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Why I love America
Based on my true experience
As I was sitting in a resturant, I looked around, looking at all the people there. It was Father's Day, so it was very packed, also considering that it was a fine restuant. As I looked around, I saw a table of a Japanese family, a Spanish-Speaking family, a table of African Americans, eldery people, gothics, and several whites. As I walked to get my food I saw more and more, jewish, a poorer looking family, and some people that looked like Afgans. That's when I relized, I Love America. I mean I used to just say, I love America, and mean it, but not know what it meant. From that day forward, I knew what it meant. America loves you, and allows you to join the love, no matter what race, religion, or color. Even if you started your life in another country, America loves you. Know, I know why God does Bless America. I sat down. As soon as I did, in a strong voice, I said : Mom, Dad, I LOVE AMERICA. They knew why. Fromt hat day forward I treasured America in my heart, and always will. So, even if you live in Japan, China, Africa, Afganistan, Cuba or maybe only in Illinios, Celebrate July 4th, Independence Day for America!

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