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I don't have any experience with renting a car on Skopelos yet, but below is a list of telephone numbers and email addresses of car rental companies on the island. If you have a good tip for a cheap and reliable car rental on Skopelos island then please let me know. We want to rent a car during our visit for one or two or maybe even three days, so we can explore the island at our own pase. It is allways great if you can just make a stop whereven you like and get out to have a look at something. In short: it's different than with a bus. You can mail me through the left side menu of the front page / main page of all the islands, where it says "Mail me".

Rent cars and motorbikes - Magic Cars Skopelos
Skopelos car rental

A few meters away from the exit of the new port at the right side of the road. They share the shame building with Skopelorama Travel Agency. (Prices are not given, you have to email them).

Magic Cars Tel 24240 23 250, 23 041 | Fax: 24240 23 243

Send an e-mail to Magic Cars Car Rental in Skopelos

Discovery Cars and Motorbikes on Skopelos
Skopelos car rental

The office Dicovery Car Rentals activates on Skopelos island based at the coastal road of Skopelos Town (few metres from the exit of harbour) also operates office on Alonnisos island (Prices are not given, you have to email them).

Discovery Tel 24240 23 033, 22 198 | Fax: 24240 23 033, MOB: 6946 175 366

Send an e-mail to Discovery Cars Car Rental in Skopelos.

Maxi Rent a Car & Bike in Skopelos Island Greece
Skopelos car rental

After the exit of the harbour turn left, walk along the bus station, turn right at the crossroads. (Prices are not given, you have to email them).

Maxi Cars & Motorcycles Tel & Fax: 0030 24240 24 380 & 0030 210 22 89 804 | Mob: 0030 6944 270 144

Send an e-mail to Maxi Cars Cars Car Rental in Skopelos.

Motor Tours Cars and Motorbikes Skopelos
Skopelos car rental

The office of Motor Tours is situated in a building right across the main exit of the port of skopelos. (Prices are not given, you have to email them).

Motor Tours Tel: 0030 24240 22 986 | Fax: 0030 24240 22 602

Send an e-mail to Motor Tours Cars Car Rental in Skopelos.

Lemonis Car Rentals Skopelos Greece
skopelos autoverhuur

Lemonis Rental Cars is only a few meters far from the port's exit at the left side of the road. (Prices are not given, you have to call them).

Tel 0030 24240 22 363 | Fax: 0030 24240 23 095 | Mob: 0030 6944 582 365

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