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2005 Pictures

2003 Norwalk Banquet

andrew1.JPG (12k)This is Andrew. He is the filmmaker from New York that is filming the documentary. He is beginning to call this "his home away from home"

friends1.JPG (25k)Stacy & Thomas...what a fantastic family to have as friends on & off the track! Wait a minute......where's T-Bone lurking at??????

friends2.JPG (16k) Good "OLD" Timmy! Just kidding Timmy! He's one of the GREATEST of the GREATEST at Norwalk Raceway Park!

kelA1.JPG (19k)Is Kelsey's car 4 sale? Maybe ..... maybe not. Guess only time will tell.

kelA2.JPG (36k) I think that grass sure could use a mowing Bill. Before long we will be losing sight of the juniors!!!

kelA3.JPG (41k)Is that the look of concentration on Kelsey's face or

kelA4.JPG (25k)

kelA5.JPG (27k)

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Cyber Tipline

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If your in the area, come see us race at Dragway 42!

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Meet Cap! He's the Lorain County Sheriff's Corrections Awareness Program Mascot.

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Meet Radpup! He's the
Race Against Drugs

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