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ANDREA of EAGAN, MN, asks if I believe in ghosts, if I have ever seen one and if I think they could hurt.... so this is my reply.... Yes, I believe in ghosts, I personally have never seen one, but I know people who have... my late Grandma saw the ghost of an elderly relative during the second world war, who gave her a warning which saved her life,and when my fiance was a small boy he lived in Germany for a time, and he used to chat to a small boy ghost, who then stopped talking to him as he was getting older. I believe most ghosts to be harmless, and many either want to be friendly or offer warnings! However, there are, I believe, poltergeists are malicious ghosts who throw things about, and incidentally, my fiance believes he may have one at the flat where he currently lives. He was sat alone at his table when suddenly a pair of scissors landed on the table in front of him, and another time he was lying in bed, again alone, with his TV remote next to him, again he heard a thud, and the remote was in the bin!! If you want any further information, my e-mail address is below!