishida
                                 Thomas Wyatt
                                 Jerry Lee

Last revision : 08-13-95

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NOTE: Translation is done from the WB manga, so there may be a few
      extras to those of you not having them.
      Example: The subtitles on page 155 (7) are only in the WBs!
p 155 (7)--TITLE PAGE

[Kyousuke and Madoka stand, facing us--startled by what they see.  Behind
 them is a large image of a mummy, one hand extended forward.  The bandages
 over its face have partially come un-done, exposing the bones, goo and
 teeth beneath.]

MAIN TITLE (at top)               ______
  How About Horror?               hora-- wa   ikaga?
                                  horror (T)  how-(about)

SUB-TITLE (at bottom)
  The Ultimate Terror Attacks     MIZOU no             KYOUFU      ga
  These Two!!                     unprecedented/       fear/terror (S)

                                  futari    o   OSOu!!
                                  2-people (O)  attack/assault/hit

  ...Not!                         ......nanchatte!

p 156 (8)

[It is twilight and Madoka runs down the sidewalk, glancing off to the side.]

  What...?                        nani o...

  So I didn't drop it on the      MICHI ni           Otoshita  wake
  way...                          on-way/path/route  dropped   reason

                                  ja nai  no ka
                                  is-not     (talk-to-self)

[She looks at the school.]
  So then...                      to suru to...

  Is it in the classroom after    yappari    KYOUSHITSU no NAKA?
  all?                            after-all  classroom  's inside

[She stands at the school gate, looking quite worried.]
 (If...  Someone picks it up      (moshi...  DARE-ka ni  hirowaretari
  or sees it--that would be        if        by-someone  be-picking-up/
  horrible!                                              be-finding-(or)

                                  MIraretari      shitara  TAIHEN!
                                  be-seeing-(or)  if-do    dreadful

  Because a small doodle's        datte    ano KEN ni     wa
  on that ticket...)              because  on-that-ticket (contrast)

                                  chotto shita   RAKUGAki ga......)
                                  small/trivial  scribble (S)

Madoka: [blushing]
  OH NO!                          ya da!

crows-in-background FX:

p 157 (9)

[Shot looking up at the top of the Kasuga apartment building.]

[Kyousuke half-portrait.  He stands in sportsjacket, hands on his lapels.]
  Done!                           KImatta na!

Kyousuke FX:                      ______

[View pans back to show him in the bathroom.  Kurumi rushes in and bumps
 him aside.]
  Don't just stand around         sonna tokoro de     tsuttatte-nai de   yo!
  there!                          in-place-like-that  don't-be-standing

  I'm busy!                       kotchi   wa   isogashi--  n da    kara
                                  this-way (T)  busy       (explan) that's-why

Kurumi bump-brother FX:

Kurumi:                                                   _________
  Manami-chan, is my "Persons"    manami-chan  atashi no  pa--sonzu no
  T-shirt dry yet?                             my         Persons   's
                                  #T# shatsu  mo--     kawaite-ru  ka na~~
                                  T-shirt     already  is-drying   I-wonder

[Kurumi finally takes a good look at her brother...]
  Huh.  What are you all          n  nani  o   mekashi        -konde-ru
  decked out for, oniichan?          what (O)  finely-dressed  be-coming-in

                                  no  oni--chan

Kyousuke: [embarrassed]                       ________
  Nothing really!  Eh heh heh!    chotto ne!  e_he_he_

[Manami enters and Kyousuke stares at both smiling sisters.]
  And where are *you* going in    omae-tachi   koso    sonna ni
  such a hurry at this hour?      you-(plural) indeed  that-(much)

                                  awatete           doko   iku  n da
                                  being-in-a-hurry  where  go   (explan)

                                  konna JIKAN ni?

Kurumi:                                       _______
  Nowhere really!  Oh ho ho!      chotto ne!  o_ho_ho

  I don't really wanna go...      atashi  anmari         ikitakunai     na--
                                  I       (not)-so-much  not-want-to-go (rhet)

Manami and Kurumi: [off]
  We're leaving!                  itte-kima--su!

