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the Metahood
Tuesday, 23 August 2005

So, continuing from last week, in a discussion of flyers. First, we have a story from Fortean Times. The link is:
"This is about the EBBLS. I call them EBBLS (pronounced Ebb-alls) because one of the first few times I saw one, this is what it said to me, although I could have heard wrong. I was maybe six and spending the night in the house of a woman I barely remember now, but I beleive she was a distant cousin of my father's. She had five older sons, all in the military, who would rush up and down the stairs but never spoke.
"It was in her house when it all started. I was sleeping on the couch in her living room. My father was on the floor and I was awakened by a deep cough. I though it was my father and so I climbed off the couch to lay on the floor with him when a great rush of air swooshed passed me. I was on my knees when I felt something looking at me from the darkness. I looked towards the staircase that led to the second floor and, standing with one arm on the banister and one leg on the second step was a figure, with what looked like a cape bellowing behind it in some imaginary wind.
"From that day onward I saw them. First I would awaken in the night, unable to open my eyes, with a paralysis slowly taking over my body. I would always sense something standing nearby and then, slowly, I could move and open my eyes and when I did, I always saw a figure standing in the doorway, or at the foot of my bed, with cape billowing.
"I don't know how to explain it to you other than to say that the EBBLS are tall, muscular, always gleaming, as the light hits them, and when I first started seeing them they came one by one until they became groups who spoke to me in mumble-jumble so that when I awoke the next day I could only recall a few indistinguishable words. It was the one who resembles SHAZAAM who said something to the effect of "...EBBLS!" What it means I do not know. What it all means I do not know. But it didn't end there.
"But no matter what, the EBBLS kept coming. All I can tell you is that they appeared to me before I ever knew comic books existed and yet when my mother took me to see a shrink, his first assumption was that I had seen too many Superfriends commercials.
"When I was sixteen I saw one in broad daylight. She was dressed like a normal person but even passers-by sensed she wasn't quite right because everyone stopped and stared at her. Some didn't even know they were staring. She was wearing a trenchcoat. She followed me from my house, to school, to the library and back. And that night, as I was riding in my mother's car, with my aunt at the wheel, an EBBL flew in front of us and as the car hit it I knew that this was the first physical contact with one. The car was dented, but we could find no injured person. I told my mother who started to freak out because she believed I was going loco.
"Some people have told me that maybe the things I am seeing are no different than Spring-heeled Jack or the Mothman. All I know is that I have seen real superheroes and when the events of September 11th occurred, I was waiting for them to show themselves so I could say 'I told you so' to all those who laughed at me and thought I was wacko, but they never showed. They never helped and I began to believe I was in fact crazy.
"But just last tuesday, I saw one. Female, over six feet, beneath the street lamp, across from my house. She had on a one piece outfit with a hood, almost like Cat Womans, but a shiny purple under the light. She had her hands on her hips and a huge sword jutting out from her right hip. I ignored her and fell asleep trembling and wishing I were dead because noone is ever going to believe me or help me or explain to me why I see them. I hope that someone will read this and have something to say. Hopefully I am not alone. Thank you for your time."
This story sounds, by turns, like a case of lucid dreaming or hallucination, except that wouldn't explain the car dent. The sleep paralysis, and the part in the bookstore, leads me to wonder if there is some kind of barrier that has been broken between this world and another one, but the car dent makes me wonder if perhaps we are just not permitted to see such beings for some reason.
In addition, here's an associated story, from someone else, from the Fortean bbs at:
