Kimagure Orange Road
"Spring = a Shock!"
Volume 7, Story 4
WB Volume 4, Story 8
Written and illustrated by Matsumoto Izumi

Translation by : Hitoshi Doi (10 Nov 1989)
Additional translation & full-script typesetting by : Craig H. Nishida
Editing and Additional help by : Paul Hirose
                                 Craig Nishida
                                 Spencer Hastings
                                 Thomas Wyatt
                                 Jordan Lampe

Last revision : 06-30-95

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NOTE: Translation is done from the WB manga, so there may be a few
      extras to those of you not having them.
      Example: The subtitles on page 157 (71) are only in the WBs!
p 157 (71)--TITLE PAGE

[Madoka, in her new high school sailor uniform, stands outside the front
 gate of the school.  She leans back against the wall, just around the
 corner.  Approaching the gate, Kyousuke, also in his new school uniform,
 looks about in search of someone.  Around him the cherry blossoms fall.]

MAIN TITLE (at top)                       _wa_      ______
  Spring = a Shock!               HARU    #=#       shokku!
                                  spring    shock

SUB-TITLE (at bottom)             ________
  Since It's Spring, Even Her     se--ra-- FUKU                    mo
  Sailor Uniform Is Tinged        schoolgirl-sailor-dress-uniform  too
  with the Pink of Cherry
  Blossoms.                       honnori           to
                                  faintly/slightly  with

                                  SAKURA ni                  SOmaru
                                  cherry-blossom/pink-color  dye/be-dyed

                                  HARU    da  kara
                                  spring  is  that's-why

  Quietly, She Tries to Waylay    sotto           machibuse shite-miru  no
  You.                            quietly/gently  try-and-lie-in-wait/waylay

p 158 (72)

[View looking straight up at the sky.  Branches of cherry blossom trees
 frame the panel.]
  Spring 1985...                  '85 NEN    HARU----
                                      year   spring

[Shot of a pedestrian overpass, and a coffee shop.]
Hikaru: [off]
  It finally starts tomorrow,     iyoiyo   asu kara            desu  ne--
  doesn't it...                   finally  beginning-tomorrow  is    (rhet)
  High School!                    KOUTOU-BU!
                                  sr-high-section/ = school

[Hikaru, in sweater and cap, pulls at her drink through a straw.]

[Kyousuke, smiling, drinks from his mug.]
  Yeah.                           un

p 159 (73)

[View pans back to show them seated at a window table.]
Hikaru: [smiling]
  I wanna hurry up and see        HAYAku mitai  na   SEMPAI no SEIFUKU  SUGATA
  your  school uniform.      soon   want-to-see        's uniform  shape

  Ha ha!                          haha_

  That's right!  High school      so-- desu!   iyoiyo   asu kara
  will start tomorrow at last.                 at-last  from-tomorrow
                                  KOUTOU-BU                         ga
                                  sr-high-section/ = school (S)

                                  HAJImaru  n desu
                                  start     (explan)

narration:                        ___
  I've changed schools many       ore  nanKAI-mo   TENKOU shite-ta
  times, so I should be used      I    many-times  have-changed-schools
  to this...
                                  kara        ko-- yu-- koto ni     wa
                                  that's-why  to-this-kind-of-thing (contrast)

                                  narete-iru hazu    nan  da  kedo
                                  should-be-used-to  what is  but

[Hikaru's smile fades as she grows thoughtful.]

[Kyousuke notices.]
  But all day today, I've been    KYOU   ICHINICHI      wa   sasuga ni
  truly restless, and somehow     today  all-day-(long) (T)  truly/indeed
  edgy.                           ________
                                  sowasowa shite  nan-da-ka  ochitsukimasen
                                  being-restless  somehow    not-calm-down

[Hikaru turns to look out the window.  Her eyes are damp with tears.]

