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Dr. Draftmaster's 2006 NFL Draft Preview

Top Ten Pro Prospects

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1.Houston Texans- Reggie Bush RB USC The Cardinals need a quarterback but there won't be anyone worthy of the third pick so they'll go with their second most glaring need. Will Smith was unstoppable in a very physical Big Ten and helped the Buckeyes complile a 25-2 record of his final two seasons. His passing rushing skills were second to no one in the country. He should be an immediate starter for a horrendous defense that allowed 28 points per game while the offense only averaged 14. Other Possibilities: Ben Roethelsberger, Larry Fitzgerald Jr., Tommie Harris.

4.New York Giants- Larry Fitzgerald Jr. WR Pittsburgh For a team that isn't as bad as their record indicates, they're going to get a really special player. As unbelieveable as it sounds, Fitzgerald will fall right into the Giants hands because the teams ahead of them have worse needs. I can't even begin to list the number of teams that want to get a hold of Fitzgerald, so the Giants will definitely be listening to all offers but I don't expect them to budge on this one. Giants fans will finally have something to cheer about at this years' draft. Other Possibilities: Tommie Harris, Sean Taylor, Will Smith.

5.Washington Redskins- Sean Taylor S Miami Forget about the damn offense for a second. This Redskins defense is about as soft as jello. They're supposed to be intimidating. Yeah, maybe to a second grader but not anyone in the NFL. Taylor is lightning in a bottle and he will bring some much needed intensity back to a defense that a few years ago were comparing among the league's elite. Other Possibilities: Kellen Winslow Jr., Tommy Harris, Will Smith.

6.Detroit Lions- Roy Williams WR Texas Obviously, the Lions would love to take a gamebreaking running back at this spot but they won't gamble on Stephen Jackson or Kevin Jones. They could opt out of the spot to take one of those guys later in the draft but then they would run the risk of missing out on both of them. They will instead continue to revamp their recieving corps. Charles Rogers is the best thing they've got and he only played two games last year. Williams and Rogers could prove to be one of the more potent recieving corps since a few guys named Taylor and Rice played together a few years ago. Other Possibilities: Sean Taylor, Kellen Winslow Jr.,

7.Atlanta Falcons- Robert Gallery OT Iowa As we saw last season, Atlanta doesn't do a very good job of protecting their quarterback. They don't really do a good job at anything for that matter but they can only work on one issue at a time. In college, Gallery was a downright pancake machine. With great mobility for a big guy, he should provide a running battering ram for Vick for years to come. Other Possibilities: Roy Williams, Will Smith, Tommie Harris, Shawn Andrews, Kenechi Udeze.

8.Cleveland Browns- Kellen Winslow Jr. TE Miami The Browns haven't had a real star since a guy named Brown played for them about 40 years ago. It's time to put some excitement back into that team. LeBron has given the Cavs and the city a much needed shot in the arm and hopefully Winslow's emergence will bring life back to one of football's most storied franchises. Other Possibilities: Robert Gallery, Shawn Andrews, Will Smith, Chris Gamble.

9.Jacksonville Jaguars- Tommie Harris DE Oklahoma Jacksonville's defensive line was among the league's worst last seson without an effective pass rusher. Tommy Harris will change all of that and should become an immediate starter for a defense that doesn't have anyone that could be classified as a star player. Other Possibilities: Roy Williams, Will Smith, Chris Gamble, Kenechi Udeze.

10.Houston Texans- Shawn Andrews OT Arkansas The protection for David Carr was better this season but why not add another big boy to have his back if you have the opportunity? Some draft insiders have Andrews rated higher than Gallery and this would be an absolute steal at the end of the top ten in the draft. Other Possibilities: Stephen Jackson, Kevin Jones, Chris Gamble, Will Smith, Kenechi Udeze.

11.Pittsburgh Steelers- Stephen Jackson RB Oregon State The Bus stops here and Zeroue isn't the answer either. It's going to be a toss-up between Jackson and Kevin Jones from Virginia Tech but in the end, the Steelers will go with the bigger more durable Jackson over the speedier Jones. Other Possibilities: Kevin Jones, Shawn Andrews, Jonathan Vilma, Chris Gamble.