" Now, my Uncle is still part of the service to this day and he was a Police officer for twenty years and he will tell you a story straight, with no exaggeration. He doesn't beleive in ghosts, UFO's, nothing-and yet he was freaked out so bad that he backed up against the farthest wall because he said a strange sensation overcame him that if he didn't brace himself or sit down, he was going to collapse.
As he flattened himself against the wall a whirlwind came rolling down the hall as the dark figure walked right into it and disappeared.
Of course, when my grandparents got home a few days later, he relayed the story to my grandfather who cursed at him for being a woosy, because basically my uncle ran outof the house after that incident and my grandfathers only concern was that my uncle left the house unsupervised...(PARENTS!!!)
So, a few days later, my mother (who was about four at the time), got up to use the bathroom and was confronted by a woman she could only begin to describe sometime later while watching the show-WONDER WOMAN!
The woman told her something but to this day my mother says it was more like MUMBLING-is this what the person who posted this topic meant by EBBLS? Because they cannot be understood?
Other things occurred that have been related through the years but they are minor compared to my youngest uncles experience in the early eighties.
The TV in the kitchen was scrambling so my grandfather sent my uncle outside to see if something was on the antenna. My uncle went out to the front yard and pulled back until his back was at the gate because the house is so huge and high that you have to step back aways to see the tip of the antenna.
When he did this, he saw something that to this day he swears his life on. A man as big as an ox, with powerful arms and legs, whose features where shadowed because the moon was directly behind him, illuminating his back. This man had his hands on his hips and he seemed to be looking down at my uncle and oddest of all, behind the man a cape billowed in the fair summer breeze.
My family has been discussing these events for years. My grandfather is gone now, but according to that same uncle who experienced the whirlwind (or portal?), my grandfather had an experience with something in the basement that he never told anyone. My uncle just remembers my grandfather running up the cellar stairs, his face pale, he vomited on the carpet, but he never said what happened.
Personally, I have a theory that some visitors tried to contact my family. Not visitors from space, but perhaps an alternate reality, where these entities, these superheros- do exist.
To this day, I am fascinated and deep down I beleive the Superhero phenomena was inspired by some actual event, with actual characters. But, when I read this post, I just had to tell these stories because the comparisons are too oddly similar.
Maybe the person who posted this story was chosen. Maybe he/she is not crazy, but just not as blind as most of us.
I think something odd but true is happening here.
My experience is still a puzzle to me to this day, and it did not happen at my grandparents house.
I was away at second year, but prior to leaving, my sick grandfather told me that I would be alright because he had friends watching over me.
I never thought twice about this. I thought he was being religious and referring to God or angels.
So, I was walking with two friends, back to the campus from another friends apartment. We took a detour through a quiet street. THe lights were out in all the houses and it was pretty late so we talked in hushed voices. Just then, a man in boxers and a plaid jacket came out of a corner and called after my friend.
He cursed at us when we ignore him and took chase after us. We ran as fast as we could. When we rounded the corner I ran head first into a large man who smelled oddly of an old cellar mixed with water (that is the best I can describe it). I was overcome with an overwhelming sense of calm. The man grabbed me and pulled me aside and I watched as he walked toward our pursurer, who in seeing the big man, turned and ran the other way. My friends kept running and never saw the big man. But I did and I swaer this is true. He was almost seven feet tall. He had some kind of emblem on his chest and when I looked for my friends and didn't see them, I turned toward him, but he was gone.
Who ever he was, he was like noone I had ever encountered before. And I like to beleive he was one of the 'friends' my grandfather spoke about.