  What's with them...?            nan  da aitsura...
                                  what is those-people

p 158 (10)

[Kyousuke walks down the sidewalk.  In addition to the sportsjacket, he
 wears shorts.]
  To tell you the truth,          jitsu wa  KYOU   AYUKAWA to
  today I'm going to see the      actually  today  with-Ayukawa
  all-night movie show with       __________
  Ayukawa.                        o--runaito no EIGA    o   MI ni iku
                                  all-night  's movies (O)  go-to-see

                                  n desu

[Flashback view--Kyousuke's pov--of Takashi, as he hands Kyousuke a pair of
narration:                        _____
  I got two free tickets          oyaji ni  SHOUTAIKEN            o
  from my dad and today just      by-dad    complimentary-ticket (O)
  happens to be the day to
  attend school*, so I asked      2-MAI        moratte
  Ayukawa, and she quickly        2-(counter)  being-given-(and)
  replied "OK!"
                                  KYOU  tamatama   TOUKOU        -BI de
                                  today by-chance  attend-school day because

                                  AYUKAWA o sasottara  IPPATSU HENJI de
                                  when-invite-Ayukawa  reply-at-a-shot


  Well...                         maa...

  It doesn't really matter        donna EIGA demo     betsu ni
  what they're showing.           what-kind-of-movie  not-in-particular

                                  i--   n da
                                  okay  (explan)
  Being with Ayukawa all          AYUKAWA to    o--runaito tte  koto  ga
  night is what I'm looking       with-Ayukawa  all-night  (T)  thing (S)
  forward to.
                                  TANOshimi         na n da mon
                                  pleasure/delight  is-the-reason

<*Commentary (DS):  Yup, you have to go to school two or three times during
 summer vacation.>

  I don't know what they're       nani yatte-ru  ka   wakannai  kedo
  showing, but why don't you      what are-doing (?)  not-know  but

[Kyousuke glances at his watch, which for some reason, is not being worn on
 his wrist.]
  7 o'clock...                    mada      7-JI ka
                                  (not)-yet 7:00 (talk-to-self)

  The movie starts at nine, so    EIGA  wa   9-JI kara          da kara
  there's still some time...      movie (T)  beginning-at-9:00  is that's-why

                                  chotto  JIKAN ga   aru  na...
                                  a-bit   time  (S)  have

[Putting the watch back in his shorts pocket, Kyousuke looks up to see a
 surprised Madoka.]
  Ayukawa!                        AYUKAWA!

  What?  You lost the             e  KEN     o   nakushita...?!
  ticket...?                         ticket (O)  lost

  I'm sorry.                      gomennasai

  Ah, don't worry about it.       i-- yo i-- yo

  I've got one here...            koko ni  1-MAI        aru   kara...
                                  at-here  1-(counter)  have  that's-why

  So I can buy mine at the        ore no BUN wa   GEKIJOU de  KAeba
  theater!                        my-share   (T)  at-theater  if-buy

                                  i--   n da      kara        ne_
                                  okay  (explan)  that's-why  (rhet)!

p 159 (11)

  But on that ticket...           demo  ano KEN ni     wa...
                                  but   on-that-ticket (contrast)

  I absent-mindedly...            atashi ukkari...

  Eh?                             e?

[Madoka turns to head into the school building.]
  It's probably in the            tabun     KYOUSHITSU  da  to OMOu    n da
  classroom, so I'll go have      probably  classroom   is  think-that (explan)
  a look.
                                  atashi  MIte-kuru
                                  I       go-look

  Hmm...                          fuu~~n

  Could it be that Ayukawa is     AYUKAWA ga   anna ni      KI ni shite-ru
  that worried...                         (S)  that-(much)  is-worried

                                  no    wa
                                  (nom) (contrast)

[He runs after her.]
  ...because it's a ticket I      ore ga   watashita  KEN     da  kara
  gave to her?                    I   (S)  gave       ticket  is  that's-why

                                  ka na?

  If that's the case...           so--    da  to shitara......
                                  like-so is     if-do

Kyousuke:                         ___
  I'll come, too!                 ore  mo   iku  yo--_
                                  I    too  go

[Their pov of the shoe lockers...]

[...and long, dark, empty hall.]
FX:                               ______

p 160 (12)

[They walk down that hall.]
  A deserted school, devoid of    DARE-mo  inai        GAKKOU tte
  souls...                        nobody   -here  school (T)

                                  HAKURYOKU     aru    na--
                                  force/moving  is/has

  And kinda spooky, as though     KIMI warui  shi          obake demo
  a ghost might emerge.           spooky      and-besides  ghost or-something

                                  DAso--         da  ne
                                  shall-put-out  is  (rhet)

Kyousuke and Madoka FX:           ___ ___
                     ko_ ko_

[Madoka facial portrait--wide-eyed apprehension.]

