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|*| Sparkey's Pictures |*|

These are some pictures of various people and stuff.
This is Me.(Gnarf..)
This is Jazeb, Dave, and I.(Jazeb got us in trouble with the FBI because of his terrorist activities.)
This is Snoopie Dogg.(He's a motherfuckin P.i.m.p. yo..)
This is Mary.(Need I say more?)
This is Meanie(Snoopie's Sister.)
This is Charley, despite his wishes to be displayed here. (Shantewobblegoggin this bitch! :-D)
This is Tom and Karla (Kissy kissy :-*)
This is The Fucktard Hick from Washington (aka Nadyah...heh jk I love u!)
This is Karla, Me, and Sara..Karla's hand is down my shirt and NOT BY ACCIDENT!!! wo0t!
More sap...(Sara + Fong)
We love you too
This is Dave being, um, a cool kid.(Heh.)
This is my BESTEST friend Nick! "Does this sword make my ass look fat?" lmao woo..
This is Anthony...MIDGET POWER!! woop woop lol.
This is the pertiness they call Kari! Yummy.
This is Brian doing his funny Asian antics. :o)~
This is my buddy Michelle. :-D!
This is my new bamster..
This is Billy Bob Joe Sue(another fucktard hick :o)~ )
It's me again.
This is the Chuck.
This is the Chuck with the evil Gilligan hat.
This is my sexy fag Scott whom I love dearly...
It's Mar-ass-uh! ASSIRAM! lol heh.

Send your picture to if you wanna see it up here..Or IM me @ Sparkey69x...More to come later...

İRobyn Victoria Sparkes