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If You Only Knew

If Only You Knew
I can't seem to find the right words to say,
to tell you that I feel this way
I want you what can I do,
to make you want me next to you
if you look at me you'll understand,
all I want is to hold your hand
I felt this way oh for so long,
and it hurts me that I don't belong
wanting you to want me its all a dream,
my heart aches I just want to scream
I smile and laugh just thinking of you,
together here I wish it was true
I always imagine of your gentle touch,
if only you knew that I felt this much
not being with you I'm falling apart
cause I don't know how to get your heart
if you could only see the love in my eyes,
of all those nights when I sat and cried
just look at me I'm standing right here,
just call out my name and I'll be there
how long the wait I do not know,
but when that day comes I'll let it show
if only you knew my feelings for you,
I`ll stay hopeful you'll feel the same way too

[*by EdDiE LeE*]

I feel like a cigarette
Burning my life away
Just looking at the ashes burning
Watching and waiting for the smoke to go up to its skies
Like Me Waiting to go up to heaven
Just watching the smoke fade away likes its nothing
The yellow light worming the paper and leaves
No where to go, No where to run
Trying to Survive
But realizing that it’s no use
So the most beautiful thing of a cigarette shows
That it glows
And never woes when the wind blows
Because it still glows
Waiting for it to burn out
And once it burns out
The life of a cigarette is over
Just like mine

*[UnTiL ThERe Was yoU]*

until there was you...
i walked the earth alone..
no hand to hold in mine..
my heart was all my own..
until there was you..
true love was juss a dream..
dreams of wonder..and tears...
dreams of hope..and fears..
until there was you.. my life had no direction..
a road of uncertainty..
but now we hab a journey..
together you and me
so i thank God from the heavens above
for my heart and soul could never
feel the impact of true love..
until there was you~

*[If i Said Yes ]*

if i said yes..
and gazed deep into your eyes..and smiled..
would any of my dreams come true?
are you a wolf in sheep's clothing?
who'd corner me..devour me..
leave me just a sheLL?
would one simple word..
open up a door to paradise?
or juss a hole to hell?
if i said yes..
if i....
and if i said yes..
wrapped myself around you..
with contented sighs..
would you understand?
do you play the game
by a different name?
win all the pieces to leave me beaten?
would one simple word..
open up a door to my heart?
or juss a wound i CANNOT heal?
and if i said yes any wayz..
would you rilly still want me?
if i said yes..
if i...

*[i LoVe thE WaY yoU aRe]*
[*by EdDiE LeE*]

i Be HeaRing a WhiStLe
uP in My CasTLe
ThoughT it WAs yoU
buT GueSS nOt
sO WheRe Are yoU
Won'T yoU bE iN mY ArMs
So i wonT Be HaRmeD
EveRydAy i ThiNk AboUt yoU
And EveRy MoMenT DreaM AbouT yoU
YouR ThE KeY To My HeaRt
PleaSe oPeN Me
aNd LeT Me FrEe
to Be My DeStinY
CaLL Me a FoOL
BeCauSe iM a FoOL iN LoVe
WitH A GloVe iN My HaNd
That woN't MakE me feeL
ThE reaL siDe Of yoU
ShoVe oFf the GLoVe
WheRe The doVes CaN coME
caN See ouR miSsiON
wiTh A PaSsiON iF you MiSs Me
theN LeaVe ME wiTh a KiSS
That WiLL eNd My EviL hiSs
WoN't You Be miNe
BeCauSe i LoVe The WaY You aRe
DoN't EvER ChANge WhAT You aRE

[[ sOng playing: ja rule - dOwn fOr yOu ]]