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Saturday, 26 June 2004
CoS secrets
Acting in the Harry Potter films can be a bit of a challenge.
Tom Felton and Matthew Lewis, who play Draco Malfoy and Neville Longbottom, chatted to CBBC Newsround Online's Clare Youell.


Getting into character can be hard for any young actor, but even more so when you're playing Draco Malfoy - the most horrible kid at Hogwarts.

But Tom Felton has finally admitted why he makes such a good baddie.

"I used to think about things to get me angry," he said.

"I have three older brothers so I did a lot of thinking back to when I was younger. Also, I just think of Draco and he gets me in the right mood. He just keeps getting worse and worse." Tom, 15, also said he picked up tips from Jason Isaacs, who made his first appearance in Chamber of Secrets as Draco's dad, Lucius Malfoy.

"He's incredible - the most amazing actor I have ever met," Tom said. "He can switch from being nice to being evil in a second
Both Tom and Matthew, who plays Neville, agree working on the second Harry Potter film was easier than the first.

"It's all like one big family," said Tom. "Everyone plays their own crucial part towards the film."

Matthew agreed. "The second film was a lot calmer than the first," he said. "You know everyone and you're not afraid of mucking up in front of the bigger actors, like Kenneth Branagh. He was brilliant."

'Stuffed cotton wool in my cheeks'

Matthew, 13, told CBBC Newsround Online a few Potter filming secrets. Because he lost weight towards the end of the shoot, the crew had to make sure he didn't look really different.

"They stuffed cotton wool in my cheeks to make me look fatter in the scene in the greenhouse with the Mandrakes, which was one of my last scenes," he admitted. "It was quite funny."

He also had to grow his hair to play Neville, and he cuts it short as soon as filming finishes, because he doesn't like it long.

'JK is very secretive'

Matthew revealed he had a lot of trouble filming the scene in The Philosopher's Stone when Hermione performed the Petrificus Totalus spell on him. He had to fall to the ground totally rigid.

"I kept doing it and doing it - I even practised at home with my brother - but eventually they had to get a stunt man in because my legs kept flying up at the ends," he admitted.

Matthew also insisted JK Rowling was just as secretive with the cast as she is with the public about the future of Harry Potter.

"I have no idea who dies in book five," he said. "JK Rowling is very secretive. She keeps dropping a few hints but she doesn't tell. I hope it's not me!"

Posted by super2/insane1 at 9:48 PM BST
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Draco tells us he wants to meet more fans!
Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, wants to meet more of you guys in the flesh!
He told us it while answering your questions in a CBBC Newsround webchat with Lizo Mzimba.

Click here to watch the webchat in full

Tom responded to 14-year-old Felicia, who lives in Singapore. She wanted to know what he thought of his new-found popularity with girls.

"People keep saying that," he said, "but I never get to meet any of them!" But he said he loved catching up with fans at premieres and other publicity events.

Tom also talked a lot about what it was like on set.

He revealed he had to wear nearly a pot of gel a day to get his hair looking just right.

And in answer to Stacey from Portsmouth's question, he said that he and Dan got on brilliantly off-camera. With only 10 minutes a day filming, most of the time they were laughing and joking - but they made sure they turned on the hatred once the cameras rolled!

But Tom wasn't the only guest in our hotseat.


Christian Coulson plays evil Tom Riddle
Christian Coulson told us that he listened to thrash metal to prepare himself for playing Tom Riddle.

But for himself, in answer to Lindsay's question, he said he's listening to Coldplay and Ms Dynamite.

And he revealed he's single!

Solved mystery

Shirley Henderson, Moaning Myrtle (or Moaning Mildred as she said one fan called her!), talked a lot about how she came up with the voice for her character.

Shirley Henderson plays Moaning Myrtle
She said it wasn't based on anything particular - "it just came from the book and from my imagination".

And we think we solved one mystery that no one's ever had the answer to before. She wore a blue uniform - which means she must have been in Ravenclaw house.


Bonnie Wright also answered your questions, including one from Amethyst about how she got the part of Ginny Weasley. She said she hadn't really read the books till auditioning, but she now loves them.

And Bonnie said would be "gutted" if she was the character who died in book five - though she hoped it would be someone "evil".

Posted by super2/insane1 at 9:44 PM BST
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Tom's tip!
Harry Potter heart-throb Tom Felton has been giving out acting advice to all the girls who'll be trying out for the part of Cho Chang at the weekend.
Tom, who plays Draco Malfoy, said it's good to make the casting people laugh, as it'll stick in their minds.

"If you can make them remember you, then it helps," he said. "Obviously being a good actor helps too!"

Thousands of girls are expected to turn out in the cold for the open auditions being held in London on Saturday.

Must match up

But the Potter casting people have a pretty clear idea of what they're looking for in Cho Chang, who Harry gets a crush on in the Goblet of Fire.

Would-be Chos must be of South East Asian appearance, look around 16 years old and must live in the UK. Girls who don't match up won't be able to apply.

Click here for our HUGE Harry Potter special section
The casting is on 7 February between 10am and 3pm at Pineapple Studios, 7 Langley Street, London WC2.