[Kyousuke smiles in merriment, not noticing the nervous expression on
 Madoka's face.]
  You know, like most schools     hora  doko       no GAKKOU  demo
  have one or two of those        look  what-place 's school  or-something
  ghost stories.
                                  hitotsu  ya   futatsu  KAIDAN BANASHI tte
                                  one      and  two      ghost-story    (T)

                                  aru desho

Madoka FX:                        _____

[Split panel--at top, musical notes drift out of a dark classroom into
 the empty hallway...]
  Like you begin to hear the      daa--re-mo  inai        hazu        no
  lo-o-onely sounds of a piano    nobody      -here  supposed-to (nom)
  from a music room that's                                         _____
  supposed to be empty...         ONGAKU SHITSU kara  sabishige na piano no
                                  music-room    from  lonely-piano       's

                                  OTO   ga   kikoete-kitari...
                                  sound (S)  begin-to-hear-(or)

  Music Room                      ONGAKU SHITSU

[At bottom, 2 male students stare up in fright at a dark and empty staircase.]

  Or footsteps descending a       TObioriJISATSU shita  hazu         no
  staircase--of a student         leaped-to-death       supposed-to  (nom)
  who had leaped to his
  death...                        SEITO   ga   KAIDAN     o   orite-kuru
                                  student (S)  staircase (O)  coming-down

                                  ASHIOTO             to ka......
                                  sound-of-footsteps  (among-other-things)

staircase FX:                     ___ ___ ___
               ko_ ko_ ko_

[Madoka facial portrait--she blushes and sweats at the thought.]

Madoka: [angrily]
  C-cut out that nonsense!        ba baka na koto    itte-nai de
                                     stupid  things  don't-be-saying

  Hurry and lead the way!         HAYAku  SAKI ni       itte   yo!
                                  soon    before/ahead  going

Kyousuke: [flinching]
  S-sure...                       ha hai

[Madoka closes her eyes.  Kyousuke smiles at her.]
  Oh yeah.                        so-- ka

  Ayukawa's fearless, but         kowai mono    SHIrazu  no     AYUKAWA
  ghosts are her weakness!        scary-things  not-know (nom)

                                  da kedo    obake ni  wa
                                     but     by-ghosts (contrast)

                                  YOWAi          n da      kke!
                                  weak/delicate  (explan)  (?)

p 161 (13)

[Komatsu shines a flashlight up at his grinning face.]
  Well now...                     sate...

[View pans away to show Yuusaku, Hikaru, Hatta, Manami and Kurumi standing
 on school grounds in front of the gym.  They face Komatsu.]
  Everybody--all of you who       HONJITSU wa   mina-san   o-isogashi--
  were busy or bored--thank       today    (T)  everybody  (hon)-busy
  you for gathering here                     ____
  tonight.                        HOU  mo  o-hima na         HOU  mo
                                  way  or  (hon)-spare-time  way  or

                                  yo-- koso    o-atsumari       itadaki
                                  way  indeed  (hon)-gathering  have

                                  arigato-- gozaimasu

Hatta:                                               ____
  You're the most bored one,      omae ga   ichiban  hima na    n daro
  aren't ya?!                     you  (S)  most     leisurely  (poss-explan)

[Angrily, Hatta lifts up a card.]
  What the heck is this?          ittai         nan   da  yo
                                  in-the-world  what  is
  Handing out cards like this,    konna ka--do       kubatte
  and gathering us together at    this-kind-of-card  handing-out
                                  HITO    o   GAKKOU nanka ni
                                  person (O)  to-school-(or-such)

                                  yobiyoseru     nante!
                                  call-together  the-likes-of

