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Friday, 5 January 2007

Mood:  not sure


First and Foremost, I want to wish Ryan a very Happy 11th Birthday!! Even though today is the "official" day, we are going to celebrate it tomorrow evening. Thanks to my Mom for baking cupcakes for his class....we were very busy yesterday so that was a huge help. I cannot believe how time flies! Morgan heard that he wanted a massage, and, given that today is his actual birthday, she wouldn't wait until tomorrow to give him his certificate for one. He was so psyched!

I was going to update yesterday, but yesterday evening found us at the local hospital for a transfusion. Her red cell count was incredibly low. This was the first transfusion locally. After a few glitches were worked out, it went well. A friend brought in some dinner and a "beverage". We sat around and talked for the duration of the transfusion....with Morgan putting in her two cents worth every so often. Thanks Donna W! Morgan's pediatrician also joined us...we had a little "party." We ended up getting back home late last night. Karl was down in MA, overnight, for his aunt's funeral.

What a couple of days. Morgan is still holding her own, even though she is very tired. They have seriously "upped" her pain meds again (and again and again) since my last update, but I think she is now comfortable. Despite the meds, she is still going outside every day, having friends visit...she even painted some pottery this afternoon. Her latest and greatest is that when she wakes up she is famished and wants food NOW or she wants to stretch her legs and walks around the house NOW. Who am I to argue??

Yesterday was crazy due to the meds and the transfusion...but it was also a hard one because Ryan and I had THE TALK. Ryan knew that Morgan is very sick...he knew that she may die.....but this talk was about taking out the "may" and "probably". I always tried to leave a decent opening for a miracle, and this may be how I kept some of my strength that folks seem to see. But...I also talk and live the "here and now".....and given that, was it fair to be telling Ryan that she would "probably" die or "may" not get any better? Probably not. In our talk, I did leave that door open a crack for there always can be a miracle, but he needed to know the eventuality of it all so that he could make peace with himself and between the two of them. Huge Breath!

Ryan took THE TALK pretty well. He was being quite the optimist versus the realist, so I'm glad we talked. He asked a lot of good questions & expressed his opinions of heaven and the spirit, just to name a few. He seems pretty grounded in the belief that we never lose contact with the spirit...for a piece of it always lives within us. This afternoon, as we were washing Izzy B., he started talking, out of the blue, that he will miss Morgan when her time comes...but he knows that "she will be in a pain free place full of love...and that would be good for Morgan". Another huge breath. He is such a good duck...I am so very blessed to have these two as my children! And who says that only adults can be our teachers??!?

Does this update mean that things are eminent? Morgan's hospice nurse doesn't think so because she is still eating, walking, playing etc....but one never knows. I guess we just take things as they come, and treasure what we can.

Well, hope you all have a great weekend....we are certainly going to try to!

Take care and God Bless,

P.S. Kim, I just got your most recent email, if you sent others, I'm sorry - but we didn't get them. As far as Izzy's behavior, she is with Morgan 24/7 - keeping a watchful eye out on her. Any/all of Izzy's vocal expressions of irritation is directed only towards our husky. I swear she knows that the husky annoys Morgan and Izzy wants to make sure the husky doesn't bug her more than she has too! She still remains a social, loving cuddle bug to other people :)

Posted by super2/missmorgan at 9:04 PM EST
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Saturday, 6 January 2007 - 9:02 AM EST

Name: Kim
Home Page:

Oh dear, I'm sorry that you never received any of my other messages....they were just notes of support, but I am glad you received the last one.

Morgan's story has touched the hearts of both my Cavalier friends and the large fiber community that I belong to. The lunch for life tree has been such a nice way for people to do something for not only Morgan, but for all of the children, as it is such a visual way to give from the heart. Every day my 12 year old, Hannah asks me how Morgan is doing and if her tree grew again.

Please let Morgan know how much everyone cares about her and give her a great big hug from us up here in NH! Tell her to be on the lookout for a nice little present from another Cavalier lover soon :-)

Saturday, 6 January 2007 - 12:52 PM EST

Name: Theresa
Home Page:

Happy Birthday to Ryan.... my love and prayers to all of you. I am here and thinking of you all the time.
Love T

Sunday, 7 January 2007 - 12:00 AM EST

Name: Sue Williams (Kim Paquettes cousin)

Dear Karl,Lisa and Ryan,
I am praying for all of you during this extremely hard time.
I pray that some how Morgan is accepting God's will in her life. I know when God calls, she will go home to be with Him. As Ryan said, in a place of love and no more pain.
I pray that the Lord will envelope you and you can feel Jesus carrying you through this difficult time.
Soon we will all be together for that BIG family reunion in the sky.
As the Word says, our life is but a vapor, soon we will be home together with Him.
Thank God for His saving power.
May God's great mercy and grace surround you each day.
The Lord bless you,
Sue Williams
Tell Morgan we are praying for her!!!!
(P.S. It's so neat that in the midst of all she's going through, you can see the prayers answered, by her strength to play or go outside. God is so good. He's NEVER failed us yet!! )

Sunday, 7 January 2007 - 1:24 PM EST

Name: Mary

Hello Lisa,

I'm a close friend to the Carter family. I have been visiting your web site for some time now as Morgan and your family has become part of my prayers regularly. I continue to pray daily for a cure. I will continue to pray for good days for Morgan.

God bless,
Mary Wharton

P.S. Caroline is on her way to CHOP on Monday for the MIBG treatment. Saw her yesterday and she looks just amazing. Full of life and vigor. These young ones are a treasure and true blessing in all our lives.

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