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Ferries from and to the island of Thassos
Thassos ferries

You can go to the island of Thassos from Keramoti or from the city of Kavala on the mainland. The ferries from Kavala go to the village of Skala Prinos on the northwest side of the island or to Limenas. The journey takes about 75-95 minutes. It is a good thing to arrive well ahead of the departure time. The connections are regular. From Keramoti the ferries go to the capital Limenas. This trip takes approximately 35 minutes. Check Anek (Thassos Ferries) for the exact times. There are a lot of connections and the tickets are not very expensive.

To check the schedule of the ferries to and from Thassos and to order a ferry ticket - click here.

The flight to Greece

The island of Thassos itself has no airport. For Thassos you must buy a plane ticket to the airport of Thessaloniki or Kavala. From Thessaloniki, it is still about two and half hours drive to the port of Keramoti. This is possible with a taxi (100-125 euros), or you take a taxi to the bus station in Thessaloniki and from there the bus to Kavala. Buses go between 6.00 and 20.00 am about once every hour (subject to change, so check it yourself to be sure).

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