  Letter of Invitation            SHOUTAI JOU

  Please meet at 7:00 tonight,    KOYOI                 KOURYOU  GAKUEN
  Kouryou High School             this-evening/tonight     school
, in front of the gym. KOUTOU-BU TAI-IKUKAN MAE e --Komatsu Seiji high-school-section at-front-of-gym SHICHI-JI ni o-ATSUmari KUDAsai at-7-o'clock (hon)-gathering please KOMATSU SEIJI 4 [Komatsu stares blankly at Yuusaku.] Komatsu: By the way... Who are you? tokoro-de KIMI wa DARE da kke? by-the-way you (T) who are (?) Hikaru: Yuusaku! He followed me YUUSAKU! KATTE ni on his own. without-leave tsuite-kichatta no yo followed-(finality/regret) 5 Hikaru: Sempai isn't around! SEMPAI ga inai ja nai! (S) is-not-here is-not I was so sure he'd be here, tekkiri SEMPAI mo kite-ru to OMOtte-kita too. <*> too is-coming <* omotte-kita> = came-to-feel-quite-certain-that no ni naa even-though Komatsu: [wincing] Well... There were these maa... chotto shita wee special reasons... well small/slight/trivial TOKUSHU JIJOU ga arimashite... special-circumstances (S) being/having Komatsu: ___ He immediately tries to aitsu wa sugu ore no block my designs. that-guy (T) instantly my YABOU o soshi shiyo-- to suru designs (O) tries-to-prevent/obstruct 6 [View across the city, as seen from an upper level of the school building.] Komatsu: [off] Thus, I would appreciate it tsukimashite wa if you'd understand my coming-to-an-end (T) stylish, playful nature and ___ witticism... watakushi no iki na ASObiGOKORO my stylish/chic desire-to-have- a-good-time _____ to share ga wakatte-itadakereba and witticism/humor (S) if-understand-(me) taihen ureshiku... very-delighted Hatta: [off] I don't much care for the MAEoki wa i-- kara yo-- intro... intro/prelim-remark (T) that's-okay Kurumi?: [off] What're you saying we'll do? nani o yaro-- to yu-- no? what (O) shall-do saying-that --------------------------------------------------- p 162 (14) 1 Komatsu: [grinning] Without further ado... o-matase shimashita ____ ______ _______ And now, a rich and healthy IMA mottomo naui a--ban bo--izu #&# event for hip, urban boys now extremely now urban boys and and girls... ________ ______ _________ ga--ruzu no ritchi de herushi-- na girls 's rich-(and) healthy ______ ibento event 2 [Komatsu clenches his fist and shouts energetically.] Komatsu: _________ ______ _____ ...known as "Oriental Summer sono NA mo orientaru sama-- naito Night Entertainment"! that-name too oriental summer night _______________ enta--teinmento! entertainment __ THE TEST OF COURAGE!! za - kimo dame shi!! the courage = make-sure 3 [Hikaru and the twins stare back at him blankly.] 4 Komatsu: Wai-i-it! matte--_ Don't le-e-eave!! KAEru na yo~~~~~~_!! Hikaru and Manami FX: zorozoro 5 [Komatsu pleads with Manami, who glances back over her shoulder.] Komatsu: Come on, please. ne onegai Let's do it... yarimasho-- yo Komatsu: Hey! Think of this as ne_ TASUkeru to OMOtte sa! helping out! ! help thinking-that Komatsu: There's also a prize... o-miyage mo DEru n da yo~~~~~~ gift/souvenir too appear (explan) 6 [Komatsu shouts at Hatta.] Komatsu: _______ You'll be going around in kappuru de mawaru n da ze! couples! in-couples make-rounds (explan) ! ___ Boy-girl pairs in utter makkurayami no NAKA DANJO pea! darkness! utter-darkness 's inside mixed-pair Her clinging onto you!! shigamitsuku KANOJO!! cling-(to)/clutch-(at) she/her Komatsu: ___ Me with Manami-chan. ore wa manami-chan to I (T) with-Manami You with Kurumi-chan! KIMI wa kurumi-chan to! you (T) with-Kurumi 7 Hatta: [clasping Komatsu by the hands] SUCH A WONDERFUL PLAN!! subarashii KIKAKU da!! wonderful plan is Hatta handclasp FX: gashi_ Yuusaku: [smiling] Quite. nakanaka --------------------------------------------------- p 163 (15) 1 Komatsu: ______ The rules are simple. ru--ru wa kantan sorezore You'll each group up in rule (T) simply respectively