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Lynns Place

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    This is a unique internet player. All done with a javascript I found on a website, The Just Visit Page Script by Lefteris Haritou. The amazing thing about this script is that it enables the user to play the previous track or skip to the next track, view the playlist (also be able to select a song to be in the playlist from there), a pause, stop, play, repeat, and random button, plus a volume control, and a balance button. Wow! Play around with these controls. But please keep in mind, depending how fast or slow your computer runs & if you are on dialup, cable or dsl will determine how quick your tracks will load for you. So give it a little time to load. *If for some reason your computer takes too long to load, you can click here to use a dropdown menu to listen to the tracks.* So sit back and enjoy the music! O yuh, one more thing, you don't have to stay on Lynn's Music to keep the music playing, just minimize your player and carry it along with you while you surf the net!

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