One last thing. I almost forgot to add that the man I saw that night resembled SHAZAM, just like this person described. I swear this is all true, and yes I know exactly what SHAZAM looks like!
My uncle V related his experience to a friend he made in Hawaii, while living there with his new wife and the friend told him a story about his father who went to sit on the beach to watch the sunset (this was sometime around the early 60's) and was struck by an odd feeling that he was being watched. He turned to look over his shoulder and noticed a woman standing there. It was hard to see the color of her complexion or to even make out her features since the sky was getting dark but she did have long hair that blew in the wind, and get this, a tail that was wagging behind her. He didn't think nothing of her until he noticed the tail. He rose to his feet and asked her who she was and she came closer until she was no more than a few feet in front of him. She opened her mouth to speak and made a kind of squeaky sound and then closed her mouth as if she was going to say something but thought better of it.
She raised an arm into the air and made a fist and then, right in front of him, she rose from the ground and took off, into the air. He felt a wave of nausea overcome him, he puked and then stumbled home.
one of the temps and I got to talking about Superheros and whether or not we thought they were real, or whatever, and he told me about how his uncle saw Superman in Guatemala!

I told him about my families history with similar beings like the EBBLS story and he began to pour out a stream of stories. So here they are. Only three and not verbatim.

1) His Uncle saw Superman in Guatemala.

One day, mid afternoon, his Uncle Javier was walking home from work. He was a construction worker...or helping someone build a house(?). He was about 28 and the year was 1972.
He used to walk on the rocks over a beach because at the end of the rock cliff was a dense patch of trees that belonged to a walkway right up to his parents house. So he was on this rocky cliff and right in his line of sight someone swooped down in front of him to the beach below!
He fell back and blessed himself because he thought it was the devil.
After a few minutes he gathered the courage to look over the edge to see if the thing was still there and it swooped up before him and hung in the air.
He said it was a man wearing a unitard, with a cape and boots. He had close cropped hair and appeared tan, but since the sun was going down, it was hard to tell. He believed the man was caucasian. There was an insignia on his chest that resembled an eight or the symbol for infinity. The man floated there looking at him and then punched one arm in the air and flew up and up until he was a dot and then gone! His uncle later said the man looked like SUPERMAN!

2) When his grandmother went to New York to see some family, she got ditched at the Port Authority (not sure about the circumstances), and walked from Times Square to Greenwich at around 10pm-midnight (?). She took a shortcut through an alleyway and when she got to the other end she heard rustling in the trash. She turned to see a humanoid leap from one fire escape, across the alley, to the other. Some twenty feet or so!
This is all he told me about this one.

and finally:

3) He and his brother were reading old X-men comics on the roof of their apartment building one night, a few years ago and his cousin saw a glowing orb in the sky, to the east. They thought it was a UFO and they screamed to the people on the street below to check it out, but as it got closer, they noticed that the glowing orb was an orange-yellow bubble with a man inside, walking! He said as the man walked the bubble rotated and it just floated in the sky. He said the man had a beaklike face and huge oval eyes and may have been wearing a red one piece suit. They were both so scared they ran downstairs and relayed the siting to his mother.
He also said there was an insignia on the side of the bubble that looked almost like a swastika!"
I also should mention a conversation with a man where I work, a man who is very grounded in this world, who doesn't put any stock in weird things. This man is very trustworthy. He told me of a time a couple of decades ago, when he and a friend were driving through rural Kentucky at night. They drove upon a man that they saw, who was running, away from them, into the woods. The man was running on air; both the man I talked to and his friend saw it.
I would also like to point out John Keel's theory on this and like matters. From:
Keel posits that different paranormal beings seen throughout time are really manifestations from the same source. These entities appear to us in accordance with different belief systems. To some, these figures are trickster figures; to others, devils; to others, fairies or aliens or leprechauns. Or gods. Or robots or Men In Black or many other multifarious and sometimes malignant manifestations. They are legion, literally. He calls them Ultraterrestrials.
Ultraterrestrails are beings from the superspectrum, from dimensions or frequencies or energy levels beyond that we can perceive with our limited human perceptions. They exist beyond the three dimensions with which we are familiar.
These entities have the ability to cruise up and down the spectrum, to change their very vibration or wave frequencies, and become manifest to our human senses. As they move through the spectrum, they suddenly materialize into the visible spectrum, and thus we see them. As they continue moving through, they dematerialize out of our spectrum, and we no longer see them. Able to control their frequency, they seemingly wink into existence, or out. Along with their ability to change energy or frequency, they have the ability to take whatever form or appearance they desire.
So. What are these entities? Spirits? Fairies? ET's? Or metas? According to Keel, we only see them the way they want us to see them. A cape billowing where there is no breeze; looking into another reality? Nausea; an effect of a warping in the membrane of reality? If these things are real, by what mechanism do they cross over?
Are the beings from last week's entry of a similar nature? Are they creatures crossing over to our reality, or becoming visible to our part of the spectrum?
Are ALL of these beings just becoming UNCLOAKED for a few moments, finally visible to our eyes?
Bottom line is that be careful as you go about your day. Not three feet in front of you, completely invisible to you, either in or out of this reality, may be a meta or some other entity. Watching. You better be good....

