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Samos startpagina Chios startpagina Emigratie.uwpagina.nl Virginia Hotel Samos
Agia Galini Crete
Beautiful villa, cheap price!
Alfa Travel - Rethimno Crete Griekenland: vakantie, reizen, emigreren, wonen Vakantiesites.com, het startpunt van uw vakantie.
La découverte de la Crète en Quad Griekenland Jouwverzamelaar Griekenlandsite van Janice en Rijn Onze Kreta Reis
HolidayCrete: leuke tips in het Nederlands en Engels, die u kunt gebruiken voor uw verblijf op Kreta Corfu Green Island
Rent holiday accommodations on Corfu without a tour operator
Corfu Green Island
Boek een accommodatie op Corfu zonder tour operator
TheHotel.gr Travel Agency

More useful links

Special thanks to my friend Frankie Miles from Villas Crete Holidays for specialist info and pictures.

Special thanks to my Facebook friend Kate Ladybee for letting me use some of her pictures to brighten up my site. Kate has travelled to many Greek Islands and she has got an interesting website called Kapa B with many pictures of different Greek islands.

Link exchange with Greece related websites

If you have a nice website related to Greece and want to exchange links you can write me. This can be general info, real estate in Greece, car rentals, a hotel, information about a specific island etcetera. Please only websites about Greece and holidays, and no websites that have no relevance to mine at all. This is why it is called "useful links" in my menu.

I am not interested in people that want me to link one website and than link me back on another website. I will link the website that has my link on it. I have nothing with pagerank, never did, I just hope that people will find my website because I believe it rocks. So if my website is not good enought to put on the website that you want me to link it stops.

First place the link to my website:
http://www.angelfire.com/super2/greece/ - The Greek Islands
Write me where you have placed it and I will place yours within 24 hours (except for instance when I am on a holiday, which happens sometimes).
Please only normal links and not the ones in frames or in php constructed websites, and keep the description of your website limited. If for some reason I don't want to exchange links with you I will also let you know.
After you have send your request you will end up on this same page - but empty again - and your e-mail will have reached me. You only need to write me one time, so no need to fill out the form again.

The form below has been disabled due to spam. Go the the mail me page.

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