  What's wrong?                   dou shita no?

p 160 (74)

Hikaru: [forcing a smile]
  I'm a bit sad after all.        yappari    chotto  sabishii    naa
                                  after-all  a-bit   sad/lonely

[She pulls down on her cap to hide her eyes.]
  I know that the high school     KOUTOU-BU       ga   sugu CHIKAku ni
is nearby, but... sr-high-section (S) close-by aru no wa wakatte-ru is-there (nom.) (T) am-knowing n desu kedo (explan) but When I think that you're SEMPAI ga KOUKOUSEI ni natchau going to be a high school (S) become-sr-high-student- student... (finality/regret) to OMOu to... when-think-that 3 Kyousuke: Hikaru-chan... hikaru-chan... 4 Hikaru: [eyes still hidden by the cap] I feel as though... You're SEMPAI ga atashi kara sugoku TOUku ni going terribly far away from (S) from-me awfully-far me. itchau yo-- na (itte-shimau) it-looks-like go-(finality/regret) sonna KI ga shite... that-kind-of feeling 5 [Kyousuke portrait--he looks somber as her words have touched him.] 6 Kyousuke: [brightly] It won't be like that. sonna koto nai yo that-kind-of-thing not-have 7 [She reaches across to rest her hands on his.] Hikaru: I wish I could be closer to motto soba ni iretara you. much-more beside/around if-can-be-there i-- no ni na okay even-though --------------------------------------------------- p 161 (75) 1 [Shot of an intersection.] 2 [Kyousuke runs down the sidewalk, under wet skies.] sign: [partial] ...Toiletries. ...KESHOUHIN in katakana above the = toilet articles.> Kyousuke FX: _____ _____ basha basha 3 [He finds refuge against the side of a building.] 4 [Overhead view as a girl under an umbrella walks by, close to where Kyousuke stands.] sign: Nitta Osteopathy Clinic NITTA SEIKOTSU -IN osteopathy clinic/hospital Kyousuke: [surveying the weather] (Damn! What rotten luck.) (che_ tsuite-nai na) damn! not-have-luck 5 [Of course, the girl is...] Madoka: Hey! ara! --------------------------------------------------- p 162 (76) 1 [She stands in full-page, full-length portrait--in jacket, miniskirt and boots.] Madoka: What are you doing here? nani shite n no? konna tokoro de what doing in-place-like-this 2 Kyousuke: [embarrassed] Just what it looks like... goran no to--ri as-you-see Getting out of the rain... AME yadori... rain roost/lodge 3 narration: I get to go to high school AYUKAWA to wa ISSHO ni with Ayukawa. with-Ayukawa (T) together _gakkou_ KOUTOU-BU ni ikeru n da to-sr-high-section can-go (explan) (school) Kyousuke: What about you? AYUKAWA wa? 4 theater marquee: [partial] ...Rift in the Green MIDORI no KI... green/verdure 's Madoka: [pointing up] Just what it looks like. goran no to--ri as-you-see 5 Madoka: ________ I have 2 free passes masuta-- kara moratta EIGA SHOUTAI KEN that I got from Master... from-Master got complimentary- movie-ticket 2 -MAI aru kedo... have but Kyousuke: All right! yatta! --------------------------------------------------- p 163 (77) 1 billboard: [at top] Also Playing: DOUJI JOUEI simultaneous screen-projection First Dream --A Cat Who Swims Like 1st-dream-of-new-year a Fish...* KAPPA NEKO... excellent-swimmer/mermaid cat billboard: [main section] ______ A Rift in Classes Is a kurasu no KIreME ga Rift in the Green class 's gap/rift/break (S) MIDORI no KIreME green/verdure 's gap/rift/break Starring: Irie Takako, SHUEN IRIE TAKAKO IKEBE YOSHI Ikebe Yoshi* <*Translation note (CN): The 2nd halves of these are cropped out of the wideban panel.