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New Apartment!

Good morning, my hard-working dream guy! :-) Sleep well?

Sorry for the delay in your surprise, but I wanted to take these pics during the daytime so the lighting would be better. Hope it gives you a better idea of how WONDERFUL and HEAVENLY our apartment will be!! :-) of course, it will be unvergleichbar besser sobald dass DU in dieser Wohnung auch wohnst. ;-) bis bald XXXXXOOOOOOO


the great new Park 16th apartment!

Now, please keep in mind that it will look better (the Japanese guy was still moving out so it was a bit messy), but this is just to give you a rough picture for right now. :-)

a view on the way to the apartment....

this is where the apartment is (but you can't see it b/c it's behind the office, in front of the pool behind the office. see the little "Office" sign?)

Voila, the living room!!
(it's bigger than it looks, i think)

here's a close-up of the "entertainment center" he left! nicht schlecht gell? always nice to have extra useful furniture...

this is the kitchen, taken from the living room downstairs

this staircase is to the right side of the kitchen

the bed springboard/thing he also left -- and it LOOKs like it's on the floor in this pic, but it's not - it's actually up high on a springboard, so that's nice...

the tv and tv stand he's leaving behind as well....auch nicht schlecht!

cool view of the pool from the bedroom:

when you go up the staircase, you turn left (so basically turn completely around to the other direction, and to your right is the bathroom and the bedroom is straight ahead of you

a view of the pool (although you can't see it really very well b/c it's behind the white fence) from where my car was parked

a view from the road (but the apartment is conveniently nestled nicely pretty far back in the back, away from any traffic)