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We're All Colored People
I Love Shopping
Addicted To The Sims
What Makes You Different, Makes You Beautiful
I [heart] Clothes
I'm a star!
I am Almost Famous!
Spending Other Peoples Money Is Fun!
I'm one in a million. Unquie.
Its the inter beauty!!!
I Love Eminem!!!
I love all boys ;)!
Teddies Rock!
I'm 99.9% Flirt!
Addicted To The 'Net
Craving: Salsa
Blonde At <3!
HeHe,The Only Online Word!
I'm a 3 AM Person!
Cursèd Numbers!
The Cat Clique

I'm Huggable! Hug Me!
I'm a DORK!
I <3 LipGloss!

I'm Such a Girl!!
I Love Aero

I [Heart] Spongebob!
I Live Online!
True Beauty Is On The Inside!
I <3 Pennsylvania!
Smoking Kills!

Text Cliques
I luvJohnny!
^don't get mad, get GLAD^
<>^No shit sherlock^<>
Britney Spears: Hit me baby one more time! Me: Sure Britney, I will hit you several times!!
Do I look like an angel to you?
Can you spare 12¢?