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Good Design for a web page

  1. Text content - Between 100 to 500 hundred words per page.
  2. Text breaks - horizontal break every 40-100 words.
  3. Page Length - No more then two and a half screen shots.
  4. File size - No more then 150kb for file size.
  5. Speed- It should take no longer then 3 seconds to download.
  6. Colors - Two or four thematic colors through out web site.
  7. Fonts - No more then three different fonts used throughout website.
  8. Blank Space - Background should show about 50% of the page.
  9. Contrast - No color background should be close to the text color.
  10. Tone and style - All text and graphic should follow mood and theme.
  11. Overall imapct - Page should appear balanced and attractive.
  12. Ease/Logical Navigation
  13. Don't have ditracting animation or graphics
  14. Sounds need to match theme of website and used sparingly
  15. Margins around text
  16. Have background either real light or dark.