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I will promote banner making services to nice looking clean sites. I would also like a link, either my button or a text link is fine to. I do not have my own banner at this time but I am making one sometime this week for myself. Your banner can look something like the one above or however you wish. Just COPY/PASTE the survey below and answer the questions in an email to me ( Any farther questions oyu can contact me there to. Alos You Will Need To Know How To UPLOAD! --
Background Color:
Doll?: (mini, wonderkin, black hair, blonde hair...etc..)
Do You Have A Code For A Doll? If so Please Give:
Border: Yes/No
Site Name:
Things You Have On Your Site:
Any Font That You Would Prefer?: Yes/No
If So Tell Me The Font Name:
Did You Link Me?:

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