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Jenny's Virtual Bridal Shower

As Jenny Pilker prepares to wed the love of her life

As Jenny Pilker prepares to wed the love of her life, Justin Morrison, Grammy McDonald and Mom (Nancy) would like to invite you to a Virtual Bridal Shower.  A conventional shower did not seem possible because Jenny is either in Dayton, Ohio trying to go to school or in Cleveland for extended visits in Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital because of CF.  With computers being a way of life these days we felt that this was a perfect way of sharing a traditional event in an unusual way.  Her mom designed this web site to help facilitate this momentous occasion.  The event will be hosted from Dayton, OH during the Thanksgiving weekend.  Details to follow.
For those who are interested in helping the blushing bride-to-be, she is registered at:



Bed, Bath and Beyond


Links for the shower:

Bridal Trivia

Shower Games

Virtual Shower Pictures




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