> sign: ________ Castor Theater kasutoru -ZA small sign: [far left] Clinic KYUU/HISA NAI/UCHI HYAKU -IN clinic 2 actor: [high school student] Why, why are you saying you naze da naze want to break up? why is why WAKAreru nante yu-- n da? part-company say-that (explan) 3 actress: [high school student] ______ I found out how truly boring BETSUbetsu no kurasu ni natte you are after we ended up in becoming-different-class different classes! atashi anata ga jitsu ni I you (S) truly/so/very tsumaranai HITO da tte koto ga boring-person are matter (S) wakatta no! understood actress: Because you're indecisive YUUJUUFUDAN de tayori naku tte! and unreliable! because-of-indecisiveness not-be-reliable 4 [She turns and walks away, leaving behind a shocked boy.] actress: Farewell. sayo--nara 5 actor FX: _______ ga~~~~n 6 [In his seat, Kyousuke sweats, blushes and winces.] narration: Wha... na.......... 7 [Madoka's eyes grow large.] --------------------------------------------------- p 164 (78) 1 [They exit the movie theater.] Kyousuke: (What a movie!) (nante EIGA da!) what! movie is 2 Kyousuke: [unhappily] (But, if you think about (demo... KANGAete-mitara anna mono it, maybe that's the way but if-try-and-think thing-like-that it is...) na no ka-mo-shirenai na) (explan) it-is-possible 3 [Madoka notices his somber mood.] sign: ______ Perm pa--ma 4 Madoka: You're worrying about that sakki no EIGA no koto movie, aren't you. about-a-little-while-ago's-movie KI ni shite-ru n desho be-thinking/feeling (poss-explan) sign: Fresh Meat SEINIKU 5 Kyousuke: [nervously] N-nothing like that! so sonna koto nai yo! thing-like-that not-have sign: [top] __________ Plastic Model Railroad puramoderu TETSUDOU plastic?-model railway/railroad MOKEI model _____ ___________ Radio-controlled radio kontoro--ru sign: [bottom] _____ _____ Jumbo Figure jambo figua Goods received one after ZOKUZOKU another inside! successively/one-after-another NYUUKA -CHUU! goods-received inside 6 [Madoka gives him a knowing look.] --------------------------------------------------- p 165 (79) 1 Madoka: [gently smiling] All girls aren't like that. anna ONNA no KO bakari ja nai yo that-kind-of-girl only is-not 2 [Her pov of him. He looks back with surprise.] 3 Madoka: [averting her gaze] But... demo... 4 [She tosses back her hair and looks up at the sky.] Madoka: ______ I hope we can be in the same ISSHO no kurasu ni nareru to class. together 's class (IO) if-can-be i-- ne good 5 Kyousuke: [smiling] Eh? e? 6 Madoka: Oh, nothing. a iya sign: Tatami Store TATAMI MISE straw-mat store --------------------------------------------------- p 166 (80) 1 Madoka: _abakabu_ Well then... Now it's time sate to... sorosoro o-MISE no for me to go to ABCB! now ABCB/shop 's JIKAN da! time is 2 [The sun breaks through the clouds.] Kyousuke: Oh, it's stopped raining. a AME yande-ru rain is-stopped 3 [Shot of the clearing skies.] narration: I'm sure we'll have nice ashita wa kitto i-- TENKI! weather tomorrow! tomorrow (T) surely good-weather 4 [They walk down the sidewalk together. Kyousuke stretches his arms in the air.] narration: ______ Somehow I feel like we'll nan-to-naku ISSHO no kurasu ni be in the same class! for-some-reason together 's in-class nareso-- na KI ga shimasu! look-like-can-become think/feel sign: Hermitage of Splendor KAREI IORI splendor/magnificence hermitage/retreat truck: ____ Ham hamu ham --------------------------------------------------- p 167 (81) 1 [Exterior shot of the Kasuga apartment building.] narration: And on the next day, the soshite YOKUJITSU---- new school year arrived! and/then the-next-day yatte-kimashita SHINGAKKI! turned-up new-school-term 2 [A grey panel.] Kyousuke FX: [off] ______ ______ kushon kushon 3 [His pov of the rest of the family at the breakfast table. They all stop and stare.] 