Posted by super2/maxmerc at 9:33 AM CDT
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Tuesday, 16 August 2005

This week's entry is dedicated to all the flyers I have on file. Yes, I mean entities that actually appear to fly.

Let's start with the flyer a Mexican policeman saw on January 16, 2004.

"The night was cold and dark and the streets were empty when Samaniego made a turn onto Alamo street and immediately noticed something very unusual.

"A huge, black object fell from a tree beside the street but it stopped just before touching the ground...and then slowly landed and turned itself to face the patrol car. At that moment, officer Samaniego knew that something was wrong. So he turned on the high beams of his car to try to see what was this black object that fell from the tree was.

"That's when Samaniego's nightmare began.

"It was a woman...all dressed in black that fell from the tree but she didn't touch the ground, just remained floating several feet from the ground, declared officer Leonardo Samaniego. I saw her very well and then she landed softly on the ground and stood there looking at me. She was trying to cover her face from the lights of the car, I think they were bothering her. I could see two big black eyes on her, completely black without eyelids, and her skin was dark brown. She was all dressed in black with cloak and cape like a witch and she seemed very upset by the lights."

The full story is at

Several more incidents are at

"February 14, 2004, Ana Luisa Cid along with two more witnesses videotaped in Mexico City a rare sighting of three flying entities interacting among each other and performing strange manoeuvers while in the same spot in the sky.

"The three dark beings seemed joined together...and then they separated. The big entity remained floating in the same spot, waving what seemed to be a huge cloak while above a kind of winged entity seemed to be vibrating itself.

"During this sequence, a small dark entity arrived and was 'absorbed' by the big one. Some minutes later, it was released and left the spot flying to the right. "

On June 17, 2005:

"Horacio's first reaction was to go inside his home and grab his videocamera, so he ran inside shouting to his sister to come outside with him to see this bizarre thing over the building.

"Both of them went outside and the "Thing" was still there, floating just a few feet above the front building's roof and Horacio's sister reacted by saying "What is that?" Horacio immediately began taping the 'thing' with his video camera.

"When Horacio applied the camera's zoom and got a closer look through the viewfinder he recevied a major surprise which left a profound impression on him.

"Horacio Roquet: "It looked like a human-shaped body, 'standing' vertical and just floating over the roof. I was shocked. The figure was not facing me...I was looking straght at its right side. It was tall. No sound was heard and we both stood still, watching, while I continued recording."

"March 5, 2000, Salvador Guerrero - a respected skywatcher - videotaped for several minutes a dark humanoid shaped entity over his neighborhood in Colonia Agricola Oriental in Mexico City.

"The humanoid entity was stationary in the sky, spinning on its axis, and you could see very well arms and legs. Then it moved, dissapearing behind some buildings."

Another article about flyers is at

And just to demonstrate that it's not a solely Mexican phenomenon, there was also a report, with pictures, of a flyer of some kind in Santa Monica.

So what are these things? Some witnesses indicate that the entities are somewhat misshapen for human beings, as if there is a back pack on their backs. Some witnesses indicate that the entities are shaped as if they are wearing something cloak-like. And SOME of the entities seem to merge and then separate.

So we seem to have several different types of phenomena going on here, at least. Of course there is always the possibility that at least some of these sightings are of quite normal balloons; that cannot be eliminated. But all of the sightings? Not likely. The police officer, for instance, was not frightened by a balloon.

So what are these things? Experimental flight devices, perhaps, in some cases. Some of the footage leans in that direction. But not all of it. No, not all of it.

Questions. And that is where I will leave off until next week, when I will continue to examine this and a related topic.

