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arvie - hey yOo! mayn u left us aready?! i miss u so much! uhh but i hope yoo have fun and gOodluck ova ther! mayn u better nOt fOrget us! ahh our prOmies tO see each other after 10th grade betta happen! mayn i had sOo much fun wit yOo wen u wer still here!! shyt! imma miss all those thangs dat we dO and all thOse talks! haha oOh crap! member that one day wen i brOught all yOo guys dat bandana tOp and we wer all wearin it at the same day.. shyt dat was madd funnie!! we lOoked like we came frOm the west eeewww haha! dheng i dint knOe we lOoked kinna funny cOz we wer all walkin in the hallway and we wer wearin that shyt! hmm.. anyways hOpe yOo have fun in guam and dOnt fOrget tO mail me or sumptin! okea well thanx fOr always bein ther wen i neded help! takecarez and much luv!

nina - hey yOo! wuttup?! meeh, nuttin muchOz.. ahh mayn it was hella kOo chillin wit yOo during skOo en yea! well tOo bad yOo wernt hea fO summer.. yea but hOpe u had fun in tOkyO! ahh dheng yOo wer really fun tO be wit eh hehe! ahh guess we had a lOts of memries tOo! ..hOw we juss walk arOund en talk yOo knOe that was fun! ahh mayn i wOnt fOrget that mOres thang.. i aint gOin bakk tO that shOp anymOe haha o well! well thanx fOe bein ther tO talk tO.. bakk wen i was juss stressed out wen i stay hOme.. en yea thanx fOe errythang! well immaa always be here to talk to aite! take care and much luv!!

dee - hey deeders! wassup?! nuttin much hea! ahh mayn we dint realli chill this summa huh!? o well its kOo i knOe why cOz u cOuldnt hehe! oO thanx fOr cOmin tO ma bday thang it was kOo dat yOo wer ther! heh ur kOo tO talk tO hehe ur sOo nice.. stay that way aite?! mayn i feel bad dat u used tO nOt like me en all.. hehe its kOo.. but nOw u dOo.. rite?! heh mayn thanx fOR bein ther fOr me.. nO matter wut en all ur like my sister nOw.. u en cassey! mayn dOnt mOve puhhlease coz den its onlee gOnna be me en cassey... cOz u knOe nina dOesnt chill wit us anymOre.. (sigh) or shes juss mad or sOmething.. but i dunnO.. heh well imma goO nOw aite! imma always be here if u need sOmeOne tO talk tO.. heh yea k?! well take care en much luv!

cassey - hOy man! pOoty tang on yO pOo pOo face! haha i sed it first j/p! wassup bOogabrain?! ahaha nuttin much hea! mayn cassey-0 dis summa was fun! we be always out juss walkin arOund dOin nuttin! ahh wutever mayn we better graduate in the same skOo! wOuld be betta if all of us but then yea.. ahh dheng i dunnO mayn ur like always ther.. ma life wOuld prOlly be hecka bOrin witOut u ther! ahh haha! shytt juss hecka happy that u ma hOmie.. u ther wen i need sOmOne tO talk tO en shyt hope it stays that way! dheng yOo laugh at small thangs.. ahh yOo juss funny.. ah haha yO face! j/p! we had sOo much memries en dis summa tOo! ahh i dunnO mayn its juss fun bein wit u! well imma gO imma keep it shOrt en all! ahh yOo knOe imma always be hea if u need me! juss call ma celly en i'll be ther haha eeewww! well take carez and luv ya lOts!

janice - hOy mayn! hOws cali?! dheng i miss gOin wit yOo tO the gym haha! u thOught me how tO play vOlleyball a lil bit.. hehe that was kOo! oO dheng member at marvins bday ahaha we wer stoOpid ahh yOo tOld us nOt tO gO in ther uhh! haha we wasted it mayn! oO well it was kinna kOo chillen wit them that night fO a lil bit ahha! mmm.. wut else.. yea it was fun talkin bOut thangs wit u tOo en ..checkin out guys! haha j/p! oO mayn sOrry fOr sOmetimes bein kinna bitchy tO yOo.. if thas wut u think cOz u think we always leave u en all.. but well i dunnO we juss dOnt knOe if u realli wanna be chill wit us en shyt.. well that was da past.. en fOrget bOut it! haha hOpe i see sOmeday cOz i dint get tO see yOo off! sOrry u dint tell me wen en wher.. well imma be hea if u need sOMeone tO talk tO! well take care en much luv!

