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& The Lorain County Sheriff's
Race Against Drugs Team visit
Avon's Home Depot !

On October 12, KnK Racing & the Lorain County Sheriff's Office Race Against Drugs Team visited Avon's Home Depot store to show their race cars and teach drug awareness to the young builders of tomorrow!

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Sheriff's Captain James "Droz" Drozdowski takes time to oversee the outing.
Kelsey shows her dragster!
2002_hd_kelcar2.gif (79K)  2002_hd_kelcar1.gif (87K)
2002_hd_kelcar3.gif (62K)    2002_hd_kelcar4.gif (56K)
2002_hd_kelcar5.gif (56K)  2002_hd_kelcar6.gif (63K)

Kristen shows her draster and explains Jr. Racing to younsters and their parents.
2002_hd_kriscar2.gif (52K)  2002_hd_kriscar4.gif (56K)
2002_hd_kriscar1.gif (66K)  2002_hd_kriscar3.gif (68K)
2002_hd_kriscar5.gif (71K)

Meet Flash ! He's the talking signal light and the attention getter at all events
2002_hd_Flash.gif (61K)  2002_hd_flash3.gif (46K)

Heres a few pics showing the Sheriff's Race Against Drugs Vette.
2002_HD1.gif (76K)
2002_hd_vette.gif (53K)

If you would like to join KnK Racing and the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office in the FIGHT AGAINST DRUGS or would like more information, please feel free to email us at: