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Acid Rain Quiz

This is a quiz that is based on the information in the Acid Rain Info section of this page. If you have not read that information, I suggest reading it or you will fail this quiz miserably unless you have previous knowledge of acid rain. Please take this warning seriously, even if you enjoy failing little web quizzes like this one. So make sure you have read the info!!!!

If you are using the mail-in version and mailing it to me for marking, you must fill in your name, gender and grade. If you wish for me to give you your results personally, you do not need to enter your e-mail address. If you are not in my classs or you want your results by e-mail, please enter your e-mail address. Also, you may earn bonus points by filling out the challenge questions. After filling out each challenge question, press the TAB key to move on to the next one.

I have recently encountered some unusual problems while testing the automatic version. Netscape renders it with various problems that vary depending on the version of the browser. If you use anything above Netscape 6, the quiz becomes unusable for some strange and stupid reason and lower versions and other browsers have trouble with handling the JavaScript. So after reviewing my options, I have decided not to offer the automatic version of the quiz to users of browsers other than Internet Explorer, which is the only browser that handles everything correctly. Sorry for any inconvenience.

My Name Is
Email Address
I Am A Girl
I Am In Grade 9
Acid rain is caused by: A. Car exhaust
B. Volcanoes
C. Home fires
D. Factories
E. Birds
F. All except B
G. All except E
H. All of the above
One specific chemical
that leads to acid rain is:
A. Carbon dioxide
B. Xenon tetrafluoride
C. Dichlorodifluoromethane
D. Sulfur dioxide
E. Phosphorus trioxide
F. Nitrogen trisulfide
One animal that acid
rain mainly affects is:
A. A bird
B. An elephant
C. A kangaroo
D. An Amazon tree frog
E. A gorilla
F. A mountain lion
Acid rain can cause
buildings to:
A. Deteriorate slower than usual
B. Burn to the ground
C. Grow moss on the roof
D. Deteriorate faster than usual
E. Turn bright yellow
F. Become burdens to society
Catalytic converters are
an acid rain solution for:
A. Volcanoes
B. Elephants
C. Cars
D. Swamps
E. Factories
F. Stupidity

Challenge Questions

Write about the causes
of acid rain
Name some of the
effects of acid rain
Name three solutions for
the acid rain problem
What do you think the general public could do to help with the acid rain problem?