crystal - hey uglee! wussup fOo?! ey mayn imma miss yOo wen u leave! yOo have like less than a mOnth hea! uhhh mayn its gOnna be hecka different witOut yOo! its gOnna be hecka quiet ahhahah! its funny hOw u fight wit almOst erryOne haha yea nOt fight fight but its juss funny seein yOo fight wit peOple! dheng mayn ive knOwn u since i gOt hea thas like almOst fOur years?! we went tO a lOt of diffrent places tOgether en shyt that was hecka fun! well we bettah see each other agen sOme day en nOt fOrget bOut all our memries yOo knOe.. i knOe we'll keep in tOuch cOz our mOms are hella clOse! but yea hOpe yOo have fun wherever ur gOin.. im nOt even shure wher ur gOin yet! haha! ahh dOnt wOrry imma have a party fOr u befO u leave en prOlly ur brO en his frends can cOme tOo if they want tO.. ;) well mayn hOpe yOo make frends wherever ur gOin en dOnt be all shy en shyt! mayn u bettah visit every year.. or we'll visit yOo! ah haha! well yOove been hella kOo tO chill wit en tO talk tO! en yea hehe! thanx fO always bein ther en all.. well yOo knOe imma always be hea if u need sOmeOne tO talk tO! well take care and much luv! uglee face! j/p

artchalee -hey yOo! my lil buddie! hah sup chris?!? oOps i mean artchalee! hah nuttin much hea.. (sigh) mayn yOove been hella kOo tO chill wit.. yea wutever! j/p! heh yOo knOe we had lOts of memries aready even thO we juss met each other this year or sOmething! hah.. u knOe we dO.. juss think bOut that one mOngO night (sigh) mayn i fell fOr all that shyt.. o well its over! haha aww.. ur actually over that foO! haha j/p! i thOught ur neva gOnna be Over him! ah haha yOo used tO talk bOut him 24/7! hah its all gOod.. its nOraml [i think ;)] hehe.. daym this summa was fun! we met a lOt of peOple like mikey mike (yea i miss him) hehe "wut did i dO?!" remember that yea o well.. dat chris guy (uglee face sexy bOdy) ehehe i tOld yOo dat wasnt chris h.! its all gOod he dOes lOok like him.. but then i cant believe hes 19 cOz he dOnt lOok like it! haha.. en dOnt fOrget bOut the guys under the tree near ur hOuse! hah i dOnt wanna mentiOn any names.. heh o well.. juss dOnt change and yOo knOe imma always be hea if yOo need help.. juss ask aite?! k take care en much luv!

jOey - ey lil brO.. ;) wassup?! well ur like my clOsest guy frend out of all the guys, yea hOpe it stayes that way! anyways its been fun chillin wit yOo dis summer heh! dheng we went offbase a lOt.. we gOts lOts of pics tOgether wit erryOne.. thas kOo! oO yea thanx fOr bein ther tO talk tO wen that dzamn thang happened.. yea yOo wer right en i shOuldve listen tO yOo!! ehehe remember on ma bday party thang yOo wer like the onlee guy that cOuld sleep ova cOz our rentz knew each other ehe! yOo wer like wit hOw many girls.. 11?! dheng we dint even sleep till 5 we wer up watchin mOvies en shyt! dheng i dOnt knOe wut else tO say, but ur hecka funny to gO tO church wit ahhh!!! its kOo yea, well imma gO nOw! take care en much luv!

krizia - ey mayn!! wassup?! well it was fun chillin wit yOo dis summah en yea! en all thOse talks bOut thang that was fun tOo! well sOrri fOr sOMetimes beein yOo kNOe bakk then.. ahh ahh wutever yOo call it.. cOz i was wit artchalee en i dint wanna juss leave her like that cOz i was the one that she tOld thangs tO so yea.. well i was juss lettin her dO her thangs sO she can have fun en all ..u knO gOin tO the gym en errywher tO chek out guys ahaha! j/p.. heh o well yOo guys are kOo agen.. rite?! heh hOpe sOo! well i dunnO wut else tO say but if u need anyOne tO talk tO yOo knOe imma always be hea! well take care en much luv!

kuya jOey-hey kuya.. wassup?! nuttin much here juss missin u en how u pinch my cheeks! hehe! well u knOe wut?! i learned a lOt frOm you.. dheng befOre we dint even know each other and only frOm msn i remember tellin u lots of things.. i dunnO why, but u were juss easy to talk to.. en i guess i trusted u! well i dunno i juss added some people from ma sister's list en started talkin to them hehe :) well first i thank you for showin me ur homepage wen we first met coz witout u i wouldnt be havin this page coz u help me wit all the htmls en all.. yup! en i dunno.. i remember you tellin me a lot of things bout life en all en yea i wont forget them.. ahh thanx for bein ther wen i needed someone to talk to en share problems wit! dheng before we used to talk a lot but now i guess we juss stopped talkin to each other! heh its arite! so how's college life?! havin fun?! hope so! anyways.. how's your rap thing goin.. hah i dunno wut to call so yea.. u still rap wit ur friends? dheng.. i havent heard your songs for a long time! i miss judgin it en tellin u how it is! ahh well imma try to talk to u once if i see u on! well imma go now aite! thanx a lot for errything! ey remember ur ading will always be here for u! take care and much luv!

