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a thing i did for school... not important in the least but w/e
a new page im just starting its not up yet, but its gonna b all poems and stuff
a bunch of poems... i think theres quite a few...
My internet adoptions :)

After like a zillion years, I'm fixing this. You should be proud.. If you are reading this im very surprised. Hahaaha... yeah uhm.. Go check out my poems, and leave some feedback... i always need feedback on my art and stuff... Right now im reading a book called Ishmeal, and if you havent read it, do. Oh do! It's very mind opening. Uh so yeah.. Thats really all i have to say... Except live every moment to the fullest, cause you really never know when it could be over, and live life with no regrets, every days a new expirience. Everything has its beauty, but noy everyone sees it. ~Confucius
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