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Molly and Levon's Wedding

Come celebrate our Marriage June 11, 2005 Outdoor Reception 4:00pm we eat at 5:00pm 3433 Dolomar Drive Cincinnati, OH 45239 RSVP number attending (513)741-7252 by May 25th. Please bring lawn chairs

People we would like you to support who don't have websites

Places we are registered/ Things we like

Woody's woodworks -we want the Adirondack folding chairs
Home Depot - We love gift cards- Registered
Sears- Registered
Bed Bath and Beyond- Registered
Coney Island- two individual passes
REI outdoor Gear- Registered
Ikea Desk Black brown and silver
Ikea Two chairs lilac
Ikea rugs that go fit together two blue and two green
Freedom to Marry Coaliton- Make a donation in our name
Making our place settings
Feathers and Fins pottery- We like the fish soap dispensers
AE Nesbitt- Paper towel holder and bookshelves
Wormsway compost thermometer
wormsway kitchen composter
target registered
bug id book