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We are the original co-op school.

We number somewhere over 15,000. We are engineers, psychologists, biologists politicians, musicians, nurses, pharmacists, sociologists, athletic trainers, mathematicians, physicists, marketers, computer technicians, architectures, actors. More. We live in Kennedy, Smith, Stetson East, Stetson West, Speare, 780 Columbus, St. Stephens, West Campus, Fairwood, Davenport A and B ... We club at Afterhours (actually, no we do not) and eat at Dunkin Donuts. We don't cross the bridge alone at night. We don't walk without talking on our cell phones or ever S T O P to buy items from the overpriced vendors. We don't quite understand Semester Conversion. We don't look while crossing the T tracks. We don't go to our 8 AMs. We don't come home from Mission Hill late at night if we can avoid it. We don't take those t-shirts from those credit card people thinking they are free. We work hard. We play hard. We don't like BU. At all. (OK, with maybe a few exceptions) Our weekends start Thursday afternoons and sometimes include Tuesday nights. Our S T R I D E O F P R I D E is morning after T-rides and cab fares. We are all exceptionally intelligent, whether or GPAs confirm so or not. We live for food that is free. UHOP Pizza at 1 AM. (Oh wait. Not anymore) Warm days on Krentzman Quad. Marino. Chicken Lou’s, the student center, and the Husky Statue make our campus feel like home. Friday night hockey games. Blizzards canceling classes. Springfest. Keg parties on Hemenway. Crazy people in the tunnels. Bums asking our broke asses for money in front of Store 24. All-nighters in the dorms. Tipsy Tuesday. We're defined by the people we know, the co-ops we've had, the sororities and fraternities we belong to, the pages we appeared on in the NU News... those that were for being caught with booze. Nights of drama. Nights of.... what happened? Hellos, goodbyes, "I love you's," "I like you's," "Where are you from?" and everything in between.. but most of all, we are the friendships we've made and the bonds we've built. The people may fade but the memories never will. We're just amazing kids on an exciting campus...

but we are NORTHEASTERN.

Now and always.

TMP © 2003

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