4 Kurumi: Oh no! A cold, oniichan? ya da--_ oni--chan kaze? ! cold Kyousuke FX: kushun Kyousuke: [still in his pajamas] It doesn't feel that way. so-- ja nai mitai like-that is-not seem 5 Kyousuke: But since I woke up, my demo okite kara zutto sneezing and tears haven't but since-getting-up all-the-time stopped. NAMIDA to kushami ga tomannakutte tears and sneeze (S) not-stopping Kyousuke FX: kushon kushon Manami: Oh, that's... a sore 6 Manami: Isn't that the hayfever chikagoro WADAI no that's been talked about lately topic-of-conversation 's lately? KAFUNSHOU ja nai? hay-fever is-not Kyousuke: What's that? nan da sore? what is that corresponding to what we Americans call "hayfever", or "allergy to pollen". This is just a guess, but perhaps it was not a commonly known term in 1985 Japan, among the typical (young) readers of KOR. Hence this explanation.> 7 [Exterior shot of the Kasuga apartment building.] Manami: [off] _________ It's a sort of allergy and arerugi-- no ISSHU de they say that the sneezing, allergy a-kind-of being runny nose, and tears don't stop. kushami to HANAMIZU ga DEte with-sneezes runny-nose (S) flowing-out NAMIDA mo TOmaranai so-- yo tears too not-stop like-that narration: Despite the fact the skies konna ni HArete-ru no ni are so clear, my health is so-(much) is-clear even-though playing tricks... kono TAICHOU no WARUsa... this-physical-condition 's mischief/ practical-joke Somehow, it feels ominous... nan-da-ka iya na YOKAN... somehow unpleasant foreboding Kyousuke FX: [off] ______ kushon --------------------------------------------------- p 168 (82) 1 [Exterior shot of a school building. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom.] 2 [Kyousuke's pov of the class listings. At the top is a header. Below are the various class groups, followed by teacher's name and the names of all the students in that group. In view here is the list for 1-C.] listings: [header] ______ ...School Year Class ...NENDO kurasu HENSEI Groupings school-year class organization 3 student 1: Oh, I'm in class B. a-- #B# -GUMI daa B-group am student 2: What? So we're in the same nan da mata omae to issho ka class again. again with-you together (muse) 4 [Kyousuke walks through the crowd, dressed in his new, black, school uniform.] Kyousuke FX: ______ kushon narration: At the very start of high SHINGAKU so--so-- school--I'm not feeling entrance-to-higher-school immediately lucky. tsuite-nai na-- not-be-lucky 5 [Komatsu and Hatta run up from behind.] Komatsu: ___ ______ Hey! We're in the same yo_ ore-tachi mata ONAji kurasu class again. ! we again same-class da tte yo are Kyousuke pratfall FX: _____ zuru_ 6 [Shot looking up at a nearby school building.] narration: Just as I predicted! YOKAN -TEKI -CHUU! premonition within Kyousuke FX: [off] ______ kushon --------------------------------------------------- p 169 (83) 1 Kyousuke: ___ Ohh? So we're in 1-F. he-- ore-tachi #1-F# kaa we (musing) 2 Kyousuke: (More importantly, what about (sore yori AYUKAWA wa...) Ayukawa...) than-that (T) 3 [He takes a look at the board.] 4 sign: 1-A #1-A# 1 AYUKAWA ma... 1) Ayukawa Ma... 5 [Dreamy view of another school building. The panel is framed by cherry blossom trees.] --------------------------------------------------- p 170 (84) 1 [Kyousuke's eyes grow large.] 2 [A second look at the board.] sign: 1-A #1-A# 1 AYUKAWA 2 ISHIMARU 1) Ayukawa... 2) Ishimaru... 3 [He goes into shock.] Kyousuke FX: ga----n 4 Kyousuke: ______ (W-we're in different (chi chigau kurasu da!!) classes!!) different class are 5 [He collapses to the ground on his hands and knees. Komatsu looks on.] Kyousuke FX: _______ gakkuri 6 [Komatsu stands near and smiles. Hatta bends down to get a closer look at Kyousuke.] Komatsu: What happened...? do-- shita n da yo-- Are you that happy...? sonna ni ureshii? that-(much) happy ___ Being together with us. ore-tachi to ISSHO de with-us together being --------------------------------------------------- p 171 (85) 1 [Isolated shot of the sign outside classroom 1-F.] 2 [Students mill about, chatting, getting to know one another...] guy 1: [to a group of 3 girls] ________ Wowww! You're a surfer. suge--_ sa--fa-- nan da-- surfer what are guy 2: [to another guy] ______ What club do you want to kurabu nani ni suru? join? club to-what do 3 [Kyousuke sits alone at his desk next to the window.] 