boy-girl pairs... ___ DANJO no pea o KUmi boys-and-girls 's pairs (O) assemble/group ______ We'll each follow separate sorezore BETSUbetsu no ko--su o courses to the goal, our respectively separate/apart 's course (O) classroom. ______ tadori go--ru de aru follow-(a-path) to-goal have ___ ore-tachi no KYOUSHITSU our classroom That is to say, find your tsumari KOUTOU-BU way to the high school that-is-to-say high-school-section section, classroom 1-F! 1-NEN #F#-GUMI ni tadoritsuku koto! to-1F find-one's-way-(to) case 2 Komatsu: ______ And at the goal, wonderful nao go--ru ni wa prizes--which have emptied further at-goal (contrast) my pockets of cash--are arranged for the taking on SENCHAKUJUN ni a first-come first-served on-a-first-come-first-served-basis basis. watakushi no kozukai o hataita my pocket-money (O) emptied subarashii o-miyage ga wonderful gift (S) torisoroete-arimasu is-arranged/is-collected Kurumi: Hooray-y-y! yatta--_ Hatta: Hey! Generous of you! iyo-- futoppara! hey/far-out liberal/broad-minded 3 Komatsu: ______ But this game will test your tadashi kono ge--mu wa akumade courage to the utmost--don't but this-game (T) to-the-utmost think it'll be that easy to reach the goal. kimo dame shi courage = make-sure _______ ______ sunnari to go--ru ni tsukeru with-ease to-goal able-to-reach hodo AMAku wa arimasen that-(much) not-think-lightly-of 4 [A diagram of the school. Three paths, labeled A, B and C, zigzag their way from one side of the school to the other.] narration: The reason is... naze nara... ______ Along your course, there ko--su ni wa sorezore are intersections where on-course (contrast) respectively you'll each surely run _______ across other couples. hoka no kappuru to KANARAzu with-other-couple surely hachiawase ni naru KOUSACHITEN ga come-across become crossing-places (S) ari are-there At those locations... sono BASHO ni wa... _______ I've placed stage props arakajime AITE no kappuru o for scaring the competing beforehand/in-advance opposing-couples (O) couples. odokasu tame no KODOUGU ga scare for-the-sake-of stage-props (S) oite-aru no desu have-put/left (explan) diagram: [top] ______ Goal: 1-F go--ru #1-F# High School section KOUTOU-BU diagram: [bottom] Junior High section CHUUTOU-BU 5 Hikaru: [ecstatic] Huhhhh?! e~~~~_ We try to scare each other? odokashiai o suru no? Sounds like fun. omoshiroso-- Manami: [frightened] Oh no-o-o! ya da~~_! 6 [Komatsu spreads his arms in dramatic flair.] Komatsu: ______ It's a severe survival game HAYAku go--ru ni tadoritsuita where the pair that reaches early/quickly to-goal found-one's-way the goal earlier can win ___ the better prize! pea hodo subarashii o-miyage ga pair that-(much) wonderful gift (S) _________ KAKUTOKU dekiru kibishi-- sabaibaru - able-to-win severe survival ______ ge--mu demo aru no desu! game even is (explan) dramatic FX: _______ ba~~~~n Komatsu: And it's called "The DAI shite GAKUEN OUDAN Cross-School Ultra Test under-the-title-of school crossing of Courage Game!!" _______ urutora kimo dame shi ultra courage = make-sure ______ ge--mu!! game *Patent pending *TOKKYO SHUTSUGAN CHUU --------------------------------------------------- p 164 (16) 1 [A view of a school building. Bats circle in the skies above.] Komatsu: [off] ________ START! suta--to! 2 [Hikaru and Yuusaku walk down a hall, lighting the way ahead with a flashlight. Yuusaku looks nervous. Ahead of them, around the corner of the intersection, Komatsu grins. He holds a mask in his hands.] narration: ______ The curtain was raised ge--mu wa KOMATSU no IPPOU-TEKI on the game with couples game (T) 's one-sided arbitrarily formed, one _______ by one, by Komatsu... nashikuzushi-TEKI kappuru HENSEI de by-installments/ couples in-formation bit-by-bit MAKU o aketa... curtain (O) raised 3 [He leaps out, shining a flashlight up on his mask. Manami accompanies