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Kristen Kiger
Super Pro Driver

Kristen is racing in the Super Pro Class for the 2012 Racing Season. She has been racing since she was 8 years old and has many accomplishments under her belt. Kristen has previously raced in all 3 classes of Junior Dragster and also the Sportsman Class. She is 23 years old and is a college student.

Kristen's main objectives are to maintain working towards her racing career while extending her education in the Medical Field.

Kristen has been featured in the Lorain Morning Journal & The Plain Dealer newspapers in addition to local cable and many national magazines such as Drag News, National Dragster, The Drag Review and an international magazine called "Intersection" She was also the the main subject in the documentary named "Girls Go Fast" by Andrew Gage.

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Year Event & placing
1997 2nd place at the Junior World Nationals
1997 5th at Super Chevy Show (televised on ESPN2)
1997 Finished 7th in point standings at Norwalk Raceway Park
1998 A member of Team Norwalk at the World Bracket Finals
1998 Finished 2nd in point standings at Norwalk Raceway Park
1999 Placed 1st in the Division 3 Mike Boss/ Chassis Craft Comp go Parts Junior Nationals
1999 Finished 5th in the point standings at Norwalk Raceway Park
2000 Finished 2nd at Drag News Magazine All-Star Shoot Out
2000 1st at Brandie Browder Memorial
2000 2nd at Thompson Drag Raceway Junior Jam
2000 Finished 3rd in the point standings at Norwalk Raceway Park
2001 1st at J&J Performance Junior Challenge
2001 1st at Quaker City Raceway Junior Frenzy
2002 Finished 2nd in the points standings Dragway 42 Super Pro class
2003 Dragway 42 Super Pro Junior Champion
2003 Placed 4th in Valvoline Cup National Driver Points Championship
2003 Dragway 42 Bracket Team Member
2005 Norwalk Raceway Park Bracket Team Member
2005 Norwalk Raceway Park Senior Division Track Champion
2011 7th Place Sportsman Class Summit Motorsports Park


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