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Super Saiyan Home Page

7/15/03-I changed the music. THe Japanese DBZ theme song sounded too....happy....Anywayz, I changed it to a much better song, Resurrection by PPK. Thanks Mike for giving me a better song! Also added a guestbook. Please sign and tell me what you think of my lil corner of the internet.

7/10/03-I added new music to my page. It's the DBZ theme song! From Japan! Wow! Ok... Anyways, I'm still on the search for good Goten pictures. If anyone finds some, email me.

7/7/03-Well, I added a link to the image gallery I've been working on. Added Gohan and Trunks pages. Also put up lil GIFS to click on. Added the Background Poll I've been talking about. After you vote, if you have any suggestions on what to put up as a background, don't be afraid to email me!

7/3/03-HAHA! I finally got back on this webpage. You see, I forgot my, I'm so embarrassed...Anyways...Now that I'm back, I'll be updating frequently from now on so don't worry.

Here's a list of things I'm gonna do to this website:

1.) Change the picture above

2.) Get music that works

3.) Fix some links that don't work

4.) Since this is a DBZ site that is out in the public and not a private site no longer, I will also remove Neal's Page (sry dude!).

5.) Change the background (maybe).

6.) I'll fix the poll and make a new one (it'll be on what gif to put on da background).

For those who want to talk to me on AIM or to email me, my IM is PinoyDrummer4989 and MCPinoyBoy and my email is and I accept compliments but not complaints. If there's something on this site that bothers you, please email me and be polite. Polite is:

Hi PinoyBoy! I like your site, but I think you should change your front page picture.


PinoyBoy your webpage sucks! I can't even get to all the pages without going to the front page!

Do you see what I mean??
Well, thats all! Stay clean!!!

9/1/02-I added new backgrounds for the Super Saiyans Info Page and for the fusions page.

8/31/02-Added a lil more animations (if you can call a lil 26 gifs).

Super Saiyans Info Page

The Saiyans


Image Gallery