Posted by super2/maxmerc at 9:45 PM CDT
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Tuesday, 9 August 2005

" Tanya Streeter's remarkable lungs and willpower have helped her break world records in free diving, a sport in which competitors dive deep beneath the water's surface on one breath. In 2002, she completed a dive of 525 feet -- a length equivalent to a 50-story building -- on a single breath of air, setting a new record.
Streeter, a native of the Cayman Islands, also has amazed the world with her breath-holding talents. Her time of six minutes and 16 seconds is just five seconds short of the women's record.
Studying how Streeter can function so well without oxygen, University of Texas professor Ed Coyle learned that she has a lung volume almost twice what women her size usually have.
Coyle also focused on the oxygen levels in Streeter's blood when she's holding her breath. Streeter is regularly able to push below 50 percent. By comparison, in an operating room, surgeons consider blood oxygen saturation of less than 70 percent the point at which the brain and heart can be damaged by lack of oxygen.
Streeter said she hopes her abilities can offer researchers insights into conditions such as asthma, sleep apnea or sudden infant death syndrome, and pass on a lesson to others about redefining their own limits.
"You have to accept that somewhere in you, you have a personal limit, but chances are, it's nowhere [near] where you think it is," Streeter said. "Chances are it's going to be much farther, deeper, longer than you thought."
" Ed Viesturs has been called the No. 1 adventure athlete in the world and the "Chevy truck of mountaineering."
He has climbed Mount Everest five times, and, without the use of supplemental oxygen, has reached 13 of the 14 world's highest peaks, all towering more than 26,000 feet high. This spring, he attempts to top Annapurna in the Himalayas, the last of his 14 peaks.

"I like things that are difficult, physically and mentally," Viesturs said. "Things that are really challenging, things that really maybe take a long time but really push me to my limits."
At least 1,200 people have climbed Mt. Everest, most with bottled oxygen to help them breathe. Because of the thin air, climbers take in about one-third the oxygen they would get at sea level.
Viesturs said his body is able to adapt to high altitudes more efficiently than most. Also, doctors said Viesturs has a 7-liter lung capacity, compared with the 5-liter capacity of an average person of his height.
There is a point in climbing where there's not enough oxygen to sustain life, the so-called "death zone." But Viesturs said he believes that even that zone can be surpassed.
"Because Everest is 29,000 feet and we've gone that far, if there's a peak that's 29,500 feet, I'm sure humans could climb it," he said. "I don't think we've reached our limits."
Kamler, the doctor-explorer, agreed, saying he is awed at the human body's capabilities.
"I'm willing to consider almost anything as possible now with the human body," Kamler said. "And the more I study the human body the more amazed I become by what it's capable of doing."

And from BBC:

"Kyla Smith, from Sunderland, was driving her MG ZR hatchback near Washington when it left the road and hit a tree.
Passenger Jonathon Connor's leg was stuck under the car as it rolled over.
So the 23-year-old lifted the car to allow him to escape, unaware that she had injured her back in the crash.
Ms Smith said: "I lost control of car, it hit a pile of bricks, which hit the steering arm and made wheels head for a tree. We hit the tree and the car came down on the passenger side.

"At this point Jonathon's leg was outside the car and it came down on his leg.
"I climbed out of the drivers window and saw that his leg was under the car, so I grabbed the sun roof visor, and lifted the car six or seven inches to get it out.
"I just knew I had to get him free and there was no-one else around at the time."
The 5ft 7in, eight-and-a-half-stone strongwoman was unaware that she was hurt herself.
"I bashed my head on the steering wheel on impact on the tree and as far I was aware I had a black eye and that was it."
She was taken to Sunderland General Hospital, where it was discovered she had damaged a vertebra in the accident.
Joan Harvey, a chartered psychologist at the University of Newcastle said: "What happens in an emergency is that all your physiology gets into gear and you can do things that are really quite superhuman.
"But in this sort of case probably only around 20 to 30% of us would have the wit to do what she did.
"Quite a lot of the rest would stand there and not know what to do, and in fact one or two at the opposite end of the scale might even become a liability and start screaming in panic."

So are these people normal humans or are they metahumans? And where is the line between the two? Sometimes it's a very grey area; hard to tell where one leaves off and the other begins. It's worth noting, though, that these people are all willing to stretch the SUPPOSED boundaries of what a person can do. And that's the point. There IS NO hard-and-fast rule of what you or I can do. Every person you meet has hidden potential, and some of them might be able to do things no one has imagined possible.

Latent metas might be all over the place, just waiting for life to manifest their talents. But you can never find out the limits of what you can do by accepting what other people tell you are your limits.

Don't live half your life. Push the edge of what you know. You may find more to yourself than you thought.

