Test page

This is a temporary page that doesn't fit in with the rest of the site and was written by hand for random things, though I don't actually remember why at this moment. Eh, probably because they'll be going elsewhere and not linked into permanent places as yet. Or something like that.

First here is a set of 40 photos I took of the little car I made out of Lego about 15 years or so ago, that I'm soon to be taking apart because I need the bits for a project. I took the photos for posterity, so wanted to be sure I had views of all of it first.

Yes, it's somewhat perverse and silly and not the greatest design, but it was something I made when I was youngish and kept around for a long time.

Image gallery created by m4 and a shell command:

for p in *.jpg; do echo "<IMG src=\"graphics/"$p"\">" >>/tmp/lego.txt; done
m4 testsrc.html >test.html
(where testsrc.html is this file with an "include" directive in it for m4)