*The Real World House of HELL*




Welcome to the Real World House of HELL.
You have just been invited to watch how this "Season"

Ladies and Gentlemen due to lack of support for the first
season we are moving on to the second season!

x*x Allie- The virgin bitch
x*x Amy- The party animal/slut
x*x Kelly- The "innocent" drunken school girl
x*x Brian- The  party guy/skater dude
x*x Jon- The one who stands out. in more ways then one
x*x Chris- The original bastard
x*x Andy- The nice charmer/ladies man who tries to
change Kelly's ways

We hope to have this site updating on a regular basis
so check back for all the drama.Bear with me on updates
I don't have all the time in the world.
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Last updated 9/19/03


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