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sOmE pEoPlE

dEe and aRvIe

jEsSiCa T, jEsSiCa R. aND eRiN lOoKin sAd aFtA wE lOsT dA drAgON dAY! hAhA

cAsSeY aNd aRvIE dOiN kArAoKe

jAnIcE, yUkI, aND tErRoN aT dRaGoN dAy

uS aT tHE cOuRtYARd bEfORe dRaGoN dAy (tORA aNd gOjIlLa)

aNotHEr pIc oF uS bEfORe dRaGoN dAy

kIrStEn aNd jOeY

jOSE, rObErT, mAnNiX

mEe aNd aRvIe

dEe, cAsSeY, aRvIe wIt rOnAlD mC dOnAld hAhA

lIp sInC fOR gOjIlLa

aNotHEr wUn

[[ sOng playing: mariO - just a friend ]]