Mug's Mullet Heaven

Oh, hi! You caught me at the right time! I was just about to look over a few family photos! Care to join?

Woah!! Whos that stud!??! Haha! Just Kidding! It's only me!

Yep, there she is.. my other half. Ain't she a beaut'?! "for rich, or for poor", as they say...

WOAH! there she is again.. wooo dawgie what a looker!

Awww yes.. and there's the young one.. my pride and joy.. Just as hot as her mama ever was... i hear tell she has ta beat tha boys off with a stick in school!

and what celestial being birthed such a massive and studly guy??
thats right! good ol' Ma... turned me into the proud mullet man i am today!

Oh dear, how'd that picture get in the album? dont mind that cocktease, he's just the sleazy suedo mullethead mah dear ol wife birtha ran off with... his cock is just soo much bigger than mine.

Well guys, thanks for visiting! (and bringing back bad memories..) ... Be sure to check out my webcam for more of my hot and steamy action!!!

check me out!

my webcam often features this massive beast, pat. pat gets in on the action in exchange for a sweet sweet crack rock.

what are ya waitin fer?? BRING IT ON!!!

And dont forget, Every cold and lonely Wednesday night, Ed (pictured here) holds live chats! 8:00pm! BE THERE!!!

Well, that was fun! Remember, if you ever wanna RAM a HARD THROBBING email into MY INBOX, ill ALWAYS reply!

Catspinner: Good lord, you'd think this was Rape and Pedophiles instead of Religion and Philosophy