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July Heat
July is really giving us some major heat here in Ohio this year. This past weekend it was 104 degrees! We normally hate to sit out from racing on any weekend but this was one weekend we were so glad that we were not racing!

Kelsey has still been struggling with a few issues the last few weeks but it looks like she is starting to get a handle on things. Truck is running great and she is starting to get her confidence back about the truck being there and doing it's job for her!

Kristen has also had some issues with her new dragster but will be back on the track very soon with help from her sponsors. A special thank you goes out to Comp Cams and Wiseco Pistons for all of their support in helping Kristen this year!

Ran into a few issues with the truck the last two weeks. Everything was fixed and ready to go again Friday! Made some good passes this weekend! Kelsey lost 2nd round Saturday. That's ok...the season is just starting and I am sure things will start looking up for us now.

Special thanx again to Koffels' Place, Wiseco, Ohio Crankshaft and Pac Springs!!

Kristen's Dream!
For many years, Kristen has been looking for the car she has always dreamed about.....a dragster. Well a few days ago she finally brought that dream home! She is now the proud driver of a 2007 Takash Racecraft! She was unable to have it at the track this weekend but look out in a few weeks cuz it will surely be there!!!

The New Season Has Begun!
What a wonderful feeling we had being back at the track for the new season! Was very cold but Mother Nature held the rain back and let us finally get the truck down the track. Kelsey was so excited to run the new motor. Ran great!!!

We would like to take a moment and thank the wonderful Sponsors we have this year.

Koffel's Place
Wiseco Pistons Inc.
PAC Racing Springs
Ohio Crankshaft
Bob Cutler Signs

Without their help it would have surely taken us a little longer to get the truck ready to race this year.

We Are Back!
It has been quite some time but we are back to update everyone with all the great things that have happened! We never stopped racing....just moved into a new class. Kristen has been racing a 1991 Camaro and Kelsey has been at the wheel of a 1982 S10. Boy is this different than racing juniors! In the upcoming days, weeks, months and years I will be keeping everyone updated.

It's Been a Looong Winter but Spring is Now Here
It has been only a few months since we finished racing last season but those months seem like an eternity! A few months away from the track is always hard for the team. We miss racing, we miss friends, and we miss the smell of VHT!

The team is hoping to get the car finished soon and get out for a few test sessions before points start for 2010. The only thing we are waiting on is for the header to be finished and of course for the final waxing before we get out to the track.

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Racers.....always keep an angel with you!!!

Fans & family.....wear an angel to keep your favorite racer safe!!!

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Season is now over
This years has been quite good to the team. There have been a few good wins and lots of top 5 finishes. The only thing left for this year is to start getting ready for next year. Se you all then!

Thank you to all the 2008 Sponsors! Special thanx to Kristen (big sis)for all your help at the track.

2009 IHRA Bracet Finals
This years IHRA Bracket Finals was a blast! The team did great! Kelsey finished 3rd place over all in the junior dragster class

Kelsey said next year she is going to take 1st!!! LOL

It was a GREAT Weekend!
This past weekend we raced for our 1st time at Marion County International Raceway in LaRue, Ohio. The track is one of the best and friendliest places you could ever race! Track owners Kelly and Mark are two of the nicest people you will ever meet!

How did Kelsey do you may be asking your self...

She did awesome!

On Friday Kelsey lost in the semi-finals. She came back Saturday and entered the Golf Cart Race with John Boes (fellow drag racer and adopted father) and WON! The race was fun for all that entered and all of those whom were there watching. On Sunday Kelsey was back in the dragster to run the final race of the weekend. She did a great job again! She lost in the final round against Kyle Smith. Look out Kyle...she said the next one is hers! LOL

2303 Richwood/LaRue Rd.
LaRue, Ohio 43332

Be sure to check MCIR out by clicking on the link below!
mcir.jpg (10k)

It's a WIN For Kelsey!

A WIN For Kristen Too!!!

An Update on the Documentary
We got news today from Film Maker Andrew Gage that the documentary is just about complete! The editing had a stall in it as Mr. Gage did not like the works of the editor that he had first been working with. The film has now been edited by the man that did the editing in the "Rocky Films"! How exciting is this! Mr. Gage will be sending me a short take from the film to post on the website sometime in the near future. Please keep looking back if you want a sneak peak before it hits the film festivals!

Fallen Heros
By: Kristen Kiger

Drag Racing to everyone seems pretty easy. You press the gas, hold the steering wheel straight and just hope to reach the finish line first. Well its not as easy or as safe as everyone would think it to be. Three fallen heroes have been taken from the world of racing in the past 4 years. Although every aspect of safety was looked over carefully and many changes have taken place, not every mishap can be fixed, let alone even noticed in time to save a life. These three men died doing what they love and I'm sure that is exactly how they would have wanted it. It's just too sad that they were taken so soon and way before their careers should have ended. Although they are gone now, these Champs will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!

