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Site History
My site history is not that complacated. I am not sure when I started my first site but it was on Expage I had no clue what HTML was and just wrote about me and my life. (Pretty Boring huh?) Then I discovered SunKissed. As soon as I saw midis and adoptions, I knew exactly what they were for. It's like it was there ever since I was born. So I took some of the codes and put them on my page, LiLAngelORLiLDevil. Then it was just a shitload of adoptions on my page. I adopted this here and this here. Until I ran out of charaters. I was surfing and discovered SparkleySmiles (she is closed down.) And talked to her. She helped me advance in HTML and she gave me a few layouts. I used them and made content. I grew better and better with HTML each day and used Funky Chickens for help. After I kept running out of charaters I decided "I really need to move." So I asked around for good places. I got many suggestions for Angelfire. I moved there and had NO CLUE how to use it. Kat really helped me. (this is where I am now!)
Making A Site With Kristin
Kristin (from Sparkley Smiles) asked me to make a site with her. We came up with the name Glittering Springs, which is still up and running. I helped my friend, Rachael advance in HTML. at this point i am still using Angelfire and never plan to move. lol.

Back That Thing Up
Thanks Css Co