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THE WICKED OLD WITCH By Heather (c)1999 The wicked old witch Sat on her broom Across the sky Over the moon The wicked old vampire Drank some blood Poor old woman That is no good The wicked old ghost Scared some people Flew around the churchyard And over the steeple The wicked old devil Lured people to his lair Don't go down there Unless you dare The wicked old monster Walked into a few hundred walls Killed some people In their halls. HALLOWE'EN by Kathryn Jackson Isn't it fun To be looking so scary That you shiver and shake In your boots - To be dressed up as witches Or scarecrows or ghosts Or in terrible Skeleton suits? Isn't it fun With the dark trees all bare, And the frightened moon Staring between, To be out in the night, And to be such a sight, When it's shivery Dark Hallowe'en? THE WITCH by Jack Prelutsky She comes by night, in fearsome flight, In garments black as pitch, the queen of doom upon her broom, the wild and wicked witch, a crackling crone with brittle bones and dessicated limbs, two evil eyes with warts and sties and bags about the rims, a dangling nose, ten twisted toes and fold of shriveled skin, cracked and chipped and crackled lips that frame a toothless grin. She hurtles by, she sweeps the sky and hurls a piercing screech. As she swoops past, a spell is cast on all her curses reach. Take care to hide when the wild witch rides to shriek her evil spell. What she may do with a word or two is much too grim to tell. FANCY DRESS PARTY by Kathryn Jackson 'You're Jack!' said a cat to a pirate bold. 'You're Jill!' said Captain Jack. Then everyone guessed who everyone was - Except one little ghost at the back. One little ghost who trailed along As friendly as he could be, But very hard to guess about - He was often so hard to see. He wouldn't talk, that one little ghost, All he said was, 'Oooo! Oooo! Oooo!' And he didn't eat any kind of treat, Which was most unusual, too. And when all the others took off their masks, All that little ghost did, was steal Up the hill toward the haunted house - So maybe - he - really - was - real! JOLLY JACK by Kathryn Jackson I'll make a jack-o'-lantern Of this pumpkin, round and big; With a carrot for a nose, and Lots of parsley for a wig; He'll have two big leaves for ears, And a cut-out jolly grin, To say to folks on Halloween, 'Hello there! Come on in!' THE CREEPY OLD GUY by Alison (c)2000 A creepy old guy comes down our street He pretends to smile at the people he'd meet Behind his smile there's a sinister sneer A glint in his eye is something quite queer If you should see the creepy old guy Cross over the street, don't catch his eye Beware that smile, there's something within If you look quite close, it's a wicked grin So next time you're out, look around everywhere In case the creepy old guy is standing there Don't go to the woods, he might follow you Or take a friend, it's safer with two If you hear a cackle in the middle of night Your blood runs cold, you quiver with fright It's the creepy old guy, he's somewhere about So stay in your house... Don't venture out!! GHOSTS by Eric Maple When goblins hunt and devils roar And witches meet on blasted heath And bony hands knock on my door You'll hear the chatter of my teeth. When owls are hooting in the night And ravens croak from leafless trees And ghosts come howling gleaming white You'll hear the knocking of my knees. Of course, it's not that I'm afraid. It's just the way my bones are made. WITCH GOES SHOPPING by Lilian Moore Witch rides off Upon her broom, Finds a space To park it. Takes a shiny shopping cart Into the supermarket. Smacks her lips and reads The list of things she needs: 'Six bats' wings, Worms in brine, Ears of toads, Eight or nine. Slugs and bugs, Snake skins dried, Buzzard innards, Pickled, fried.' Witch takes herself From shelf to shelf, Cackling all the while, Up and down and up and down and In and out each aisle. Out come cans and cartons Tumbling to the floor. 'This,' says Witch, now all a-twitch 'Is a crazy store. I CAN'T FIND A SINGLE THING I AM LOOKING FOR!' ALL HALLOWE'EN by Pauline Clark Witch and warlock all abroad Revels keep by field and yard. In the firelight of the farm Boy and maiden one by one Place their chestnuts in the grate And for omens quietly wait; To a string their apples tie, Twirl them till they fallen lie; Those whose fruits fall in a hurry, They shall be the first to marry. Witch and warlock all abroad Revels keep by field and yard. Apples from the beam hang down To be caught by mouth alone, Mugs of ale on Nut-Crack Night And many a tale of ghost and sprite, Come to cheer and chill the heart, While the candles faint and start, While the flickering firelight paints Pictures of the hallowed saints. Witch and warlock all abroad Revels keep by field and yard. GHOSTS by Harry Behn A cold and starry darkness moans And settles wide and still Over a jumble of tumbled stones Dark on a darker hill. An owl among those shadowy walls, Gray against gray Of ruins and brittle weeds, calls And a soundless swoops away. Rustling over scattered stones Dancers hover and sway, Drifting among their own bones Like the webs of the Milky Way. THE BIRD OF THE NIGHT by Randall Jarrell A shadow is floating through the moonlight. Its wings don't make a sound. Its claws are long, its beak is bright. Its eyes try all the corners of the night. It calls and calls: al the air swells and heaves And washes up and down like water. The ear that listens to th owl believes In death. The bat beneath the eaves. The mice beneath the stone are still as death. The owl's air washes them like water. The owl goes back and forth inside the night, And the night holds its breath.

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