12.New York Jets- Reggie Williams WR Washington The Jets need someone for Pennington to throw the ball to. Curtis Martin is running on fumes, so they may go that way but my money is on them taking the University of Washington gamebreaker. If not for all of the crap that happened at Washington this year he may have been the most highly regarded reciever in this years' draft. He sholud give Pennington a target that he can't miss. Other Possibilities: Chris Gamble, DeAngelo Hall, Vince Wilfork, Michael Clayton.

13.Buffalo Bills- Michael Clayton WR LSU Eric Moulds is a star but he sits out 4 weeks every time that he takes a hard hit. Josh Reed has had two seasons to prove himself a worthy number two reciever but I haven't seen anything from him. It looks like the Bills will try another Bayou Bengal for Bledsoe to throw the ball to. All this guy does is catch the ball. I say that he has the best hands in the entire draft. Yeah, even better that Fitzgerald Jr. Other Possibilities: Reggie Williams, Ben Troupe, Jonathan Vilma.

14.Chicago Bears- Vince Wilfork DT Miami The Bears wanted help on the defensive line in last years' draft but in the end decided on taking Rex Grossman for the future. This year, they'll be able to shore up the defensive side of the ball. Wilfork is a rumbling ball of dynamite. In other words, running backs go the opposite direction when they see him. I see him as an immediate starter and the Bears should feel fortunate if he slips this far. Other Possibilities: Kenechi Udeze, Stephen Jackson, Kevin Jones, Will Smith.

15.Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Kevin Jones RB Virginia Tech The Buc's have spent too much time waiting for Pittman to develop into a featured back. Jones has the size (220 pounds) and speed (4.3) to be a number one back. He's very slippery and can run through or around defenders. Other Possibilities: Stephen Jackson, DeAngelo Hall, Chris Gamble, Jonathan Vilma, Vince Wilfork.

16.San Francisco 49ers- Randy Starks DT Maryland The 49ers can't seem to find a way to get to the quarterback. Starks can definitely fill some gaps and get to the quarterback as well. Other Possibilities: Shawn Andrews, Marcus Tubbs, Chris Gamble, DeAngelo Hall, Vernon Carey.

17.Cincinnati Bengals- Chris Gamble CB Ohio State It seems like the Bengals have finally solved their offensive woes but still have glaring needs on the defensive side of the ball. Gamble has shut-down skills and will also be able to contribute on special teams returns as well. The Bengals could use an upgrade at most positions on defense but they can't afford to pass up on such an unlimited talent as Gamble. Other Possibilities: DeAngelo Hall, Dunta Robinson, Jonathan Vilma, Antwan Odom, Will Smith, Vince Wilfork.

18.New Orleans Saints- DeAngelo Hall CB Virginia Tech The Saints just can't keep other teams out of the end zone. They have the same problem that the Chiefs had a year ago so Hall, like Gamble, should step in with immediate contributions on both sides of the ball. Other Possibilities: Chris Gamble, Will Smith, Vince Wilfork, Vernon Carey, Antwan Odom.

19.Minnesota Vikings- D.J. Williams OLB Williams originally played safety for the Hurricanes but moved to outside linebacker after his first season and easily devolped into one of the best in the nation. Williams has great coverage skills and is the speedy prototypical linebacker that all teams are looking for in this day in age in the NFL.Other Possibilities: Karlos Dansby, Vernon Carey, Dunta Robinson, DeAngelo Hall, Will Smith.

20.Miami Dolphins- Darnell Dockett DT Florida State Everyone always thinks that Miami is going to draft a quarterback and every year they're always wrong. The bottom line is that the Dolphins can win with what they have on offense, just like Tampa Bay proved to everyone. Dockett is a powerful pass rusher that can also fill the gaps. The Florida native should fit in well with the d-line and should take over full time duties from an aging Larry Chester.Other Possibilities: Marcus Tubbs, Phillip Rivers, Vernon Carey, D.J. Williams, Karlos Dansby.

21.New England Patriots (From Baltimore)- Jonathan Vilma MLB Miami The Patriots have 2 first and 2 second round picks in this years' draft. That alone should be illegal. The fact that Vilma may slip to them is outrageous. Ted Johnson and Teddy Bruschi are great but they're getting a little old but Vilma can learn a great deal from them. He'll be running the defense in no time. Other Possibilities: Vernon Carey, Cris Perry, Karlos Dansby, Greg Jones.