June 27, 2004, Top Fuel Dragster Driver, Darrell Russell, was killed after sustaining injuries after a crash during 2nd round of eliminations at Gateway International Raceway. The irony to this story is, Scott Kalitta, who I will talk about later in this article, was his opponent at the time of the crash. An explosion caused Russel to hit the wall which caused his devestating injuries that later that day took his life.

May 23, 2007, Top Fuel Funny Car Driver, Eric Medlen was killed after hitting a wall during a testing session. Days later, we were notified over the television Eric had died from a simuliar accident with what is called "Shaken Baby Syndrome". The tire shake of the car was so horrific that it caused Eric to suffer severe traumatic brain injury with diffused axonal injury, or DAI, which killed him and caused him to lose control and crash into the guardrail at Gainsville Raceway in Florida.

June 21, 2008, Top Fuel Funny Car Driver, Scott Kalitta was killed at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. Kalitta, who I mentioned before, was Darrell Russell's opponent when he died from his crash. 4 years later, Kalitta goes through the same thing. A huge motor explosion knocked Kalitta out cold. His chutes tangled and he hit the sandtrap at about 200mph. He continued into the retaining wall and then into the trees. Thankfully the officials said, Kalitta was killed instantly so he did not suffer.

Nothing could have stopped these three horrific accidents. No one is to blame. All of us men and women live with these sacrafices everytime we strap up in the cars. We know the risks. It's in our blood though. "Racers are another kind of breed", as Tony Pedregon once said. That is the truth. We know the risks but we still take them. This is what we love to do. I'd rather die doing something I love than to live in fear and die wondering 'what if'.

All three of you are Champs. You may be gone, but you will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. You are in the history books, no one can ever overlook the good you all have done for this sport. Rest in Peace.


2008 Sponsor
We would like to take a few moments to thank our Newest 2008 Sponsor....

Moto Lenz Photos

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2008 Sponsor
We would like to take a few moments to thank our 2008 Sponsor....

R & R Auto Body
15620 Brookpark Road
Cleveland, OH 44135-3335
PH. Toll Free:(866) 913-4136

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Drag Racing
R & R Auto Body also provides services for drag race cars. They do a special car for the 4th of July for one of drag racing’s major pros, John Force.

R & R Auto Body specialists paint and make decals for cars from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and all other areas in the United States!!!

2007 Season Has Come to an End
Our season has now come to an end and Kelsey has done well her first year in the new car. She held onto 1st place up until the last points meet at Summit Motorsports Park and in the first round she let it slip away. She finished 3rd place in points for the year which is nothing to be ashamed of at such a track as Summit!

We have begun our preparation for the 2008 Season already! We have many changes to the car to be done over the Winter and hopefully Spring will be here fast as we all are having racing with-drawl already!

We will be adding new pages to our site over the next few months (racer pages...people we have had the pleasure of meeting and racing with the last few years, special interest pages....things that our team likes or maybe what you the readers may be interested in, etc). If there is anything that you would like to see added to our site just send us an email with any suggestions that you may have.

Name of the Documentary
We posted on September 6th that the name of the documentary would be put on the car. Have you found it yet?????

Upcoming weeks
In the upcoming weeks we will be posting many new things on our website. There will be new pictures (as soon as I pull them out of our crashed hard drive), new pages with our favorite websites, and more! Please keep checking back and let us know if there is anything else that you would like to see us add to the site.

Documentary Filming Coming to an End
With two races to go we are nearing the end of the filming for the documentary that is being done by Filmmaker Andrew Gage. We have been told recently that the footage that has been taking in the last two years has now made its way to an editor. Mr. Gage has told us that we should have some preview material to take a look at pretty soon! The team is very excited to see what we have been doing in the last two years from the stand point of others whom have been around us. We will keep you posted as we hear upcoming information about it.

SHHHHHHH! Just an insider note.... the name of the film is going to be...............

(you'll have to wait & see it on the car) LOL

Kelsey Leading in Points at Summit Motorsports Park
With two points meets left for the season at Summit Motorsports Park, Kelsey is still in the #1 spot! She has done very well this year in the car that her sister Kristen has driven in past years. The remaining race dates are Sept. 8th & Sept. 29th.

Kelsey Brings Home First Win of 2007
Yesterday was the last points meet to qualify for the Summit Motorsports Park Team to attend the NHRA Eastern Conference next month and Kelsey was a few places short of making the team at the begining of the day. Determined to make it to her first NHRA Eastern Conference Finals held in Bristol, Tennessee next month, Kelsey succeeded at making the team by winning her class. Not only did she make the team but she went from being tied for 10th place in points to taking over 2nd place! Now she has her sights set on taking over 1st before the end of the season!!

