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The island of Pserimos in Greece

Pserimos is a 15 km2 large hilly island in the Dodecanese group and lies between the islands of Kos and Kalymnos. The island has beautiful beaches and is therefore a popular destination for day trippers coming from Kost trying to escape the crowds, but partly for that reason it can also get quite busy on this small island during the high season. The daytrippers that come from Kos has made tourism the main source of income for Pserimos. Also from the capital Pothia on the island of Kalymnos there is a regular connection to the island with the ferry.

About a hundred people live on Pserimos, mostly in the harbor of the island which is called Pserimos or Aulakia, and when the excursion boats arrive from Kos, this small village also comes to life. There are no cars or roads on Pserimos, making it peaceful and quiet and and an excellent island for making walks. In the harbor are a number of taverns which ensure that the visitors lack nothing, but there are not that many accommodations on Pserimos. The beach near the harbor is good and is shallow, so it is very suitable for people with small children. When at the end of the day the boats with tourists return back to Kos, the peace and quiet fall back over Pserimos.

The Tripolis Hotel on Pserimos in Greece

Pserimos As already mentioned, there are few accommodations on the island Pserimos. For those who want to book ahead Tripolis Hotel is an option. The hosts Anna and Nikos apparently are very friendly. The Tripolis is a hotel / cafe which is right on the beach. The hotel has only 6 rooms (three with sea views and three with a view of the land) that are suitable for 2 people, but it is possible to ad another bed in the rooms. The beach is very suitable for small children because the sea is gently sloping.

Telephone: +30 2243 023196
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