22. Dallas Cowboys- Michael Jenkins WR Ohio State No one knows which way Parcells will go but I've got a hunch that he'll be adding another Buckeye to the Cowboy family in the draft. If Rivers falls into his lap he may bite but I don't think so. Jenkins had an excellent Senior Bowl week and has scouts drooling over his skills. He just doesn't drop anything and has the type of body 6 "4", 225 pounds, to be in this league for a long time. Other Possibilities: Rashaun Woods, Philip Rivers, Greg Jones, Chris Perry.

23.Seattle Seahawks- Karlos Dansby OLB Auburn The Seahawks made huge strides with their defense in last years' draft but they still need more help. Dansby should provide immediate depth to an improved and youthful Seattle defense.Other Possibilities: Michael Boulware, RaShaun Woods, Michael Jenkins, Vernon Carey, Marcus Tubbs.

24.Denver Broncos- Dunta Robinson CB South Carolina The Bronco defense is aging and it showed last season. Robinson has shut-down cover skills and will also be able to return kicks or punts. Other Possibilities: Will Poole, Teddy Lehman, Michael Boulware, Marquise Hill.

25.Green Bay Packers- Marcus Tubbs DT Texas Farve isn't done either, so don't think the Packers will gamble on a quarterback like Rivers or Losman in the first round. Green Bay will instead look at immediate needs, like the defensive line. Tubbs is extremely agile for a big-man and finds his way to quarterback in Warren Sapp-like fashion.Other Possibilities: Dwan Edwards, Vernon Carey, Will Poole, Dunta Robinson.

26.St. Louis Rams- Will Poole CB USC The Rams could use a younger running back to learn behind Faulk but they'll wait until later in the draft to address that need. Pooles'stock has risen this season with his stellar play and also led the team in interceptions. Poole had an excellent Rose Bowl, basically shutting down Michigan's talented reciever Steve Breston and helping USC to its' first national championship since 1972. Other Possibilities: Dunta Robinson, Michael Jenkins, RaShaun Woods, Marquise Hill.

27.Tennessee Titans- Dwan Edwards DT Oregon State For a big man, he can move and shoot the gaps. He runs a 4.9, 40 and also had 51 tackles and 9 for a loss.Other Possibilities: RaShaun Woods, Marcus Tubbs,Michael Boulware.

28.Philadelphia Eagles- RaShaun Woods WR Oklahoma State The Eagles haven't had an impact reciever since Chris Carter. They're hoping that this is the year that their recieving woes will change. Woods is a big time reciever with big time skills, who will fall to the Eagles because of the tremendous depth at reciever in this years' draft. Other Possibilities: Devard Darling, Lee Evans, Chris Perry, Greg Jones.

29.Indianapolis Colts- Lee Evans WR Wisconsin Peyton Manning needs someone else to throw the ball to. Marvin Harrison is a superstar but he's not superman. Evans has big play ability and should become the second recieving option that the Colts have been looking for.Other Possibilities: Devard Darling, Michael Jenkins, Tony Pape, Marquise Hill.

30.Kansas City Chiefs- Teddy Lehman OLB Oklahoma Any help that the Chiefs can get on defense is good help. Although their defense was improved last season, they still have a long way to go. Lehman was the anchor of Oklahoma's defense and will be an improvement over Scott Fugita. Other Possibilities: DeMorrio Williams, Derrick Strait, Daryl Smith, Ricardo Colclough.

31.Carolina Panthers- Phillip Rivers QB North Carolina State The Cinderella season for Jake Delhomme was just that, one season. He isn't the future for Carolina. If things didn't work out perfect for the Panthers they could have easily been a 6-10 team rather than a Super Bowl team. That's not to say that they didn't take advantage of their good-comings but Delhomme isn't the way to go home. Rivers has been compared to a guy named Marino because of his quick release and Carolina will be ecsatic to get him with the second to last pick in the first round. Other Possibilities: J.P. Losman, RaShaun Woods, Michaeal Jenkins, Vernon Carey, Derrick Strait.

32.New England Patriots- Vernon Carey G Miami The Pats will shore up their offensive line with this 360 pound beefcake for years to come.Other Possibilities: Chris Perry, Tatum Bell, Greg Jones, Derrick Strait.