Links to the original articles:

Posted by super2/maxmerc at 12:01 AM CDT
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Wednesday, 3 August 2005

Well, let's get the obvious stuff out of the way first. Mr. Ramon Watkins, alias Prophet Yahweh, summoner of UFO's (on camera, no less), has come up lame. Yeah, I know, no surprise there. He gave a deadline of July 15 for him to summon a spaceship over Las Vegas. Well, he took until the very last minute to cancel out, giving the excuse "it was the media who broke the covenant." Then, came this little news flash from his PR:

MEDIA ALERT: Prophet Yahweh, Seer Of Yahweh, Will Call Down UFOs For Radio And Television News And Talk Shows In All 50 States Of America, One State At A Time. Beginning August 7, 2005, Prophet Yahweh, Seer of Yahweh, will start his "50 State UFO Summoning Tour 2005." During this time, UFOs will appear on Prophet's signal for radio or television news and talk shows to film and photograph.

Prophet Yahweh is now calling on all radio and television news and talk shows to allow him to come to their cities and summon sightings for them to document.

Don't let Prophet Yahweh be blacklisted because the powers that be don't want humanity to find out that UFOs are real.

Give Prophet a chance to summon real UFOs for your cameras like he did for KTNV ABC TV-13.

Call today and get your station on the list of those Prophet visits and summons sightings for.

And about his failure, he said this:

"The spaceship would never have appeared if I was not filmed calling it down. This is what the space beings wanted. They wanted me captured on film with their spaceship so everyone would know that these beings have chosen me to speak for them and no other person.The space beings kept their end of the bargain by sending a real UFO, on my signal, that was documented. But, Las Vegas media refused to film me calling down the spaceship. That's why it never happened."

Uh huh. I still don't know how he did what he did, but now I just don't care very much. Maybe we'll find out in the future, but he just can't be trusted, no matter how it comes out. Am I surprised? Oh, hell, no. Just disappointed in a turkey.

Now, on to other items.

In the August, 2005, issue of Fortean Times, on page 4, there is an article about a "rooftop madman of Santa Fe" in Argentina. The article says the entity is similar to Springheeled Jack, of Victorian London. The article is in part as follows.

"Eyewitnesses claim he has glowing red eyes, although he never shows his face. He stands 2m (6ft6in) tall, has long wavy hair, dresses entirely in black and wears a cape and a balaclava. He has been seen scaling sheer walls or leaping from one darkened rooftop to another. These phenomenal leaps can be up to 5m (16ft) high and 10m (33ft) long. He howls like a beast or cries like a child as he dances on the rooftops. A resident of the El Arenal district claimed to have fired 17 times at Roofman without the bullets having the least effect....
"During heavy rain on 28 February, Roofman jammed the door of a car containing seven armed vigilantes ready to hunt him down....
"While [a woman] was bathing her youngest nephew, she said, Roofman had pressed his face against the bathroom window, showing his claws menacingly."

According to the article, hundreds of sightings have been reported. Is this entity a variation on Mothman, or is it a metahuman? There are many more questions than answers.

Lastly for the week, there is a report out of the Ukraine, mentioned in Pravda, of a boy who can attract spoons and forks to himself. This little human magnet is named Misha Dulnyavka. Evidently, Misha can feel a force when he is sticking metallic objects to his face. The full article is here:

This boy really does seem to be a metahuman. What is really interesting to me is that so many metas seem to pop up in the former Soviet Union and its old satellites. More than likely, if these people really are metas, it is due to the difference between their cultures and ours.

Well, that's all for this week. Tune in again next week for a new installment.

Posted by super2/maxmerc at 12:01 AM CDT
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Wednesday, 20 July 2005

My buddy and I have been talking. And we have a theory.

For superpeople, metahumans, to become a part of ordinary day-to-day life, several things have to happen. First, and obviously, metas must exist in the real world. OK, that’s a given, but I had to include it at the top of the list. Second, the meta’s ability must be manifested rather than latent; it can’t be hidden. Sure, that SEEMS obvious, but it’s not so simple, as we’ll see as we go.