4 [Deep in thought, he gazes out the window.] narration: It seems like I've gotten hikaru-chan tomo TOOku natchatta far away from Hikaru-chan including-Hikaru became-distant- as well, and... (finality/regret) mitai da shi seems and-besides What's more, Ayukawa is in sono ue AYUKAWA tomo a different class... besides/what's-more including-Ayukawa ______ kurasu wa BETSUbetsu... class (T) different/separate 5 [He glares at Komatsu and Hatta, busy joking around with each other.] narration: But these guys alone are sono kuse koitsura dake wa sticking to me like glue... though these-guys only (T) shikkari ISSHO dattari shite... tightly together are-(and) 6 [He clutches at his head.] narration: My worst fears have come to ICHIBAN osorete-ita JITAI ni natta! pass! most was-afraid-of came-to-pass --------------------------------------------------- p 172 (86) 1 [He visualizes the movie he saw--only, with Madoka in the lead role.] Madoka: [sternly] ______ I found out how truly boring BETSUbetsu no kurasu ni natte you are after we ended up in becoming-different-class different classes! atashi anata ga jitsu ni I you (S) truly/so/very tsumaranai HITO tte koto ga boring-person matter (S) wakatta no! understood 2 [View pans back to show that Kyousuke is in the lead male role. Madoka walks away, looking back with a final sneer.> Madoka: Farewell. sayo--nara 3 [Back to reality. Kyousuke collapses at his desk.] Kyousuke: (It's all over!!) (moo dame da---_!!) already no-good it-is 4 Komatsu: [smiling] What happened? do-- shita no? Are we sad to be separated hikaru-chan to hanarebanare de from Hikaru-chan? from-Hikaru separated being ____ sabishi-- no kai boku lonely/sad (?) "me" 5 Kyousuke: [rising in anger] Leave me alone! hottoite-kure yo! leave-alone-(favor-to-me)-(command) 6 [Kyousuke looks up to find the entire class staring at him. Komatsu's eyes have grown large.] class FX: shi~~~~n 7 [Kyousuke sits.] Komatsu: You're frustrated, is that omae YOKKYUU FUMAN nan ja nai no~~? it? you frustration what are-not class FX: ____ ____ zawa zawa --------------------------------------------------- p 173 (87) 1 [Kyousuke rests his head on his desk, but is surprised to hear...] Hikaru: [off] SEMPA-A-AI!! sempa--i!! 2 Hikaru: [off] Yoo-hoo! Sempai! ya_ho-- sempai! narration: That voice... Hikaru-chan? ano KOE... hikaru-chan? 3 [Zoom in at his face. He still rests his head on the desk, and his face has become flushed.] narration: What's this? I'm starting nan da iru hazu no nai to hear the voice of what is shouldn't-be-here-(nom) Hikaru-chan, who shouldn't even be here. Maybe I've hikaru-chan no KOE ga kikoete-kuru finally... 's voice (S) start-hearing ___ nante ore mo to--to--... the-likes-of I even at-last/in-the-end 4 [With a wide grin, Komatsu comes by and pats Kyousuke on his shoulder.] Komatsu: Your wife's calling you-u-u! okusan ga o-yobi desu yo------_ wife (S) call is 5 [Rather dazedly, Kyousuke raises his head and looks around the room.] Kyousuke get-up FX: _____ gaba_ --------------------------------------------------- p 174 (88) 1 [His pov of a radiantly joyous Hikaru, waving to him.] 2 [Kyousuke facial portrait--he stares in surprise.] 