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Happy Anniversary Baby Cakes

One year on this day,
My love.
We were married.

This has been a year
Of many ups and downs.
We have fought,
Said and done things
that hurt the other.
We have broke up
and kissed and made up.
Most importantly we have
Loved each other.

To this day I have loved you
and my love has grown.
Never have I loved
As I love you Now.

I love you with all that I am,
And all that I will become.
I can't wait to see
What is to come
In these next years.
I am not scared of what is come
because I know you will be with me.

You are my best friend,
My lover,
My one and only
Love of my life.

Always and Forever.

You are my SunCatcher.

I love you Danna