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Farrah's Body-for-LIFE/South Beach Diet Page


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August 6, 2004

Hey all, I'm starting a website so that I can document my feelings and track my weight loss goals, struggles, and achievements. I've tried using things like Open Diary and Xanga, but it feels too disorganized trying to track my achievements there. Good for documenting my thoughts and things of that nature, but it just didn't cut it when it came to tracking things. What I want is something I can look at right away when I need to look at it, with all of my updated information right there. I've also tried FitDay. Great for tracking your weight loss information, but of course, it fell short of my documenation expectancies. So, I've decided, why not creat a website where I can record both of these things? So, here I am, making this website. Everything's still under construction, but chances are I'll get to them right away...I'll be back.