3 [Another view shows that he's looking out the class window, across at another building. On the same floor of that building, Hikaru stands at the window, waving and shouting. Kyousuke smiles.] Hikaru: I can't believe it... usso-- YUME mitai It's like a dream. lie dream seems ______ My class is next to yours. SEMPAI no kurasu to o-tonari-san with-your-class vicinity-of da nante is the-likes-of 4 [A view from Hikaru's side.] Hikaru: It seems like it's closer MAE yori CHIKAku natta mitai than before. than-before became-close-by seems Now we'll always be together! kore de itsu-mo ISSHO desu ne! now always together be 5 [Kyousuke's new classmates stop and stare out the window.] girl: What in the world? nani-- ittai? class FX: _____ zawa_ 6 Komatsu: [grinning widely] Oh, that's his wife!! a koitsu no okusan nan desu!! this-guy's wife what is Kyousuke: [livid] That's a lie!! uso desu_!! lie is --------------------------------------------------- p 175 (89) 1 [Kyousuke sits at his desk and smiles out the window at Hikaru, who hasn't stopped waving and smiling.] narration: But with Hikaru-chan so demo hikaru-chan ga CHIKAku ni iru to close, everything looks but (S) when-be-close-by a lot brighter. KIBUN ga AKAruku natchau naa feeling (S) brightly become-(finality) 2 Kyousuke: [checking his eye] Oh, come to think of it, are so-- ieba mo-- NAMIDA de my sight isn't blurred come-to-think-of-it now by-tears by tears any more. boyakete-inai not-be-blurred The hayfever seems to have KAFUNSHOU osamatta mitai da na settled down. hayfever subsided/got-under-control seems 3 [Rising to his feet, Kyousuke goes to the window to look down...] Kyousuke: ! ! 4 [He looks down at the class assignment notice board, which sits below Hikaru's class' window. Yes, she's still there at the window, smiling and waving.] 5 Kyousuke: ___ I wonder if there was a ore no NAMAE nani-ka no machigai demo mistake or something with my name some-mistake-or-something my name, so that I wasn't listed in Ayukawa's 1-A i-- kara AYUKAWA no #A# -GUMI ni class? okay that's-why in-Ayukawa's-A-group notte-nai ka na-- not-be-getting-on I-wonder 6 [He flashes with the Power.] narration: _chikara_ All right. I'll play my yoshi totteoki no NOURYOKU Power card, and use my reserved Power super-vision!! = play-trump-card SENRIGAN da!! second-sight/clairvoyance is 7 [A zoom view of a portion of the student list to class 1-A.] sign: 1-A #1-A# 1) Ayukawa Mamoru 1) AYUKAWA mamoru 2) Ishimaru Kintarou 2) ISHIMARU KINTAROU 3) Ueda Bakunosuke 3) UEDA BAKUNOSUKE --------------------------------------------------- p 176 (90) 1 [He grasps the window in relief.] Kyousuke: Huh?! "Ayukawa Mamoru..." are_?! AYUKAWA mamoru tte.......... huh (quote) 2 Kyousuke: [smiling] (O-ohhh! So it was my (na nan daa--_ mimachigai kaa--_!!) mistake!!) mistake-(A-for-B) (muse) 3 narration: Th-then, where in the world ji ja AYUKAWA wa ittai is Ayukawa...?! then (T) in-the-world doko ni...?! at-where 4 [He turns at the sound of...] door FX: _____ gara_ 5 [Isolated view of the lower legs and skirt of a girl who's entering the classroom.] 6 [Kyousuke's face flashes with surprise.] --------------------------------------------------- p 177 (91) 1 [It's Madoka, who stands at the door, looking about the room.] 2 [Her pov of some chattering classmates.] class FX: ______ ________ waiwai gayagaya 3 [His pov of her--she brushes her hair back from her eyes and still searches about the room.] narration: I jumped to the wrong KAFUNSHOU no sei de tonda conclusion because of the hayfever 's fault because-of jumped/flew hayfever... kanchigai o shichatta kedo... mistaken-(finality/regret) but 4 [She spots him, and both smile.] 5 [In fact, he looks positively ecstatic.] 6 [His pov of her as she salutes him smartly.] caption: 1st-year, Class F. 1-NEN #F# -GUMI year group Ayukawa Madoka... AYUKAWA madoka---- narration: I guess Day One of high KOUKOU DAIICHI HI ME wa school passes safely...?! high-school the-first day eye/look (T) BUJI SHUURYOU tte toko ka na...?! safety/ at-an-end occasion I-wonder peace/uneventful ---------------------------------------------------