'Good experience'

Tom also added a few words about filming the third movie, the Prisoner of Azkaban.

"There's a new director (Alfonso Cuaron) and new cast members, which is always a good laugh because they always fit in perfectly," he said.

"There's some location shooting in Scotland and new places I've never been to before so it's been a good laugh, an all-round good experience."

Posted by super2/insane1 at 9:42 PM BST
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Cho chang is founded!!!
The girl who Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe will eventually get to kiss has been revealed by a newspaper to be a 16-year-old schoolgirl from Glasgow.
Katie Leung beat more than 4,000 hopeful girls who queued for hours at open auditions in February.

The Mirror newspaper said a Potter film insider told them she is "absolutely perfect" to play Harry's girl.

Filming on Potter 4, The Goblet of Fire, was due to start last week at Leavesden Studios.

We auditioned some of the audition hopefuls. Warner Bros had not officially revealed who would be playing Cho yet.

Rumours about the Ravenclaw seeker, who Harry fancies in Prisoner of Azkaban, had been flying around the internet for a long time though.

Thousands queued for the chance to be Cho
Also thought to have been in running for the sought-after role was Neighbours actress Michelle Ang.

The Potter insider who spoke to The Mirror said Katie was "pretty and bright" and that she had a "glittering career ahead of her".

Although she appears in book 3, The Prisoner of Azkaban, it was decided Cho would not actually be in the films until GoF.

Harry finally plucks up the courage to ask Cho to the Yule Ball in GoF. She turns him down because she's seeing Cedric Diggory.

Scottish family

Daniel Radcliffe said way back in 2002 that he was excited about seeing who would be playing his Cho, but said he would not get to help decide who played her.

Katie goes to a private college in Scotland and lives with her dad, two brothers and a younger sister, reports the Mirror.

Her dad was born in Hong Kong, but moved to Edinburgh, where JK lives, years ago.

The family now live in Motherwell, near Glasgow.

Posted by super2/insane1 at 9:41 PM BST
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Iinterview with Rupert Grint
Rupert Grint has wowed audiences as Ron Weasley in the last two Potter films. He's back in Azkaban and now his long locks are the talk of the fans.

Lizo caught up with the auburn-haired actor and asked him about this film, the next one, and whether Ron's new look is permanent.

Lizo: Now Rupert tell us how much fun did you have with this movie?

Rupert: Yeah, this one was fun! But seeing it finally was the really good bit - 'cos you get to see all the special effects that you didn't get to see when we were making the film.

Lizo: So is it bizarre on set when you're doing stuff without knowing how it'll turn out - like the scenes with the Dementors?

Rupert: It's weird - and there's some scary puppet stuff as well. Yeah, it's really weird doing all the special effects stuff but it's really satisfying to see it all at the end.

Lizo: What did you think when you saw it on screen?

Rupert: It's a lot different to the other films which was good. It's a lot more grown up, and a lot darker as well which is good.

Lizo: Things are hotting up between you and Hermione?

Rupert: There's a lot of awkward hand-holding moments which is a bit weird but it is fun to do! And there were a few hugs as well which didn't make the final cut - there was a lot of that sort of stuff.

Lizo: Do you think Ron and Hermione are well-suited?

Rupert: I dunno! When they first met they didn't like each other. And in this one they were arguing about the cat and the rat!

Lizo: So forget the Sirius Black thing - this movie's all about the cat and the rat stuff eh?

Rupert: Definitely yeah!

Lizo: What did you think of the cat playing Crookshanks?

Rupert: Emma liked it but Dan and I thought it was a bit ugly - he has a flat face. He was alright.

Lizo: Did he have a nice personality? Rupert: Ha! Well he was really well trained. All the animals were, the rat aswell.

Lizo: What's it like being one of the most famous teenagers in the world? Rupert: I get recognised sometimes which is quite weird. It's hard to get used to. It's really weird but quite cool too.

Lizo: What do you do when you have time off?

Rupert: I've just recently started playing golf - I played in Scotland, they've a lot of courses up there. That's quite fun. And I play computer games a lot.

Lizo: What do you do when you're on set but not filming?

Rupert: There's not really a lot of time. We're always filming and when we're not we're tutoring! But we have a really good time anyway 'cos, well, it's not that hard work, it's all good fun.

Lizo: You're just getting ready to start the next film - what are you looking forward to in that?

Rupert: My dress robes are going to be quite cool - so I'm looking forward to seeing what they look like. The Yule Ball should be good.

Lizo: And finally the question everyone wants to know - are you going to get your hair cut - or is this the new look for Rupert?

Rupert: I think it is. That's what they're saying. I have had it cut - this is it short, well shorter than it was 'cos it was really long for a while. Yeah, this is the final sort of thing.

Lizo: Well, we'll let you know how the vote goes on the web!

Rupert: Yeah do!

Posted by super2/insane1 at 9:30 PM BST
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Harry Potter
Hi everyone ...

This blog is about the faumose seriese and movies, Harry Potter that's written by J.K Rowling.

These books and movies are faumose around the world, kids and teenagers love it.

Posted by super2/insane1 at 9:03 PM BST
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