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Sunday, 31 December 2006

Mood:  a-ok

Hi folks...

How is everyone surviving the holidays?? I'm finding that there seems to be a wonderful gift around every corner this Christmas season...a lot that bring about happiness and a few that still keep me on my toes.

Morgan is hanging in there. Actually, she is doing much more than that. Despite a possible transfusion and changing her medication distribution to a pump instead of patches yesterday (and, yes, they increased her pain meds by another 50%), she is doing amazing well. At points, I forget the amount of cancer she has raging through her body because she is eating like a horse, walking around with help, dictating the way things should be done...just to name a few. It is an extraordinary thing to witness.

Yesterday, we had Karl's sister and family visit. She was tired, but managed to participate. In fact, she went outside last night, for the first time since December 11th, to roast marshmallows and make s'mores around the fire in our backyard. She was sooo elated to finally get out!

This morning she went venturing outside again, in her wheelchair, in the snow. She was so happy! Around noon, our pastor came to the house amidst a change of visitors. Right now, Morgan is sleeping on Theresa's the middle of a game of Scat...after a wonderful dinner of steamers, lobster, stuffed mushrooms and kielbasa (and, a fair amount of wine for us adults). She was looking forward to a seafood dinner for such a long time now. The Terri's came with all the fixings to satisfy everyone's taste buds and help us welcome in a New Year!

I really do treasure these moments. I am completely awed and amazed that her spirit is being so strong despite her weakening body. She just keeps going...and going...and going. While it is wonderful seeing her in little pain, my sadness kicks in when I get a reality check and realize how much we are all going to lose when her body just can't hang on anymore. Yes, her spirit will always be with us...but still...several moments during these past few days have seemed so surreal. I think she has surpassed expectations as far as how long she could endure all this. While this is a miraculous thing, it really shouldn't surprise me....knowing Morgan the way I do.

Tonight, it is Morgan's goal to welcome in the New Year at midnight. It makes me wonder what else she has to "do" before she feels her work is done. The "living in the here and now" is the philosophy for moment...we'll she what other lessons she has to teach us. Knowing Morgan, I'm sure it will be profound.

In the middle of everything this weekend, a friend sent me an email regarding the Lunch for Life program that raises money for Neuroblastoma research. I totally forgot about it. Totally and completely. It is so touching, in looking up Morgan's name on the web site, and actually SEE the support she/we have from so many people via the ornaments on the Christmas tree! While I have always felt your support through actions and prayers, it is quite another thing to actually see the tree pop out at you with all of your names under it. Thank you!!

Well, thanks for checking in, your support and the prayers. I wish you all a Happy and Peaceful New Year!!
God Bless,

Posted by super2/missmorgan at 9:38 PM EST
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