vijay - hey mayn! wassup?! nuttin much here.. same ol same ol.. its been kOo talkin en chillin wit yOo durin da summer hehe.. oOh en c mailin yOo wenever we get bOred its kOo! dheng mayn i am nOt slOoOw.. hmm shuddup ;) its aite wutever.. anyways yea i dun realli knOe wut tO say en all rite nOw.. its gOn be shOrt cOz dhers nuttin in ma mind heh.. imma make it lOnger laterz aite.. well imma gOo heh! ey yea imma always be here if u need sOmOne tO talk tO.. imma try tO help u out aite?! k take care en muchOz luv!

ace -hey yOo! wussup?! nuttin much here.. hah u knOe my shOutoUts gOn be hecka shOrt fOR u cOz u dOnt even talk a lOt! but then yea ur nice en keep it that way aite?! dOnt change! heh! dheng ace! u can be skurry sOmetimes! hah stOp hittin me!! it hurts! aite anyways hmm.. yea it was fun chillin wit yOo dis summa tOo.. we got a lil clOser en all thas kOo.. ahhh i dunnO wut tO say i can't think.. i'll try tO make it longer next time aite?! well imma gO k! en yea if u need sOmeOne tO talk to imma be here fOr u k? well take care en muchOz luv!

jessica r.-oh hellOo ma frend hehe.. sOo wassup?! nuttin much hea.. anything new happenin.. yea ya of course i knoe errything das happenin tO yOo.. yOo tell me everythin and yOo like ma lil walkin diary cOz i tell yOo everything tOo! hehe thas kOo.. ur hella nice en u deserve jeff ;)! heh well juss wanna tell yOo dat hOpe errything wOrks out wit u guys! ..en i tOld u.. dOnt listen to wut other peOple are sayin! ((sigh)) mayn thanx a lOt fOr errything.. ur like dheng always ther fOr me.. nO matter wut.. ahh i knOe sOmetimes i talk bout the same thang ova en ova but u always listen anyways heehee! thanx fOr listenin tO me en being such a nice friend whO i can REALLY trust.. frealz.. heh well jess.. i prOmise tO try tO convince ma dad tO stay hea a lil lOnger cOz i dOnt want yOo tO be lOnely after like next year! hah aww dheng everyOne else is mOvin ((ahhh)) i tOld yOo.. i wanna mOve cOz all the shyt arOund hea in yOkO but then agen i dOnt.. oOh well mayn wutever cOmes.. aite well imma gO k! yOo KNOE imma always be hea if yoO need sOmeOne tO talk tO! aite laterz en much lUv!

mOnica -ey ther mOnicaca hehe wassup?! heh nuttin much here.. i guess yOo en jessica are the ones i tell mOstly everything tO.. heh i think! well mOnica.. we needa start a nOtebOok en hOw long have we been sayin that?! ahah but we really never get one! ahh its aite.. we dun realli need it! anyways.. thanx fOr bein such a nice frend en i knoe i can trust! ahh mayn i remember wut happened at the conference rOom wen all that thang happened.. wen yOo started cryin i started tearin up cOz of wut yOo said bOut our lil krew that we were suppOse to be always tOgether.. but i guess we fallin apart mOre.. ((sigh)) its aite juss wait en see the peOple that will be left in that grOup.. ahh aite well imma gO nOw aite.. if yOo need sOmeOne tO talk tO imma always be here aite.. k laterz en much luv!

jessica t.-ey krakhed?! hah thas your woord.. anways wassup?! hah nuttin much here.. but yea thanx for bein a koo fren en all... ur too daym krazy mayn haha!! mm.. lalala i dont really know wut to say coz den i dunnOooOo we juss talk bout nuttin ahaha well imma keep its short for now imma add some more laterz aite! imma go laterz mayn!

aiyumi-ey yummerz!! wassup?! hah nuttin much here.. ehh dheng i guess we're not CLOSE yet huh?! its aite we'll talk more laterz heh! so anyways.. hows life mayn?! as for me its aite.. i guess.. ...hah i do not know wut to say.. aite imma add some more alterz k! hah ... :| ohkea laterz maaayn!






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