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Holy Crap!!!!!!

check these out ,dude

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Road signs always look better looking over your shoulder.

April 17, 2004

Hey! I'm not dead!

Guess what ya little bastards? Looks like I have my own online journal to reveal my stupid, hormoned induced, emotional teenage bull shit. And to tell you what I did during the day. So have fun.

April 3, 2004

Dear Project Blaine,

Thank you for being cooler than a brand new video game. Kudos to all of yous for putting on an excellent show worthy enough for me to rip off my shirt and dance around like I dont give a shit. When you hear words of an upcoming show, make sure to to notify me so me and my acoustic guitar can open up for you guys with a couple of Against Me! songs and maybe some originals that hopefully dont suck. Well i guess I'll catch you guys later.

Currently working on forming an early 90's style grunge band. More info on that later this year or next year.

March 30, 2004

Holy crap. Many updates up!!!!! The first page of issue 2 is up and it kinda looks wierd because im still grtting used to using Criag's scanner. Plus got some new pictures too.

March 26, 2004

Next week I only have to go to school on Thursday and Friday. That means I have 5 fucking days off. Now for this long weekend I want to fucking do something. I really really really really really want to hang out with someon or sombodies. I dont want to spend another weekend alone in my room playing video games all day. I dont really think im that boring. Fortunately I am hoping on going to a party tomorrow. But I want to do things with my friends on the other days too. I do not want to waste away this weekend by myself. I want to waste it with friends dammit.