him, wearing a sheet and bunny ears. But someone taps Komatsu on HIS shoulder.] Komatsu: Boo-oo-oo... baa---- shoulder-tap FX: ton ton 4 [Komatsu and Manami turn around to see Hatta (as Frankenstein) and Kurumi (in white sheet and headband--a ghost) approaching them.] narration: And at each intersection, KAKU-KOUSA CHITEN de wa furious battles... at-each-crossing-places (contrast) HAYAku mo shiretsu o kiwameta as-early-as furious/intense (O) went-to- extremes 5 [Overhead view looking down at the school. Night has now fallen.] narration: _______ ...were carried out to crush AITE kappuru no tsubushiai ga the opposing couples! opposing-couple 's crush/smash (S) okonawarete-ita! was-done/was-carried-out voice: [off] Oo-wahhh! uwa----_ voice: [off] Kyaaaa! Oo-gyaaaa! kya----_ ugya----_ --------------------------------------------------- p 165 (17) 1 [Elsewhere, Madoka freezes at the sound of...] voices: [off] Kyaaaaa... Kyaaaa! kyaaaaa kya---- Madoka heartbeat FX: _____ dokin 2 [She looks back over her shoulder in fright...] Madoka: Wh-what was that voice na nani IMA no KOE?! just now?! what now 's voice 3 [...and notices that Kyousuke is nowhere to be found.] Madoka: Huh? Kasuga-kun. Kas...! are KASUGA-kun KASU...! Madoka FX: __________ kyorokyoro 4 [A hand reaches out to touch the calf of her leg.] hand FX: peto_ 5 [Overhead view looking down at a corner of the empty classroom.] Madoka: [off] Ky...! ki...! --------------------------------------------------- p 166 (18) 1 [She clasps hands to her chest and flinches away in horror from a hand that reaches up to her.] Madoka: KYAAAAAA! kyaa------_ 2 [It's just Kyousuke, sitting on the floor. Madoka stands with arms crossed and looking mad.] Kyousuke: S-sorry... go gomen... My knees gave way . KOSHI ga nuketa got-scared-to-death/lose-one's-legs was-petrified-with-terror Let's go back already! mo-- KAEro-- yoo! Madoka: .......... .......... 3 Madoka: No! I absolutely have to go dame! ZETTAI tori ni iku no!! and get it!! absoluteness go-to-get 4 narration: Hmmph! Why...? Even u--mu! kowai no NIGATE na kuse ni though scary stuff is her scary (nom) weak-point although weakness... do--shite...? why 5 [Hikaru slides open the door to classroom 1-F.] Hikaru: All right! Fi-i-irst!! yatta--_ ichiba--n!! door FX: ____ gara --------------------------------------------------- p 167 (19) 1 [Yuusaku and Hikaru wince at what they see. A statue of a fat raccoon sitting under an umbrella, holding a banner and a jar.] Hikaru: Th-this is the prize?! ko kore ga o-miyage?! this-(one) (S) gift __ _____ Ch... Cheapskate! se... sekoi! tight-fisted/stingy large sign: First Prize ITTOUSHOU sign: [left] Good Fortune DAI/OU FUKU great fortune label on jar: Sake SAKE 2 [Hikaru portrait--she spots something off panel.] 3 [She smiles and stands at a desk...] Hikaru: _______ So this is Darling's desk?!! kore ga da--rin no TSUKUE ne!! this-(one) (S) 's desk (rhet) 4 [...then moves to another. On this one lies an envelope.] Hikaru: And this is Madoka-san's... de kore ga madoka-san no... and-so this-(one) (S) 's chair FX: _____ gara_ 5 Hikaru: Hm? n? 6 [Hikaru stares at the envelope...] 7 [...and extends her hand towards it.] Hikaru: Something left behind? Is WASUreMONO? madoka-san no ka na? it Madoka-san's? thing-left-behind 's I-wonder --------------------------------------------------- p 168 (20) 1 Kyousuke: Looks like... betsu ni... particularly/specially one's really around! DARE-mo inai yo-- da ne! nobody is--here appears 2 [He turns to find Madoka clinging to his arm.] Kyousuke: Hm? n? 3 Kyousuke: _______ Aha... haha--n crows-in-background FX: kaa Madoka: [blushing, but not letting go] What?! nani yo! narration: At times like these, she's ko-- yu-- tokoro wa yappari a girl all right... this-kind-of-occasion (T) sure-enough ONNA no KO na n da na-- girl is (explan) (rhet) 4 [Madoka looks at her shoulder as Kyousuke claps his hand to it.] Kyousuke: Don't worry! DAIJOUBU! ___ I'll protect you. ore ga MAMOtte-ageru yo I (S) protect-you Kyousuke hand FX: gui 5 [She blushes.] crows-in-background FX: kaa_ 6 [They walk down the hall together.] narration: ______ Shoulder trembling... So KATA furuwasete kawaii! cute! shoulder trembling cute Madoka: Thanks... arigato... --------------------------------------------------- p 169 (21) 1 [Around the corner ahead of them, Komatsu and Manami await.] Komatsu: Huh?! Somebody's coming!! n_? DARE-ka kuru zo! somebody come !! footsteps FX: [off] ___ ___ ko_ ko_ 2 Manami: [wincing] Ohhh!! mo--_! Komatsu: [pulling on his mask] All right! What say we give yoshi! itcho yattaru ka it one more try? what-say (?) have-done/given 3 [View pulls back to show Kyousuke and Madoka, still with his arm on her shoulder, approaching the intersection.] Kyousuke and Madoka FX: ___ ___ ___ ko_ ko_ ko_ 4 [A hideous face fills Madoka's pov.] Komatsu: OOH-GYAAAA. ugya---- 5 Madoka: KYAAAA!! kya----!! --------------------------------------------------- p 170 (22) 1 [Hikaru races to the classroom door. Yuusaku peers down the hall.] Hikaru: What was that? nani-- IMA no KOE what now 's voice 2 Komatsu: [pulling off his mask] Wowww. That was deafening! u_hya-- dekke-- KOE! = humongous voice Who was that? Jeez. DARE da yo mattaku who is jeez/sheesh/God! Komatsu FX: ___ ba_ 3 Kyousuke: [gaping] Ko... Komatsu?! ko... KOMATSU?! 4 [Kyousuke's pov looking up at Komatsu in front of him. Komatsu pans his flashlight beam around.] narration: Wh-why is he here?!! na nande koitsu ga konna TOKORO ni why this-guy (S) at-place-like-this iru n da!! is-here (explan) 5 [But below that beam, Kyousuke clasps the unconscious Madoka to his chest.] Komatsu: (With a flashlight... Let's (KAICHUU DENTOU de... to) see...) Kyousuke: (Uh oh!!) (ya yabai!!) 6 [View of a flashlight beam.] 7 [Komatsu and Manami look down an empty hall.] Komatsu: Huh...? Nobody's around? are...... DARE-mo inai? --------------------------------------------------- p 171 (23) 1 [inset] [The sign to classroom 1-F.] 1 [Kyousuke and Madoka rematerialize. He carries her in his arms.] Kyousuke FX: ____ shu_ 2 [Looking over his shoulder, he spots Hikaru looking out the classroom door.] narration: H-Hikaru-chan, too!! hi hikaru-chan made!! 3 [He also spots the blackboard.] blackboard: _______ The Cross-School Ultra Test GAKUEN OUDAN urutora kimo of Courage Game school crossing ultra courage ______ dame shi ge--mu = make-sure game narration: Ohhh... Is this what it is? naa--n da ko-- yu-- koto datta Such bored guys... this-kind-of-thing was ____ no ka hima da na-- (?) leisurely (rhet) 4 [Rising to his feet, he bumps Madoka's foot against a chair...] Madoka foot FX: ___ ton 5 [...which topples over.] chair FX: _______ bata--n narration: O-oh no!! i ikene!! 6 [He spots something off-panel.] Kyousuke: Oh! This! a_ kore! 7 [It's the envelope, now resting on the floor.] narration: Here it is! The movie ticket atta AYUKAWA no Otoshita EIGA no KEN!! that Ayukawa lost!! was-found 's lost movie-ticket --------------------------------------------------- p 172 (24) 1 [Hikaru turns at the sound...] 2 [ time to see a shimmer in the air.] Kyousuke and Madoka teleport FX: ___ fu_ 3 [Hikaru stands at the spot. Yuusaku watches her.] Hikaru: Hey... .....chotto Weren't there some people IMA koko ni HITODACHI tte over here just now? now at-this-place crowd-of-people (T) nakatta? weren't-there Yuusaku: D-dunno... sa saa... 4 [Later, the group assembles in the classroom.] Komatsu: Sheesh. Who the heck was mattaku ano TOKI no dekkee sakebi KOE screaming so loudly back really that-time's humongous scream voice then? ittai DARE datta no? in-the-world who was _________ ha_ha_ha_ Kurumi: Wasn't me. atashi ja nai yo me is-not Hikaru: Don't