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AzN bLoOd

aSiAn pRiDe iZ iN MaH MiNd
aSiAn bLoOd iZ iN MaH KiNd
sO sTeP aSiDe aNd LeT Me tHrU
cUz iSh aLL bOuT tHa AzN kReW
aSiAn LuV iZ aLL aRoUnD
fOe MaH FeLLoWz aSiAnZ
nEvA LeT Me DoWn
sHoW uR pRiDe aNd sAy iSh tRu
cUz AzN bLoOd fLoWz tHrU yOoH
AzN pRyDe fOe LiFe TiLL i DiE
No ReAsOn tO LiE
sO sTeP aSiDe
yOu'Re KiCkiN iT oN tHa AzN SiDe
sO sTeP DoWn
BeFoE wE AzNs ReGuLaTe
KeEp iT rEaLz cUz wE AzNs WiLL
..MuThAfUcKiN AzN pRiDe fOe

tHa pOoL tHeOrEe..

tHa pOoL tHeOrEe..
a pOoL tAbLe iZ gReEn aNd sO iZ tHa EaRtH
tHeRe R DifFeReNt CoLoReD BaLLz aNd
DeRe aRe DiFfErEnT CoLoReD
tHa cUe BaLL iZ wHyTe
...tHa EiGhT BaLL iZ bLaCk
bUt iF yAh tAkE NoTiCe..
tHa YeLLoW BaLL iZ aLwAiZe
NuMeRo uNo..
aNd yOu kNoe wUt that rEpReSeNtZ!!

(Got RIce?)

It's the a.z.n nigga fuck the rest
Dallas to New York jigga we da best
Vietnam to Japan to Mongolia
China to Taiwan to Cambodia Korea ah ah
Home town Phillipines who you got huh
You got shit Nigga feel the Size
It's the AZN better recognize
Got rice bitch, got rice
Got food, got soup, got spice
Got brainz like us, got skillz like us
Got carz, got clothz, got girlz like us
Wassup we the shit we kill yall foolz
We got money in the banks from our family jewelz
Can we help it if we raid and corrupt the schoolz I
t don't matta, fuck the law shit we break the rules
We jack carz pop games yo we got the toolz
Hoop it up break it down then we shoot some pool
Fuck with me you fuck with all of us don't think its kool
1 on 1 fuck that it's 3 on 1, no duels
Got rice bitch, got rice
Anything you can show that is nice
Got cats, got movez, got thoughts like us
Fuck no, hell no your white ya'll never be like us
Take off your shoes when you enter please
Or crawl around on the floor with your fucken knees
Don't mind that smell you'll get used to it
Mothballs, fried squid, and that Buddha shit
What the hell is that, You think I don't see
No forks in the house, chopsticks only
Have a taste Don't be scared to try the lemon tea
You don't want thats alright try to fuck Hung Li
Got rice bitch, got rice
Got luck anytime you roll the dice
Your luck is bad unless you run and hide
Cause we're thugs for life baby--Asian Pride!

A Letter

DeRe aRe a CoUpLe Ov tHiNgZ
yOu sHuD knOe
wHeN i'M BoRn i'M yELo
wHeN i gRoW uP i'M yELo
wHeN i gO iN tHa sUn yELo
wHeN i'M CoLd i'M yELo
wHeN i'M sCaReD i'M yELo
wHeN i'M SiCk i'M yELo
wHeN i DiE i'M sTiLL yELo
yOu wHyTe FeLLa oN tHa oThEr HaNd...
wHeN yOu'Re BoRn yOu'Re PiNk
wHeN yOu gRoW Up yOu'Re wHyTe
wHeN yOu gO iN tHa sUn yOu'Re rEd
wHeN yOu'Re CoLd yOu'Re bLuE
wHeN yOu'Re sCaReD yOu'Re yELo
wHeN yOu'Re SiCk yOu'Re GrEeN
whEn yOu DiE yOu'Re GrAy
aNd yOu HaB tHa NeRvE tO
sAy wE aRe CoLoReD ??

