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Its all me baby
NaMe: LaUrEn
AgE: 14
SeX: 100% HoTtIe
EyE CoLoR: BrOwNiSh
HaIr CoLoR: BlOnDiSh
HeIgHt: 5'6"
ScHoOl: Ev!
SiBs: 3
CrUsH: LeWiE! I wIsH I sTiLL hAd HiM
ThIs/tHaT: ThIs
BrUnEtTe/BlOnDe: bLoNdE
WhItE/bLaCk: WhItE
KiSs/HuG: KiSs
SuMmEr/WiNtEr: SuMmEr
FaLL/SpRiNg: SpRiNg
SaTuRdAy/SuNdAy: SaTuRdAy
CaNdY/PoP: CaNdY
OcEaN/LaKe/PoOl: PoOl
BrItNeY/ChRiStInA: ChRiStInA
MaNdY/JeSsIcA: MaNdY
PoP/PuNk: PoP
PrEp/SkAtEr: PrEp
PuRpLe/PiNk: PiNk
DaRk/LiGhT: LiGhT
BoXeRs/BrIeFs: BoXeRs
CoLoR: PiNk
FoOd: FeTtIcHiNnI
DrInK: DeW
TyPe Of MuSiC: PoP
StOrE: AbErCrOmBiE
AnImAl: GiRaFfE
MoNtH & WhY: FeBuArY, My BiRtHdAy
SeAsOn: SuMmEr
FlOwEr: StAr GaZeR LiLy
QuOtE: I LoVe YoU aNd ThAts All I kNoW aNd ThAt Is NoT a WoRd ThAt CoMeS eAsIly To Me
FiNgEr: PiNkY
CaNdY: SkItTlEs
GuM: BuBbLiOuS
ToOtHpAsTe: CrEsT
Ex-BoYfRiEnD: LeWiE, StIlL lOvE hIm
ShAmPoO: BuMbLe And BuMbLe
TeAcHeR: RoStOn
~Least Favorite~
CoLoR: BrOwN
FoOd: PoTaTo SaLaD
DrInK: HaWiAn PuNcH
TyPe Of MuSiC: ClAsSiCaL
AnImAl: RaT
SeAsOn: WiNtEr
FiNgEr: ThUmB
CaNdY: BlAcK LiCoRoUsH!
ShAmPoO: SuAvE
~People You Know~
BeSt FrIeNdS: KrIsSy, ChRiStInA, AlI, LaUrA
HaTe tHe MoSt: I DuNnO
MoSt AtTrAcTiVe: LeWiE
FuNnEsT: LeWiE
FuNnIeSt: AnThOnY
NiCeSt: AlI
LoUdEsT: KrIsSy! HaHa
QuIeTeSt: ChRiStInA wHeN yOu DoNt KnOw HeR wElL yEt
SwEeTeSt: JeSsIcA
BiGgEsT FlIrT: KrIsSy
LeAsT FlIrTaTiOuS: AlI
GiVeS BeSt AdViCe: LaUrA, kRiSsY, aNd ChRiStInA
MoSt ExCiTiNg: Me Of CoUrSe
SmArTeSt: SaRa G
MoSt CrEaTiVe: Me
Most Calm: LaUrA! OnLy NoRmAl FrIeNd I HaVe
MoSt NoRmAl: LaUrA! LoL!
MoSt WEiRd: RaImE
BeSt HAiR: CaIt!
BeSt EyEs: LaUrA
BeSt EyEbRoWs: KaTi
BeSt SmIlE: LeWiE
BeSt LaUgH: KrIsSy
BeSt ClOtHeS: LaUrA!
BeSt BoDy: LeWiE!
BeSt FiNgErNaIlS: KeLlI
BeSt HaNdwriting: ShAnNa~
BeSt SkIn: ChRiStInA
WhAt dO yOu wAnT rEaLlY bAd RiGhT nOw: LeWiE