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    Well howdy!  listen up...we know we've been out of commission for a little over a month and we're sorry for the disappointment!!  so to make it up to our faithful fans, we are playing 3 shows in the next month...and they are as follows...





february 13th (friday)

Roseville Theatre

(full set)

6:00 pm

$8 in advanced

$10 @ the door

february 21st (saturday)

East Detroit High School

(2 songs, mikey's drum solo)

6:00 pm $5 tix sold only @ the door
yet to be determined!

East Detroit High School Cafeteria

(full set 30-45 mins.)

7:00 pm $2 in advance

$3 @ the door


a quick few things...the 13th show is a heavy metal night and "friday the thirteenth" so if you wanna bring your "jason masks" by all means...go for it!  february 21st...i think the only people that will be at this show are true "OPUS PODUNK" fans!!  this show we are playing 2 songs and your very own mikey rothenberg is playing a solo for everyone to feast on!  remember...this is a city-wide talent show so be sure to stick around, the more support...the better!  last show has yet to be determined on the date...but this will be a great night to come out and see us!  we will be playing with the symphonic-punk band dealey plaza.  this band is full of up tempo rhythms, a hell of a horns section, a singer who can definitely hold his own, a phenomenal guitarist/singer, probably one of the best drummers in south-eastern michigan, and your very own stefan schram  who is in our eyes...the best f*****g bassist ever!  if you need more information contact the BIG OP.  make sure to leave your name and your telephone number and where you will be coming from if you need specific directions on how to get to one of our any one of our shows, you can pick up a copy of "Opus Podunk:  Live @ The Roseville Theatre (12.17.03)" for only 3 bucks.  look for tom, mikey, stefan, or the big op for your copy.