Ya thought it was over
But it’s only the beginning,
Thug brothers don’t die
One born every minute, tupac don’t leave
That’s what we’re screaming
But these brothers on this earth are the demons
God call your name, it’s time to move on.
God got to you now, no more penitentiary
You’re solder, brotha you make history.
No mo’ moaning, no mo’ pain
Took our souls to another place, another gang.
It’s still westside, til’ we die,
Brothas roll, reminisce and getting high.
Thug Nigga, no more tears, mama shared
No more pain in the mother-fucking New Year.
Rest in peace brotha, there’s a heaven for a ‘G’
We scream, makaveli to our enemies
You’re like a ghost,
To the bastards in the east coast.
Makaveli, all eyez on me.
Number ones in every recordstore.
You live life to the fullest, then you fly,
You taught us never run, just ride.
Thugsters, that’s who you hang with.
Cowards, that’s who you bang with.
You felt dead around the corner, but you came out,
Real soldier don’t change, that’s what you’re about.
You taught us take pain, be men
That’s why 2pac, we scream your name.
Tatooed up like a T-shirt
When you fly, you say ashes and no dirt.
See, you’re a legend in your own time,
The truth is what’s you say in your gangter rhyme.
R.I.P. to my gangters, see you in the prose
Love from viet thugs, much love brotha!!!
This portion going out to the cowards im the East Coast.
Yeah!!! Bastards, y’all ‘bout to get toast.
Tis’ is the warning form gangsters in the west coast,
Yeah!!! Losers, you know. It is the best coast.
Punk-ass bitches, you know who you are,
Mase, the retarded with an ugly face,
Puffy Daddy, stop fluffing, get the fuck down on your knees,
Bow down to the Thugsters are that greater than you.
You’re nothing but a copy-catter,
Fuck all of the dogz, dick-suckers.
We warn you hustlers, we bomb on you, mother-fuckers.
We got nothing but shit for you.
Fuck bad boy and the staff record label
And the fucking crews,
Stay down and keep licking our shoes,
You suck, like the pink part of the puss’, fool.
Junior-Mafia, suck these fat hogs’ cocks.
Fuck all or you who ain’t down with tupac,
You’re nothing but fags’
And rats’ rotten snacks.
You better be down with these vietnamese,
Hardcore gangsters that y’all cannot see.
Who could grind you up like coffee,
Smoking you ass, so don’t fuck with VT.
And VP.
You fuck with us, punks, you get deceased, never rested in peace.

~Asian Nation~

Back in the days,
When I was still a child
In my parents eyes,
They always tell me,
I gotta be me
And keep my generations alive,
I know some walk with their heads down
Afraid of danger,
Never mess with stranger
Those who know where I’m coming from
Can feel my anger,
I recalled to a time a girl ask me
Who I am?
There’s nothing for me to deny,
I belong to the Asian Pride,
Don’t be confuse because of my dialects,
I give every Asian Pride in this world
Mad Respect
I know I’m not alone,
So let our voice be heard
It’s easy to see and hear
Cause “Asian” is the world,
It’s not me, myself, and I
But it’s about you and me
If you know what I mean,
Asian Pride is straight up true
My shout outs goes to the Asian Crew,
All cross the land from where we born
And where we ruled
My words to you is not a word of sin,
We never want to lose,
We always want to win,
I’m gonna end this line with something like this,
Love and Respect goes out to the Asian Nation
Without any diss,
Keep it real cause our pride is tight,
I cherish my pride like it’s my only,
No doubt
Peace and I’m out.

~Asian Pride~
Ever since the start
Us Asian have fallen apart
But this the is age
Is when we display
Our Asian Pride

It brings us together
Making us rise forever and ever
And you can’t stop what we’ve done
Cause face it,
We’ve already won.
We know how to do things right
We know how to put up a good fight.
It’s our Asian Pride
That helps the Asian side. Each year has passed

Now it’s time for you to see the Asian last
Cause we’ve got pride
And Asians are on the rise.
So don’t even try
Cause we’ll make you cry.

Bend down and beg for mercy you need.
Bow down to the ones you should obey indeed.
We’ve done a great job
Taking over this city
If you ain’t Asian
You’ve got my pity.
Cause I feel sorry for you
For not being Asian true
It’s your own fault for being like this
Asian are the ones who are truly blessed.

The Asian have already conquered this town
When you talk to us
Better bow down
Cause you can’t come up to us
Showing your own pride
Cause you know it’s all about
The Asian Pride.

[[ sOng playing: ja rule - dOwn fOr yOu ]]