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Please read my terms of use before using any of my graphics:

1. Please provide a link back to this site on each page the graphics are used, and use one of my logos. Link back to this site:

2. These graphics are for your personal use only! They may not be used for profit. If you wish to use any of my graphics for your business site, please contact me for those terms.

3. Do not alter any of the graphics

4. My graphics may only be used on family friendly sites! No adult material,profanity, nudity, racism, or hatred remarks.

5. Download all graphics to your hard drive. Simply right-click on a graphic and click on "save image as..."

6. Please e-mail me with your website address, so I can see how you use my graphics!

I Agree to these terms

"lil bit country" graphics copyright 2001-2002 by Lori