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^^That's me! I know it's not the best pic, but now you ppl can stop complaining that I don't have one on here. lol. Anyway...HeY tHeRe! ThAnKs fOr CoMiNg To My PaGe! HeRe aRe a FeW sHoUt OuTs tO tHe SpEcIaL pEoPle I kNoW aNd A lItTlE iNfO aBoUt Me! *~ShOuTiE oUtTiEs*~ Adam- You're the best! I don't know what I'd do without you! I hope that we're friends for a LONG time to come! Thanks for always making me feel better when I'm feeling down. You're my *imaginary brother!* hehe. Luv ya hun! Brandy- You're a trip girl! You're always making me laugh...we're such dorks when we're together! lol. Study hall would be no fun without you! And hey, we have the *GhEtTo* S/H too. lol. *PiMp jUiCe!* Don't forget to kick the air! And you know how we always say BFF? Well we are P.I.C. aka Partners In Crime! Jackie- You RoCk! You're always here when I need someone to talk to about you know who. Thanks for everything! We've gotta do sum10 together sometime soon! Nick- I prefer not to talk to you anymore because you are an ass to me and I'm already doing so much better without you. Hope you have a good life. Kasey- Thanks for everything. You're always here for me too. You are the best swimmer that I know! hehe. :) We are RuBikS CuBe buddies now! LOL! Tori- You are my best friend! I love you so much! You've been there for me since 6th grade...that's a lot of each other don't you think? We need to spend Spring Break together again! That was the best....or maybe we can get lost in the mall once again! LOL. I don't know how we managed to do that, but obviously we did! <3 U! ABOUT LIL OL' ME: Name: *SAMANTHA* Birthday: March 3, 1987 Location: Columbus (Basically Hilliard), Ohio Dating Status: <3Taken by Steve! <3 School: Hilliard Darby *GO PANTHERS!* Interests: swimming, volleyball, basketball, soccer (and of course the whole point is that I LIKE to play them...not that I CAN!)
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