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What's New?

September 26
Hooray! Just in time for the start of fall! I know a lot of you have already put your fall graphics up, but just in case, here's a new set for all you "primitive" lovers! Come check it out!

September 2
I've been so busy on my new creative outlet (crafting) that I haven't been doing any new graphics. Sorry! I have added a new set though. I drew this on a few months ago, but for some reason, never added it. It's a good set for boys or for a vacation page too! It's a "Car Set". Come take a look!

I've also added a link on the directory page to my new Ebay auctions!
Come see my latest "Primitive Crafts and Other Needful Things"!

July 16
Hurray!! I've just added 2 new Adoptables!! If you're a bear lover, you'll have to adopt these! Come take a look!

May 29
Yea! A new set! Sorry it took so long. It's a cute set for all your "Space" fanatics. Come See!

April 4
Grab a cup of coffee and check out my new Java Cafe! A set for all you "java junkies"!

March 28
Added another new Page Set! It's my Cozy Country Home Set.

March 19
Added a new Page Set! Come see my new Chickens! set. Ok, they look more like roosters...oh well!
I also added a "Sig Tags" Page! I only have 4 so far, but I'll be adding to it as I can.

February 2
Added a new Adoptable! Come check out my new "Friendship Bugs"!

January 31
Added 2 new Page Sets! Add some holiday spirit to your web pages with my new St. Patricks Day Set, or my new Easter Set!

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