know...! SHIranai yo ne----_ 5 Manami: Nobody's passed through DARE-mo soko TOUtte-nai there, right? nobody that-place did--pass-thru yo ne-- (rhet) Kurumi: Right... ne---- Komatsu: ________ Oh come on... Ha ha ha ha! matamata hahahaha Hikaru: Come to think of it, I so-- ieba atashi KYOUSHITSU de saw a figure go "phoot!" come-to-think-of-it I in-classroom and disappear in the ___ classroom... HITOkage ga fu_ to figure/form (S) (quote) KIete-yuku no o MIta wa...... go-and-disappear (nom) (O) saw 6 Komatsu: [grimacing] __ Ha...... ha...... FX: zo~~~~ --------------------------------------------------- p 173 (25) 1 [Outside, Kyousuke and Madoka walk down the street.] Madoka: Really... That was HONTOU ni... are KOMATSU-kun? Komatsu-kun? really that-(one) Kyousuke: That's how it was! so-- yu-- koto! 2 [Madoka wipes her brow in relief. She fails to notice Kyousuke pulling an envelope out of his pocket.] narration: Well, no matter what... maa nan ni se yo It's safely recovered. BUJI KAISHUU safe recovery 3 [His pov as he starts to pull the ticket out of the envelope. It's the top half of someone's face, drawn on the back of the ticket.] narration: Huh? Something's drawn are? nani-ka kaite-aru...... here... something is-drawn 4 Kyousuke: _ ___ I-it's my face... And... o ore no KAO ja...... sore ni my face moreover Madoka: [horrified] Ah! ha_ 5 Madoka: DON'T LOOK! micha dame! Madoka snatch FX: ___ ba_ 6 [A hand slides 2 tickets across a ticket counter.] Madoka: Two high school students! KOUKOUSEI futari! high-school-students 2-people --------------------------------------------------- p 174 (26) 1 [The ticket is torn.] ticket FX: ___ bi_ ticket stub: Valid for... YUUKOU KI... term-of-validity 2 Madoka: [handing the stubs to Kyousuke] Okay. Here you go. hai do--zo 3 Kyousuke: S-say, what did you draw on ne nee atcha no HOU ni wa the other side? say that-way (contrast) nani o kaita no? what (O) drew 4 Madoka: Wanna know that much? sonna ni SHIritai? that-(much) want-to-know 5 Madoka: Then, I'll tell you... ja oshiete-ageru... then tell-you dramatic FX: ______________ jiriririririri 6 [Smiling, she points to her face. Kyousuke stares back, a bit blankly.] Madoka: My face! atashi no KAO! sign: _____ __ Today: All-Ni... HONJITSU o--ru na... today all --------------------------------------------------- p 175 (27) 1 [Inside the theater, Madoka clings tightly to Kyousuke, who is wincing and sweating as well. Two other male patrons also look a bit ill.] movie sound FX: gacha doko gieeeee Madoka: Hey, isn't this a bit much?! nee chotto i-- kagen ni shite yo ne! say a-bit that's-enough (rhet) Kyousuke: ______ Ha ha ha... I didn't know hahaha...... konna hazu it would be like this... this-kind-of likelihood jaa... 2 [Their view of the screen. Looks like "Night of the Living Dead". A zombie uses an axe on an off-screen victim. Blood splashes all over.] Madoka: [off] After going through a sakki anna kowai frightful experience like a-little-while-ago that-kind-of-scary that back there, we get a movie like this...? ME ni atta bakari na no ni experience had just even-though mata konna EIGA nante... again this-kind-of-movie the-likes-of 3 [He smiles down at a surprised Madoka.] Kyousuke: But... demo...... Your scream then was pretty sakki no HIMEI nakanaka cute... a-little-while-ago 's scream quite kawaikatta yo was-cute 4 [She winces and clings once more.] Madoka: You're mean! ijiwaru! [Kyousuke visualizes what he saw on the back of the ticket. It was two pictures. In one, Madoka slaps the cheek of Kyousuke. In the other, she tenderly kisses that cheek.] narration: But that doodle... sore ni shite mo ano RAKUGAki... but/still that-scribble I can imagine both ways, dotchi ni mo SOUZOU dekiru kedo but, in truth...?! in-either-way can-imagine but hatashite......?! really ---------------------------------------------------