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Goats for Sale

Alethia ET Boomerang for sale. Contact for more info. Boomerang is being offered for breeding services while still here. $150 per doe/service memo. Driveway breedings only, no boarding available. Doe owners must provide negative test results within the last 6 months for CAE & CL.

Sales Policy
Prices of kids at Poppy Patch Farm reflect the merit of their dams. Buck kids will only be available as herd sires out of approved does all others will be wethered. General rule is- If we wouldn't use him for breeding we wouldn't sell him as a breeding buck. Bucks will not be sold as breeding stock simply by having a desired coloring. We breed for conformation not color. Coloring does not reflect a goat's quality.

A $100 deposit on an adult animal or kid who is already born will hold that animal for 1 month(3 months after birth for a nursing kid), after that time a boarding fee may apply in order to hold the animal if no pickup arrangements have been made. Special arrangements will be made if the buyer is purchasing multiple animals and not all animals are ready to leave at the same time. Full payment is expected before an animal leaves the farm.

Please do not place a reservation on a breeding if coloring is the deciding factor! This crowds reservations for those who are serious about a breeding. Wait until the kids are born and we know what color they turn out. Due to so many blue-eyed issues we will require a $100 deposit on any breeding with possible blue eyes which is non-refundable if kids are born with brown eyes.

All goats over 6 months of age are tested annually for CAE & CL. Last testing Aug.2014 with the entire herd testing negative. Any additional testing may be done prior to sale by our vet at the buyer's expense.

If being shipped the buyer is responsible for all related shipping costs- crate, health certificate ect. Air shipping is not available for purchases under $500. We do not ship adult animals by air. Goats will be air shipped out of Portland OR. Transport of goats to the airport is 260 miles round trip for us so we had to start charging a airport transport fee. Fees are subject to change based on our gas prices. This cost may be split if more than one group of animals are being transported on the same trip. Transportation of does and kids may be available free to any shows we attend. We no longer export kids to Canada. Sorry just too much paperwork & footwork involved.

Kids are disbudded, tattooed and given at least two CD&T shots before leaving our farm. If you want a naturally horned goat you will need to pay for that animal in full before disbudding age(2 weeks) or the goat will be disbudded

If a doe was bred on our farm her kids will carry the Poppy Patch herd name.

We do not offer our bucks for outside breeding services for a number of reasons 1.Herd health, 2.No boarding space available and liability. 3.Issues with does not settling resulting in issues of refunds when our buck did his job 4.Our limited time. If buying a doe you should plan on owning your own buck(s) for future breeding services.

We cannot guarantee the later outcome of any kid including it's adult height. We are often asked how big a kid will be when it grows up. The answer is we don't know. If height is going to be cause of great stress the best advice we can give is to only purchase an adult goat who can be measured.

We also cannot guarantee the conformation or milk production of any goat sold. One very important thing I have learned over the years that a HUGE part of conformation, milk production and even size in goats is influenced by environmental factors such as proper feeding.

No goat is perfect in every way. Ask us about our goats strengths and weaknesses in choosing what will make the best match for your breeding program.

We have no polled animals in our herd by choice. Don't care for the look of a female with a thick masculine shaped head not to mention the possible genetic issues polled animals may carry.

We are not in the bussiness of selling goats for meat so please don't ask about meat goats. All wethers and pet quality does are available for an adoption fee. You may be given a short interview. You must have proper shelter, a strong fenced area, and proper feed. No goats shall be kept tethered. Tethered goats are not happy goats and are very vulnerable to predators such as wandering dogs. Absolutely no goats will be sold to live as a single goat. Goats are naturally herd animals and need companionship of other GOATS (other species of animals are not the same). Wethers(neutered males) make excellent companions for a doe when numbers are an issue. Wethers are castrated at no younger than two months of age for health reasons. We use a burdizzo(crushes the cords) to castrate which is a more humane method of castration with no open wounds and very little to none in recovery time compared to the popular rubber banding method. Plus bucks castrated with the burdizzo may be done at any age. Occasionally we may have a mature buck become available as a wether.

If you wish to use photos from this site to reference your related animals we are happy to allow use of our photos but please ask permission first. We once discovered two web sites using a photo we took of one of our does claiming the name of another unrelated doe. Lucky for them we dismissed the issue with a warning. Misuse of photos is illegal PLEASE ask permission before using.

All photos and text on this site are the property of Poppy Patch farm and may not be used without permission. Thank you!

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