First Race of 2007
The first race of the 2007 Season was this past weekend and it sure was a good start for this year. Kelsey has moved up to driving Kristen's car and she is doing a great job! We raced at Dragway 42 on Saturday and Kelsey almost had her first IHRA Iron (Wo)man Trophy. She went round after round and ended up in the final round against another female racer! YOU GO GIRLS! Kelsey lost the round by breaking out by 8 thousandths of a second. I really don't think she could have gotten any closer to running her dial-in than that.

8.6612@73.66 MPH • 8.67 Dial-In

First Summit Motorports Park race is this coming weekend.

The End of the Year has Arrived The 2006 Race Season has now ended for our team. Soon we will be getting ready for the 2007 Season. Kristen will not be racing in 2007, maybe time from time she may jump in a street car. She has chosen to take the year off due to it being her senior year in high school and she will be attending college in the Fall. Kelsey is excited to be taking over the drivers seat in Kristen's car for 2007.

The filming for the documentary has also come to end and Mr. Gage is now in the stages of editing. I am sure there is alot of editing to be done before the film will be ready to view. We can not wait to see it!

Film Update
Next week Andrew Gage will be returning again to Lorain and Norwalk Raceway Park to continue the filming of his documentary featuring Kelsey and Kristen.

Mr. Gage has been very busy with filming the Junior Dragster documentary, working with the Outdoor Channel and Nickelodeon, and also working on numerous other film and TV productions.

2006 Race Season Points Update
The 2006 Race Season is going well so far for both Kristen and Kelsey. Both girls are in points at Norwalk Raceway Park this year. It is not unusual for Kelsey to be where she is in the points standings at this time of the season, but for Kristen....she always seems to wait until the last few meets and then kicks butt!! This year she is actually only 4 points out of 1st place!!!!! We are still trying to figure out why she has chosen to actually get points so early in the season and not wait to just do it at the end? LOL

Kelsey is now 6 points out of 1st place. She seems to be happy taking a few points each meet to stay in the top of the line-up, staying within reach of that "Top Spot".


Two Lorain Girls Chosen by Filmmaker from New York to be Center of Documentary
Kristen and Kelsey Kiger of Lorain, Ohio have been chosen to be the center of a documentary being filmed by a New York Filmmaker. The documentary will be shot locally and at the various race tracks the girls attend during the next several months.

(Lorain, Ohio) May 5, 2005 -- - Take two 225 lb. junior dragsters traveling 1/8th mile in 8 - 10 seconds, combine that with 2 highly skilled young (ages 11 and 16) female drivers, and you've just described KnK Racing. These Lorain, Ohio girls have been chosen by a New York filmmaker, Andrew Gage, to be the main focus in an extraordinary documentary that is being filmed.

Kristen and Kelsey Kiger of Lorain have been chosen to be the girls whom will show what it is like to be a junior dragster driver and what the sport of drag racing for young girls, like themselves, is all about.

Mr. Gage is hoping to show the audience of his film what it takes to be involved in the sport of drag racing as a child and as a family. Drag racing is not just about showing up at the track and driving. There are many things involved with doing that and many things that these kids miss when choosing to race as the Kiger Girls have done. This film will cover it all…the ups…downs…tears...laughter…hard work…friendships…missed opportunities…the family sport that most people are unaware of.

“For Junior Dragsters drivers, racing and family go hand in hand. The Kiger girls have a keen understanding of the level of commitment it takes from the entire family in order to compete.” says Mr. Gage. “Despite the pressures, Kristen and Kelsey love drag racing like nothing else. Their smiles can be seen every weekend at the track, and soon on film as well.”

Kristen Wins 3rd Place at Division 3 Bracket Finals!!!
Kristen qualified for Norwalk's Bracket Team by going from 7th place in points to 2nd place...all in one night. Kristen knew that if she did not go all the way to win the finals, she would not make the team. She concentrated and worked her way into the finals against David Davis. Kristen won and qualified for the team. At the finals, Kristen took 3rd place in the All-Run Junior Class.

Kristen Wins Norwalk Senior Division Championship!!!!
Kristen was in second place at the begining of the last points meet at Norwalk. She needed to win that race and for the driver in first place, Darren Rick, to lose by the 3rd round at the latest. All the cards fell just right. She was paired with Rick in the 3rd round and Rick cut a red light, giving Kristen her a shot at the final round. Kristen was paired with Junior Driver, Patrick Riley. She won the final round against Riley with a .030 package to win the Championship.

Kelsey takes 6th place in Norwalks Points!!!
Kelsey finished off the year at Norwalk in the 6th position in points for 2005. This was Kelsey's first year driving in the Intermediate Division at Norwalk. This division consists of drivers ages 10-12.


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