There are so many factors that can keep a meta from manifesting. The person has to have a talent that is obvious enough to actually show up, at least from time to time. If the talent isn’t obvious, the person will never become aware of it. He or she will never be aware that something out of the ordinary is going on. Then there is the fact that the person may not have what it takes, whether it’s intelligence or mental stability or whatever, to make any use of it; it may just be relegated to the status of “just another weird thing that happens every once in a while.”

Then there’s the way the person is programmed by his peers and by society at large. We are all programmed by those around us, whether they do it intentionally or not. That is the function of society, even in its most benign form. Let me give you an example from my own life.

When I was in high school, I think it was my junior or senior year, I had some olive drab coveralls. You know, those outfits that are long-sleeved and long-legged, one-piece, that zip up the front and cover everything you have on but your head, hands, and feet. Coveralls. So anyway, I had some in olive drab; can’t remember where they came from. I also had a pair of olive drab workboots that I had bought myself; I really liked those boots. Wore them all the time. I also had a navy blue trenchcoat-style raincoat. For a few days, I took to wearing them together to school, with the trenchcoat draped over my shoulders, just experimenting, trying out new things, trying to stretch my boundaries. Overall, just trying to be openly different and seeing what people would do. Basically, I was, for the few days I tried it, a pariah. I didn't exist, to anybody but my best friend. Everybody else pointedly didn't notice me, at least to my face. After those few days, thoroughly dissatisfied with the results of my experimentation, I went back to what I had always worn, and reverted to the stereotype I had been branded with. Society won. I had been successfully programmed to fit in.

People are always being programmed to fit into the slots provided by society. And ONLY into those slots; we don't get to pick any slots that society doesn't approve. And this goes on from the day we are born until the day we die. Now there are good things and bad things about this. The good part of it is that this is the root of how we make people abide by morality and laws and taboos. Without societal programming, we would have absolute anarchy and probably have killed ourselves off as a species. It's also common to many animal species, as well; look at a wolf pack. The bad part is that so many geniuses are stuck in dead-end jobs, miserable, and will never achieve their potential. I know of one guy I went to school with, a brilliant guy, wound up working at the local steel mill because he just couldn't get out of the "life slot" society had stuck him with.

The rest of the bad part is that metas regularly accept the slots they are given, and never ever even TRY to push past it. They are brainwashed, yeah, I said BRAINWASHED, into believing that they are no more than other people tell them they are. "Superheroes are impossible, so you must be crazy." And the meta believes it. More than that, even if the meta accepts that he is different, he will never ever step up to the plate and get noticed, because he is so well-trained to NEVER be more than mediocre. This is the greatest crime of our world. And it happens every day.

We are all trained to be just be what we are told is acceptable. We accept being less than we can be. We accept being less than we really are. And here's the thing, the sinister, insidous thing.

To really have progress, to really make things better, we need examples to follow, people we can look up to. We NEED heroes. Icons. Oh, society provides those heroes, those icons, by the dozens. But those heroes, those icons, direct us to follow society's commands; they only allow us SOME of the possibilities. No superpeople allowed. Why? Because metas are dangerous to the status quo. Let me say that all in caps. METAHUMANS ARE DANGEROUS TO THE STATUS QUO. So they get stomped on every time one arises. Whatever happened to the German Superboy? The Russian girl with the x-ray eyes? They have completely disappeared off the radar. The status quo requires sameness. The trouble with having everybody the same, is that nothing grows. When nothing grows, everything finally dies.

Metas are antibodies. We need metas to have a vital society. We need peaks and valleys. I'll even explain why. Rain falls on a completely level landscape. Where does it go? It just lays there. We need mountains before we can have rivers.

Otherwise, we will all just lay there.

"Feel no shame for what you are..."
(line from the theme song to the "Dead Zone" TV series)

Yes, we need metas. More than that, we need metas who are willing to stand up and be noticed. We need icons, examples, to rise up. And here is where society prevents that. You cannot be a legend if you only live half a life. To be all you can be, you must be fully alive. You must be willing and able to take the risks that come with being noticed and different.

Why don't we see metas helping out in places like the Twin Towers or the London Underground? Because they are all programmed to never step up.


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