Comments to korX.XNIS Full scripts
Last updated:  9-19-94

These scripts--denoted by "full" in the filename--contain BOTH the romaji
and the English translations.  They are provided here as an alternative to
the English-only scripts for those of you interested in learning the
language through manga.

These scripts are updated occasionally as comments/critiques filter in.
If you spot something wrong, or think you have a better way of phrasing
things I'd be happy to hear from you.  E-mail me at
or post to the KOR translation list [].


Romaji Conventions:


lowercase text = Hiragana.

.... or [....] = Katakana.

_...._  = Furigana, but only if different from the Kanji

#....#  = Roman letters & Arabic numerals

--          = Single vowel extension.

--- or more = Longer vowel extension.

~~ or more  = Squiggly-line vowel extension.

_ (one underscore) = Small 'tsu' (usually at the end of a word).

' or -  = Usually separates components within a compound kanji phrase.
          (Only used when it may be helpful.)

(....) = A character's thoughts.