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To The Woman I Love More Than Anything in the World


This incredibly beautiful woman in the picture is the person that has saved me from so many things. I owe her everything, for she is the one that has gotten me to finally be happy. She has this incredible smile, when she looks into my eyes I melt, and there is never a moment when I have not felt a spark. The first time we kissed, the world stopped moving, time froze, and I was in this ultimate world. It was the most incredible experience ever.

Isn't this a great pic?


Right now I know that I have been an ass, and she says she needs to think and she needs space, but she means the world to me and I feel that if I let her go, I will never be able to get back up again. I need her in my life more than anything. I cannot stand spending time away from her, or even worse, not even being able to hear her voice. All I want is for her to forgive me for having lost my temper, for having yelled over something so petty and just plead that we shouldn't let something petty, something that can be worked out, destroy the most wonderful 10 months of either one of our lives. We can work through everything but we have to just be willing to help each other out. Right now I feel like she did, she felt like she was losing her grip on things, and she asked me to be there and hang on with her, help her hang on. The problem is that now I am losing my grip and she is the only one that can help me hang on. I don't want to destroy these incredible memories.



This is my last chance to salvage the most important and incredible thing that is in my life. I will wait for you as long as I need to wait, because I know that what we have is something truly special.


Te Amo Con Todo Mi Corazon

(I love you with all my heart)




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