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Skyros is the most southern of the Sporades Islands and it lies at 35 km distance east of the large island of Evia. The island has no international airport. If you want to visit Skyros you have to fly to either Athens or Skiathos. From Athens take the bus to Kimi in Evia island and from there take the ferry. From the island of Skiathos you can also take a ferry to Skyros.

Skyros itself is the largest island in the group of Sporades islands and from the inhabited islands it is the least touristic. In high season there are connections between Skyros and the northern Sporades and the village of Kimi on Evia island. I do not know whether things have changed, but there was at that time also a connection to the Cyclades. Because the routes of the ferries seem to change every year you must find out by yourself on the internet.

Latest info: Skyros Island has a ferry boat 'Achilleas' which leaves Kimi Port daily and twice per day (summer season), which has a direct bus connection from Athens Bus Station. We also have a flight from Athens and Thessaloniki three times per week. Another new feature that you can add is that we offer mini bus/taxi transfers directly for Athens Airport or Athens Hotel to Kimi port and then Skyros Island twice per week and from Volos Airport (low cost airlines) once per week. This service is for guests of the Pegasus Estate. To inquire about this service - Send an e-mail.

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